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Two Karate Kicks, One Good and One Bad

I saw the first of two karate kicks back in 1970. I was in the army, and this fellow showed me how to kick with the toes. Barefoot.

Now I was classical karate, I liked kicks, but this guy was incredible. We set up a big sheet of plywood, you aren’t going to break that, and he struck it with his toes. As hard a strike as I had ever seen.

Interestingly, he had a way of laying the first two toes on top of each other, and he didn’t break any bones, and that sheet of plywood didn’t stand a chance.

You don’t see that kind of art anymore.

In fact, I saw a second Karate kick a few years ago. Some nine year old kid had gotten his black belt and showed me his moves.

Beautiful, snappy, but if he ever hit anybody with it he would have broken his foot. I mean the bone structure was wrong, misaligned, and he was hitting with the wrong part of his foot. His kick was not just a mess, it was dangerous to do.

So what happened? From phenomenal kicks to…what?

What happened was that people who didn’t know what they were doing were teaching the martial arts. They were interested in making money, they had gotten their black belt in a couple of years from a guy who had gotten his belt in a couple of years, and nobody had the decades long attitude that cultivates truly great martial arts teachers.

Oh, well.

So i put together The Master Instructor Course to teach the way to properly align bones, to make the body a functioning machine, to train people so they cold get the real martial arts.

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Have a great work out!


You don’t Know Advanced Martial Arts Until You Know Matrixing

There is a very interesting thing called advanced martial arts.

Usually, people are saying that they have gone through a boot camp, or trained with some ‘legend,’ or that they have mastered ‘advanced forms,’ advanced katas, if you will, and there is the implication that they know more.

They know more because they have done longer. That is the truth.

The other and more unpleasant truth is in the forms.

Virtually all forms, except the first couple you learn, are advanced, and they are so advanced that nobody knows what they mean.

Oh, five or six years down the line some fellow has an inkling, he can make guesses as to what the moves he is doing mean, but he doesn’t really understand the forms.

These forms were built for a different kind of combat, life and death, sword and spear, that sort of thing. We don’t use those things much now, and we certainly don’t wear the armor or type of garb that goes with them, and thus we don’t really have a firm grasp on what the forms mean.

Karate, kung fu, shaolin, pa kua, whatever, except for a rare few people, people with intuitive understanding and intense training of the never say die kind, nobody really understands the forms.

But they teach them, and then they say…now you are an advanced black belt.

Memorizing a random dance doesn’t make somebody understand something. No matter how ‘advanced’ that dance is.

Matrixing explains the why. The correct why.

Not how, though that is in there, but why.

If you don’t understand why, and can’t put it to use no matter what technique you are learning, then you aren’t advanced. You are just struggling with the basics.

I know, I’ve offended somebody.

Boo hoo.

Get angry at me. But don’t remain in your ignorance.

The answers, all the answers, are in matrixing.

If you know matrixing you can solve every riddle in any martial art ever made.


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