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How to Break Through to a Real Black Belt

What is the difference between a Black Belt and a ‘real’ Black Belt?

Interesting question, eh?

To explain this let me make a statement, and then explain how that statement works.

The statement is that a real black belt does less to create more.

Now, back in China, there were people who could do less to make more. They learned this over millennium, and it became a part of their cultural teachings in many of the martial arts.

The art trailed to Okinawa, and the concept tried to hang on. In some respects it did, in others it didn’t.

Then the Japanese (among others, they weren’t alone in this, just more efficient) came along and they said, ‘We want power!’ So they made the work outs brutal, putting force above intelligence, or awareness, and they succeeded in deep sixing the already dying concept of ‘doing less to create more.’

And, they are not the only ones who did this. Americans are guilty of going along with this, not just as students, but as ‘power seekers’ on their own.

Now, power is fine, for a beginner. But when you train in the martial arts you progress to a point where you get tired – that’s as good a way of putting it as any – of working so durned hard.

Part of this realization may come from finally seeing through the blinders of power to the fact that a little bit wisely and judiciously applied accomplishes just as much, and more, than a lot blindly applied.

But you finally realize the truth, that it is not how much power you can create, but how smartly you focus your awareness to create and apply that power. Thus, the more you become empty, before and after the focus, relaxing to do the technique, the less power you actually have to summon up.

You do less, and create larger effects. You punch lightly, and it hurts more. You relax and throw more efficiently.

You are not building muscles now, but rather awareness; you are learning to focus, to use, awareness as a power. Call it chi, if you wish.

This concept had millennium to take root and develop in China, and teachers would teach it from the get go (before the Great Cultural Revolution). Now people only attain it rarely, and not if they stick to the power seeking commercial schools that have come to reign.

Here’s the interesting thing: you measure force, the power of a beginner, with physics. But you cannot measure chi with physics.

For you cannot measure awareness, especially when used in this manner.

Now, the hallmark of the real black belt is not how much power he has, but how light and liquid he is; how empty he is; how measured and sure he is of his position in space. How aware he is.

Learn to do more by using less (force, impact, energy, whatever) and you will be a real Black Belt.

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A god example of physics and real martial arts is my Pan Gai Noon book, available in paper or kindle on Amazon.

Controlling All Emotion through Martial Arts…

Martial Arts Starts the Journey of Your Life

Got a win to share.
Got to tell you,
I get wins and thanks yous all the time,
but every few weeks
I get a big win from somebody.
What’s a big win?
Read on…

Hey Al,

Back in 2009 I became one of your Master Instructors and I have purchased several of your courses and material. I have also worked through and trained in your Matrix Karate, Kang Duk Won, and I am now working through Shaolin and the 40 monkeys. I haven’t tested for black belt in these, yet. Not because I don’t believe in what you are teaching but because the material is so durn interesting. I find myself just wanting to jump in to the next course. With these courses, more importantly, is the effect that your Neutronic writings have had on me when used in correlation with your training courses.
Back in 2009 when I wrote my win for the MI course. I talked about how the energy flows, being an electrician, and takes its shortest path to ground and about the simplicity of it all. As I continued through the (Church of Martial Arts) Temples courses a lot of mental doors opened up. An example is your discourse on emotion and how you stated that it is motion inside the head. I spent a lot of time doing forms and contemplating this truth. Emotion, E-motion, E-energy. Energy in Motion. Wow. Of course, you explain this through your discourse about Intention, but you really have to do the work on the course to really understand this. There are many examples like this. I think that’s why I haven’t tested. Although a belt would give me a sense of accomplishment. The journey is understanding the Awareness and how to control myself to promote the most constructive beneficial outcome, not just for me but those I come in contact with. I have come to give praise to people because all are worthy teachers. You have changed my life bud, really. I will continue on through the Temples required courses as they benefit me greatly. Maybe someday I will test, but for now, I am happy with the knowledge. At the time I received my MI certification I thought I understood, but it is really just the beginning. Although I have no ranking you are my Instructor and I your student. I am greatly indebted to you for creating the Church of the Martial arts. You have repaired what has been torn apart and thrown to the wind. The Temple will be my base and foundation. I hope to some day visit and to help in the building of this Temple. I hope this finds you and yours well.

Your Student,

Michael Guthrie

Thank you Michael,
as I told him in my response,
I am a bit humbled.
Such a win!

a couple of things.
The Temple courses he refers to
are at
As is Neutronics.

his point is important,
you must be applying the martial arts discipline,
doing them every day,
then the information I give will bite,
will have importance,
will work.

Think about it,
if you don’t have martial arts discipline,
if you aren’t actively using such things as energy
in the prescribed manner,
then what you read might not work!

You need the reality
to understand the theory,
you need to calm your mind through action,
to discover the non-motion
underlying all motion.

It is all hand and glove,
but without doing it,
you won’t understand it.

Matrixing isn’t just a method for understanding martial arts,
it is the start of the journey into you.
Who you are.
What you are.
How the universe works.

Let’s talk about this emotion thing.

I am the first to discover this,
it isn’t written anywhere,
I figured it out with matrixing and neutronics…
emotion is motion inside the head.

You experience something in reality,
and that results in motion inside the head
(or, more properly, the mind).

Doesn’t mean it isn’t real,
it just is.

a psychotic can’t control that motion,
he is controlled by that motion.
Makes decisions based on that motion
and those decisions may be a severe warping of reality.
he can’t even tell which is more real,
the motion inside his head,
or reality.

Joe Blow goes through life,
whim to his emotions.
He responds to television programming,
votes on the spur of emotion,
and so on.
he even does things like choose a wife
based on emotion,
and not an understanding of partnership
and life contracts.

A martial artist,
focuses on one thing,
the doing of technique,
the doing of form,
and by concentrating on doing just one thing,
he gains a focus for awareness,
and the motion inside his head
becomes recognizable as something separate from reality.
The motion inside his head slows down,
and he ends up perceiving reality as it is.

Mind you,
it is not a fast journey,
unless you are matrixing.
Then it can be really fast,
because it is logical.

But I’m not pushing Matrixing here,
I am just explaining how it works,
then you can make a decision about things like matrixing,
a decision not based on the motion inside your head.

Crying means an experience overwhelmed you,
something came towards you,
you couldn’t handle the motion that occurred inside your head,
so you express,
get relief,
from crying.

Pain is a very real motion inside your head,
often having external stimuli,
but not necessarily.

Love is not an emotion,
it is a configuration of two people
who find that they fit together
and want to partner through life.

hate: that’s a real motion inside the head,
one in which a person tries to stop the motion inside his head
by hurting somebody else.

It’s in your head,
but the other guy should die.
What a solution,

And so on.

But the thing is that all the emotions,
good or bad,
become easily handled,
if you learn how to focus yourself as an awareness.

here’s the point,
this definition for emotion
you will find nowhere else in the world.
It is written nowhere else.
It is a totally misunderstood point of mankind,
and the planet rocks and rolls towards destruction,
with nobody understanding what emotion is.

even if they do understand it,
intuitively somehow,
without the discipline to control it,
to make it small and manageable,
and a tool that benefits one,
instead of a hammer that crushes skulls,
the knowledge is worthless.

You have to do the discipline
to gain control of yourself as awareness.
You can’t just read the words.

Think about it,
mankind doesn’t know this,
it wars and famines and diseases itself to death.
You know it is this truth about emotion,
you just read it,
but are you doing anything about it?
Are you applying it to your discipline?
Gearing your workout away from violence and emotion and all that,
and towards control?
are you matrixing?
Are you studying the logic that makes it all easy and fast?
Without matrixing
you might learn to control yourself
to the degree I am talking,
but it could take decades,
a whole lifetime!

I hope you understand now,
and I thank Michael for his win.

Being an electrician helped,
understanding how the universe works really helps,
but whether you have a base in science or not,
the work out is the thing.

pop over to Church of Martial Arts,
see what I’m talking about,
make a fresh decision to get matrixed this summer,
and really start the ball rolling.

The truth is,
with all the well meaning people in the world,
the number of people who have a clue is small.
But you are one.
You understand,
just from this newsletter,
how important it is that you take control of your life,
and that the martial arts is more than just a way to beat people up,
it is a path to the self,
to enlightenment,
to being able to have a life that is rich and forgiving,
filled with friends and accomplishments.

that’s about all for now,
talk to you later,
I’m a bit late this newsletter,
so I’ll try to get the next one out Tuesday,
no later than Wednesday,
until then…



When Kicks are King!

The Best Martial Arts Kicks in the World!

I was okay with kicks
back when I was starting out.
Kicks were a new thing,
hadn’t ever used those muscles before,
but it was pretty easy to follow along in class
so I was okay.

chinese hand karate martial art

Complete art, a pivotal time in matrixing ~ click on the cover!

as time progressed I noticed something,
there were guys in class that had GREAT kicks.
These guys were strong and fluid,
they could use their feet like delicate tools,
and knock you on your fanny!
So I went to one of the instructors
and asked why this one guy was so good with his kicks.

“He does 200 kicks per kick per side.”

I blinked.
I was doing ten kicks per kick per side.
I thought I was toughening
getting strong
improving at a wild rate.

I was fortunate enough to have a job
where I sat on my butt and watched a machine.
Sounds funny to say something like that
that’s what I did.
So I got up off my butt
and I began doing 250 kicks per kick per side.
It wasn’t hard!
Took some time,
and some sweat
and the first few days my legs were pretty tired,
it got to be so much fun
I began doing it two and even three times a day.
And I began looking around for things to kick.
We had these big telephone cable spools,
and I would practice kicking them across the floor
so then I set up stations
and began practicing my multiple kicks.
it was fun!
the mystery of kicks suddenly resolved
and I learned something…
good kicks are just like walking.
If you walk ten miles a day
then your legs do ten miles of work,
they get used to it.
No big deal.
Same thing with kicks.
I learned something else,

‘Make the legs as flexible as the arms,
make the arms as powerful as the legs.’

Things were different after that,
I became a LOT more confident,
and I started doing a lot better at freestyle.
it changed my whole work ethic!
I started looking at stances differently,
trying to make them as simple as walking.
I began punching big cable spools,
knocking them across the factory floor
I even set up a punching station at home.
I tacked two carpet samples
to a 100 ft tall redwood tree.
It never fell over,
but I sure scared it!

I still work the kicks to this day.
Not as much,
I’m more into forms,
I make sure I do the following stretching routine
several times a day.

20 – 50 deep squats
20 leg raises front and side
20 single leg squats
(leg on a rail and deep bend with supporting leg)
20 single leg squats
(squat on one leg – stand – squat other leg)
Some jumping jacks to loosen it all up.

I’m all over the place
up here at Monkeyland.
It’s nothing to walk ten miles
checking the fence.
It’s nothing to take a twenty mile hike back into the BLM lands.
It’s nothing to hike up a mountain and down.
And I still do fast, snappy kicks,
strong enough to knock over a bull.
So this leg regimen I recommend
as a true fountain of youth.
Whether you want strong kicks,
or better stances,
or anything,
do this routine
at the beginning and end of your work out
and the legs are king.

Okey dokey,
here’s the obligatory ad…

It’s a site I set up for the sole purpose
of training in a VERY powerful form of Karate.

be off with you,
have a work out that the Gods themselves would envy!


A Quick Summation of Matrix Karate

How Matrix Karate affects ALL Martial Arts

Matrix Karate is a system of martial arts,
but it is a system of logic as well,
and you can apply this logic to ANY other martial art.
Simply do Matrix Karate,
then take the basics of your system,
and I don’t care if it is krav maga
or tai chi,
or even something concocted by Lieutenant X,
and plug it into the forms and techniques
and you will have an instant Matrix of your system.

that is not the end of it,
but the beginning.
because as soon as you see your system logically,
ALL sorts of other doors are going to open.

And then the classical system that you have been studying
is truly going to become a VERY advanced form of Karate.

You won’t have those mysterious ‘hidden techniques’
holding you back.

You won’t have the political bushwah
that destroyed your system
in the way any more.

You won’t have any less than adequate instruction
that you might have received,
in your way.

you will understand how everything fits together,
and then when you take another look
at that classical system,
you will realize something:
if your system is unchanged enough
then you will truly benefit from the concept
of it being a closed combat system.

A closed combat system is one
which was designed by evolution of generations,
doing only what works,
until you have something truly rare,
a true masterpiece,
something that can evolve the human being.

if it is changed,
then you will have the tools
to RETURN it to
a closed combat method
once again.

I don’t care if your system has been…
altered by politicians,
twisted by political organizations,
changed for tournaments,
diluted for kids,
designed to make money,
or whatever,
or ANYTHING else…
you will be able to fix it.

I guarantee this,
even if you can’t see what has been left out,
you will be able to figure it out after matrixing.

Matrix Karate is that powerful.
here’s something I run across.
I come across,
usually in forums,
the people who say…
I know what you did,
I know what you are doing…
I’ve already done that.

Here’s the cruel trap,
there are enlightened human beings out there,
and they well might have figured out
what the heck is happening,
and they might actually have insight into their own souls.
These guys might well be VERY powerful people.

they did it without method.
the method they used is antiquated,
based on ancient hieroglyphics
or whatever,


Which means they can’t teach it.
They can’t explain what they are doing,
accept in the most obtuse and confused manner.
They will resort to sayings from the Tao,
which is a good book,
but not a science,
and can be very confusing in itself.

And these guys,
no matter how smart,
end up losing students
because they don’t have a good, scientific method.

I ask them,
‘have you ever seen a matrix?’
And they say nothing.
Because they are holding on to the fact
that they know something.
They don’t undersdtand,
won’t understand,
that I am not trying to destroy their system,
I am only making it so they can understand it
and teach it,
and create a REAL golden age of Martial Arts.

I have made it REAL easy.
there is the course itself,
available on,
and a few other places.
there is an example of me teaching the course,
complete from white to black.
That is on
and a few other places.
if you want to understand Matrixing theory,
there is Matrixing: the Master Text.
That is available on
and a few other places.
there is the Matrixing Karate series.
Five books detailing ALL sorts of stuff,
available on Amazon.

here is the funny thing,
you probably paid
$50 a month for your lessons,
maybe a lot more.
And the material here is less expensive than…
all the years of your lessons,
a movie and dinner with your mate,
a used tire,
a new Tokaido gi,
groceries for a week (if you eat a lot)
a few cases of beer (and better for you)
a pair of Nikes,
and all sorts of other stuff,
and you end up with
than ALL your years of previous training.
at least,
the ability to make TOTAL sense
out of ALL your martial arts.

thanks for letting me get that out.
I know it is a sales push,
but there is data in there,
and if we are going to have a REAL golden age of martial arts,
it really is necessary.

it rained up here at Monkeyland,
so I have to replace an inverter,
clean out culverts,
chase the cows out of the crops,
and go look at the birds.
Saw the most AMAZING buzzard hawk today.
Truly magnificent.
Sitting on the highest branch
of the tallest tree
on the highest mountain here.
maybe I better just move that to the top of the list,
watch birds all day,
then go work on a ‘Buzzard Hawk’ form.
That’s what I have to do.
You guys and gals,
I really want you to have an enlightening work out,
really get into it,
really analyze the way you shift your weight,
keep your blaance,
and how that combines to create EXTRA energy.

Have a great work out!

that you are.

Have a great work out!

Martial Arts Health Problems

What to Do About Martial Arts Health Problems

Oddly enough, an amazing number of martial artists have health problems ranging from knee replacement to diabetes to obesity to whatever. 

One would think that these people would be free from such problems, the amount of exercise they do, the fact that they are supposed to be a in a health related field…yet look at the problems some of these fellows have had.


martial arts health problems

Knee replacement? Diabetes? Heart attack?

Ed Parker was overweight, and finally dropped dead of a heart attack.
The Australian Pa Kua chang Expert, Montaigne, dropped dead from diabetes complications. Heck, even Bruce Lee died from a swollen brain!

So what is the problem that is happening to martial artists?

The problem is twofold.

First is the pretty well known factor of poisoned food; it is no secret that Americans have the worst diet in the world; for a people who eat large, they are eating extremely poor food.

Foods have been laced with pesticides, grown in chemical fertilizer, radiated and genetically modified…there is no secret that people, even the best and most dedicated of martial artists, with all their exercise, will eventually succumb.

The larger and more significant factor in this problem of martial artists needing hip replacements and medical treatments is that they are actually doing their exercises incorrectly.

Some of these factors are easy to see. Kenpo stylists, for instance, usually practice their stances too high, thus they never achieve the body/planet connection, and never really tap into their chi potential.

But most of these factors are not easily seen.

Consider that the average martial arts instructor only has three to five years experience before becoming an instructor, and usually has no advanced training afterwards.

That is enough time to learn how to fight, but not enough time to learn all the important data concerning how the body works, or why.

Then they turn and pass the same frantic exercises down to unsuspecting students, never understanding that their practices are incomplete and, in the extreme, injurious to their students.

I met a young Taekwondo black belt once, and if he ever tried to use his taekwondo he would have injured himself. The foot looked really awesome, but the angle of the ankle was not weight bearing…he would have broken his ankle had he ever kicked somebody with that particular kick.

Yet he was nine years old, a black belt, and helped out at his taekwondo school.

Nine years old. There was no way he could have developed any appreciable knowledge conceerning the physics of the body, let alone the unique physics that end up dealing with such things as pressure points, energy meridians, how to base movement off the tan tien, or anything like that.

Yet he was a junior instructor.

And here we come to an unfortunate conclusion: the martial arts, as practiced in America, are monkey see monkey do prescriptions for damaged bodies.

Honestly, unless your instructor studied for ten years BEFORE he ever became an instructor, chances are he doesn’t kow what he is doing. He may be a fount of deadly techniques, but what good are those techniques if the student dies of a medical problem brought on by those same deadly techniques?

The author, Al Case, has studied martial arts since 1967. You can find his book on resurrecting your health by clicking on Yogata. If you are a martial artist who wishes to discover the correct body physics, the unique ‘second set’ of physics beyond the Newtonian simplicities taught in school, go to The Master instructor Course.


The Secret of Karate Footwork

Newsletter 631

The Secret of Karate Footing

Good evening!

It is evening as I write this,

so I still have time for a work out.


my favorite time for working out is past midnight.

The world is silent,

no distractions,

and I frequently close my eyes

and work on my sense of which way I am facing.

It improves hearing,

inner senses of where the body is,

and more.


I didn’t want to talk about that…

I wanted to talk about footing.

Before I do,


as I said last newsletter,

computer crash,

lost a LOT of stuff.



I feel good about it.

I lost of lot of baggage I’d been carrying around,

stuff I’d collected over the last couple of years.

Feel lighter.


you may have noticed,

but my computer started sending out notices.

I don’t know why,

but when I resurrect notification of payment,

it gets sent out as new mail.

Really odd.


so what.

The first time I got into footing was long before Karate and the martial arts.

I was in sixth grade,

and I wanted to run faster,

kick the ball further,

so I used to just sit and analyze the foot.

How the arch gives spring,

and the best way to put the foot down

to achieve that spring.

Which way to point the toes

whether and how to roll the foot

and, of course,

how to set the foot for the most traction.

Years later,

this stuff came back to haunt me in the martial arts.

I used to analyze the bend of the leg and the turn of the foot

for traction and spring in the sprint takeoff.

Well, what the heck is a stance,

but a sprint takeoff!

Not to run fifty yards,

but just to leap a couple of yards

close the distance

and take out the opponent before he could block.

I did this at Kenpo,

and it was great.

Got good at freestyle,

went to tournaments,

thought I was pretty good,

then I went to the Kang Duk Won.

The Kang Duk Won was a hole in the wall.

I’ve described it before,

but here goes again…

such a fond memory.

It was a box office of some sort in the front.

Front window cracked and held together by duc tape

Seating section was a picnic bench.

Rugs were losing threads all over the place.

Mind you,

it wasn’t dirty,

just worn.

You walk back past the mat,

which was ripped and stitched and duc taped.

And it was very dark in places,

from the pivot of a thousand gnarly feet.

In the back was more thready rug,

a bathroom with an old toilet that slanted probably 30 degrees.

A water heater that didn’t work,

and a hole in the ceiling over it.

Ah, paradise.

Now this thing with footing.

At the kenpo place we had a big heater for the winter,

and real air conditioning for the summer,

and thick mats so cushy to the tootsies.

Veddy cumfutable there. Doncha know…

At the kang duk won we had no heater,

and no air conditioning.

In the winter we warmed the place up with our sweat.

It didn’t take long, we worked hard because

we knew we would freeze until we warmed it up.

In the summer we just worked.

But, here’s the thing.

In the winter the mat was cold,

our feet were cold,

and there was no traction.

I always remember my feet slipping until I began to sweat.

And the way I stopped the feet from slipping was to think downward.

And I had to,

because if I didn’t think down,

push with the legs

and get the heck moving,

some other guy was going to be running over me.

And stopping,

once started,

was always an adventure.

In the summer it wasn’t so bad,

but when the mat got soaked by our sweat,

it was a whole new realm of problems.

So I learned to ground.

To brace against the ground for launch.

To screw myself into the ground to block.

And I had a hell of a funtastic time!

You can tell,

forty years later and I still think about the lessons there.

Not a polite place, except for the human beings.

A rough place,

a ghetto for the feet,

but it taught them something.


when I have the mothers lift their nostrils

at the idea of their little precious

getting a bruise,

or not hydrating properly

(designer water only, please),


heavens to Betsy…

a bloody nose.

I laugh.

I keep it on the inside,

but I laugh.

And I think of the times when it was snowing,

and I ran out in bare feet to work out.

Or working out on gravel,

or on some lawn slick with dew…

it’s the ability to sink my weight,

and I didn’t learn that at the kenpo place.

I learned a lot,

but the true grounding happened at the Kang Duk Won,

where it was man against elements,

and if you didn’t learn…

the elements kicked your beautocks.

Oinkley donkey,

I wrote a bit more at the Church of Martial Arts

about the first level (postulant, or seeker),

got the whole line up for the first level,

but it will be a week or so before I get donation buttons up there.

If you are interested in the Church of Martial Arts,

I suggest you subscribe.

And if you’re not,

then don’t mess with it.

Just keep going with Monster Martial Arts,

and have a good time.

If you are interested in learning things about sinking the weight,

and the original Kang Duk Won system,

then head for

Let me make a brief point here…

when you take a lesson at a normal school,

you are shown the moves,

and not given much in the way of why the movement is the way it is.

You memorize the moves,

and the science consists of…

if you hit his head his head will go back so kick him in the…


if you kick him in the peanuts then he will lean forward and you can hit him in the face.

That’s about it for real instruction.

Think about it.

Most schools, that is exactly the way it is.

It’s exciting,

and they make it sound like a science,

but it’s not.

A real science involves actually learning,

lectures about scientific reasons,

discussions of physics,

how the body works,

how the bones twist,

and why.

That’s what I do,

but a lot deeper than that.

I get into the why of the why,

why this is how it works.

It’s a whole new level.

That said,

Kang Duk Won has a whole bunch of bonuses on it.

Check it out.


have a great work out!


Karate Horse Stance Meditation to Leave Body!

Karate Horse Stance Meditation!

Good day to work out, limber up the muskles, knock the fat off yer frame…a karate horse stance. Get healthy. Ya know? Are ya ready to talk?

One of the karate drills I hated the most, but got the most out of, was the simple horse stance. We would spread the legs, get the thighs down to where they were almost parallel to the floor, and put up one high block, and extend the other hand to the side in a chicken beak, and look at our finger tips. We called this karate horse stance position Kima Chasie. Horse Meditation.

karate horse stance meditation

Horse Stance Meditation from Classical Karate

And we meditated on the pain it would cause us.

Now, forget the pain of the karate horse stance, forget the stronger legs, forget everything but the real purpose of it. Get out of your body.

After a couple of years of dabbling with the karate horse stance Meditation I decided to do it right. I decided that pain wouldn’t cause death (in this instance) and that I should just do the exercise until I got what it was all about.

So, I hit the stance, looked at my fingers, and concentrated on breathing. Time passed. Minutes seemed like hours. My mind began to still, the world slowed down. Seconds seemed like hours.

And, suddenly it all stopped hurting. No pain at all. The whole universe was one peaceful concept that i could live with forever.

how long did it take me to get there?

Five minutes.

That’s all.

Zingo bingo, instant enlightenment.

Now came the problem. When I tried to move, I couldn’t. My whole body had locked up. Man, I was freaked. Tried to wiggle backwards, couldn’t move, couldn’t even rock. Tried forwards, ah, there we go, I could fall for…oh shit…ah! Landed on my face.

So, enlightenment is possible through the old training methods, but sometimes it can be weird, freaky, and even as significant as a punch on the nose.

Hey, any of youse guys feel like coming over to see me, I live on good old Monster Martial Arts. Brings your friends, the doors are open, leave your old life outside.

See ya.


This has been a page about karate horse stance meditation, and here is a great page about breaking heads with your board…uh, breaking boards with your head!

Vision of a Church of Martial Arts

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Good morning and a great work out!
Or good evening and a great work out,
or…get the idea?
Anytime is time for a great work out!

I’m back in town,
working like crazy to get caught up,
and my apologies for any late orders,
missed emails,
or whatever.

I should have everything done by Monday,
including sending a couple of courses I ran out of
during my trip across America.

Let me know if I didn’t answer an email,
or anything else.

word has it that Monkeyland may be as little as a month away.
What a long journey,
but it is going to be well worth it.

I know that others have constructed temples
for the martial arts in America,
but I really think this is going to be a first.

I am working on putting all arts on checklist format.
Will make it easier to study,
and easier to teach.

I am thinking of how to construct the area
so that it is not just a couple of houses and a dojo,
but a terraced and organized Garden of Eden for the martial arts.

did you know that there are actually seven arts that I have put together?
This makes for seven chunks of knowledge,
or seven steps to complete martial mastery,
in the most fanatical sense of the word!

So instead of working through belts,
although that will occur,
and must occur for people who don’t want religion in their martial arts,
there will be an alternative route.

For instance,
a fellow who is a postulant,
is a fellow who is seeking (admission to a religious order)
So a postulant would follow a specific checklist,
which might include the first four courses on Monster,
and certain works from,
for instance ‘prologue,’ and so on.

And I would put together some sort of package to save money,
and a forum where people can actually discuss what is going on.

I have had a lot of requests for a forum,
and I think I see how I could structure it
so people could trade knowledge and wins,
ask questions and such,
and yet stick to specific courses.

First level might be postulant,
second level might be novitiate (novice)
and there would be a separate forum for each level.

Mind you,
I am just thinking my way through this,
outlining a structure,
and things may change drastically
before we come up with something that works.

I say we.
I thank every one of you that has offered ideas,
sent me heads up on links and courses and whatevers.

You see,
monkeyland isn’t me.
It’s martial arts.

So how much time do I have left to teach?
And that question leads us to one fact,
can I – we – establish a structure,
physical and spiritual,
that will last past our mortal flesh?

That is the real question here.

Let me share a little something with you about this.

I have had lots of opportunities.
People have offered me this and that
over the course of the years.

One fellow offered to make me a Hollywood producer.
And he was one,
and could do it.
But I said no to him,
and to all other opportunities
and for one reason.

They had to be martial arts compatible.
If the opportunity wasn’t about martial arts,
I wasn’t interested.

over the years I have also had a lot of people
try to button me down.
‘Get rich, Al!’
‘Here’s a job that…’
‘We could make so much money…’
of course,
there is the fact that I kept the price of courses down,
instead of going internet crazy,
and gouging people.


Because in the back of my mind is the question…
‘will people remember what I did in a thousand years?’

Even if they don’t know my name…
‘will the effects of what I have done be influencing the world in a thousand years?’

Not because I am glory hungry,
I don’t care if people know who I am,
I’m actually sort of a recluse.
I hide in corners at get togethers,
and don’t even like to go to parties.

I just want to do something that is big and good and will have lasting effect for thousands of years.

What is the purpose of my life?

Do you understand?

It’s not to get rich,
or to be famous.
I could have done that!

But can I actually contribute something of worth
that will help my fellow man,
raise his awareness,
make the world a better place.

Shaolin does that.

I want to do that.

And in America there is a relatively blank canvas to do that.

What an opportunity!

that being my personal motivation,
now you may understand that it is not about me.
It is about the people who help.
It is about people coming together
to overcome a rancid and unforgiving world.

While everybody waves a flag and goes to war,
we nibble at the edges of the heart…and go to peace.

It’s about you.

What do you want?

Do you want to be part of something big?
That will change the world?
Will make the martial arts a force for peace…instead of corruption and tournaments and making money and dominating people and beating people up and…

Do you get the idea?

forgive me.
I rant.
But it’s a good thing.
So cross your fingers,
that everything goes through as planned,
no burps or farts,
but an actual place to come and study the purest martial arts in the universe,
a martial arts that doesn’t just make the most honorable and glorious fighters in the universe,
but raises people from monkey to human being to…an Awareness of who they are,
what they are about,
and gives them a chance to really do something this lifetime.
And all through martial arts.

Oinkey ka doinkey…
got to go,
you guys and gals have a most glorious day
and wonderful workout!
And I’ll talk to you later…


Here’s the first book
that will probably be offered
on the first checklist…

If you can’t afford a package,
or even a course,
then at least get this one
and be ahead of the curve.

Unlock the Inner You with…Martial Arts?

Unleashing the Self with Martial Arts!

martial arts

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Speaking of Martial Arts, I just read an ad, one of those cheesy internet ads, about unlocking the inner you.

You’re only using 10% of your brain, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could unlock the other 90%? Continue reading

Using Martial Arts to Raise Awareness

Awareness in the Martial Arts


let’s talk Martial Arts.

Let’s say somebody goes to hit you.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get him to stop his punch,
in the perfect place
so you could precisely wack his arm?

martial tube

Add water and Martial Arts…grow bigger!

Interesting thing is…
that is what happens when you do martial arts for a while.
You see,
you practice your timing
and practice and practice,
what is timing?

time is the measurement of the universe.
Time is when you measure how long
it takes something at point A to reach point B.
Measurement of motion in the universe.
That’s all time is.

I laugh when I hear these egghead types talk about time
being the fourth dimension.
Of course it is,

You see,
there isn’t a machine that can slow down time,
so the knowledge is useless.
awareness can slow down time,
and here’s where the martial arts kick in.

discipline increases awareness.
Martial Arts discipline is probably
the most efficient discipline in the universe,
so it increases awareness the most and the fastest.

You look at a punch hard enough,
and you start to see the pieces.
It’s sort of like watching a baseball cross the plate.
You stand there and hold the bat,
and you focus your awareness on the ball,
over time,
you start to see things.
The stitching,
slowly turning.
And you watch and you watch,
and you see faded blue ink on the ball.
And you watch some more,
and the ink says…
‘made in China.’

You had to force yourself to stand and watch,
to focus your awareness on the ball.
That took discipline,
in the end,
you got more awareness.
will it help you hit 300?


And that is the value of awareness.

in the martial arts you watch the punch,
and watch and watch,
and the punch slows down so you can wack it!.

One of the most worthwhile exercises for a newbie
is to just let them stand there,
and have somebody punch as hard as they can
and stop on their nose,
and have the newbie just watch it.

the newbie will stop blinking.
And that means he has used discipline
to overcome his automatic response.
He can now stay aware in the face of danger.
He can stay aware in combat.
He can stay aware,
and thus focus his own technique.

He has,
in essence,
used awareness to slow down time,
to see the ink on the fist…
‘made in rage.’
And rage won’t scare him again.

he will reach the point where the fist comes
and he will slip between the moments of time,
and strike the arm that holds the fist
as if it was standing still.

He has used awareness to stop time.

you want to know something interesting?
There is a video on youtube
of Steven Seagal teaching some MMA guy,
I think it was Anderson Silva,
and he is actually trying to get Anderson to see this,
to stay calm and aware,
and just put his fist out there
in between the slices of time.

Go ahead,
find and watch,
see if you agree.

Mind you,
Seagal shows amazing prowess in understanding this,
and much awareness,
the difference is that it took him decades of Aikido
to see this,
and he can only show it to people
who are already superior in understanding their sense of timing
and the mechanics of a fight.

the sad thing,
MMA will not enhance a persons ability in this matter.
If you obsess on beating somebody else,
on subduing awareness,
then it subdues your own awareness.
What you do is what you get.

The only way to get this ability
is to gain the discipline to enhance your awareness.
Doing martial arts forms and techniques does this.

Here’s the funny thing.
Do a bad art and the discipline is weaker,
do a strong, well organized art
and the discipline really kicks in
and the awareness really grows.
go ahead,
stand in one spot and have somebody punch with all their force
and stop on the tip of your nose.
It won’t be long before you’re almost bored,
and then you’re going to start looking at what is happening,
and examining the fist,
and the motion of the fist,
and you’re going to see all sorts of things,
and you are going to find yourself a little out of your head
when you start practicing your techniques.

Do it a lot,
and it won’t be long before you understand
what it means to slow down time,
to slip your technique ‘between’ time.

Your opponent will think you are magic,
but you’re really just aware.

all this happened to me because of the Kang Duk Won.
I became able to teach it because of Matrixing.
I had the same trouble Steven Seagal had
in getting others to understand what I was doing
until I established matrixing.
Matrixing is,
in essence,
a new language,
a language designed to enable people
to understand these things that I am talking about.
Not mushin no shin,
a loosely defined Japanese term
meaning mind of no mind,
but a method to get rid of distraction
and experience the vast ‘space’ of awareness
that a human being really is.
Not people getting stupider through life,
but using discipline to grow awareness.

that all said,
please take advantage of the low prices.
I have to support Monkeyland,
and that means I have to raise prices.

Here’s the URL for the new site again…

Don’t forget to check out the Seagal video,
and don’t forget to practice having
somebody punch to your nose
and learn to stay aware.
And don’t forget to go to the Kang Duk Won site.

And I’ll talk to you later.
Have a Great Work Out!