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Native American Combat Methods! part four

Newsletter 836

Neutronic Martial Arts and Indian Stealth Skills!
part four

Good afternoon.
A little wet around here,
not wet enough,
but it’s a start.
And a good, healthy work out
is also a start.

This is the fourth part of a five part series.
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martial arts school instruction manualIn the first three articles
we have discussed how and why the American Indian
was possibly the finest light infantry in the world.
In this article I want to take a look at something that is very spiritual in nature,
not understood,
or even talked about by many,
and yet is easily understood
if you have any idea how Neutronics works.

That the Indians were spiritual is very obvious.
They attributed spirituality to everything.
The wind was a spirit,
the trees,
every animal had a spirit,
there was even a great spirit over all.
This was a very pure look at man’s spirituality,
but without the confusion of books,
and differing points of view arguing arcane points.
It was based on the world as they saw it,
as they felt it,
as they experienced it.

here is something about Neutronics,
something you will have to come to grips with
if you wish to have a chance in heck
of understanding how the Indian Warrior really worked.

In Neutronics
you are considered the center of the universe.
You can’t prove the universe exists,
all you really have is your awareness of the universe,
whether the universe exists or not,
you exist,
you are your own proof.

Most people are really screwed up.
They think the universe is the cause,
and they are the effect of the universe.
You see this everywhere…
somebody else did it!
(point your finger at somebody else)

But you are not the movie screen,
you are the projector!
No matter what the universe does,
you are the cause.
Whether it rains,
whether there is an accident,
whether you do or do not get up in the morning…
it is your ‘fault.’
You are the cause of the universe.

if you are still with me,
if you haven’t run screaming into the wilderness,
then consider this:
the Indians believed that if you looked
at an animal you were stalking,
there would be some kind of ‘light’ (or something)
emanating from your eyes.

In other words:
they believed the animal could feel ‘awareness.’

This is actually very logical,
when you consider,
as earlier parts of this article pointed out,
that the Indian methods built a higher awareness.

So the Indians would never look at their target
when hunting.


It required MORE awareness!

they did not shine the ‘flash light’ of their awareness,
rather they controlled that ‘flashlight,’
and the result was a fed family.

I know there are some that are nodding and going,
‘uh huh, that explains it,’
but there are probably more
that are blinking and shaking their heads,
and saying,
that Al guy is freaking NUTS!

So let me just back off here,
except to say one thing,

Check out
The Master Instructor Course

Once you understand the truth
about how the wind blows,
about how the body moves
about the reasons behind motion and the martial arts
you might be able to understand
the concepts I have detailed here,
and will definitely be in a position
to better manifest them yourselves.
Here’s the link…

now have a great work out!


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American Indians and Pa Kua Chang

Newsletter 833 ~ subscribe now!

Pa Kua Chang and Indian Stealth Skills!
part one

Good evening!
I just finished teaching,
2 1/2 hours of bliss,
and I am in heaven.
Let me share a little of that heaven with you.
Here’s one of the things I was thinking about,
which relates to the martial arts.
how Pa Kua Chang relates to the stealth skills
of the native American Indians.

The most important Martial Arts book ever written.

The most important Martial Arts book ever written.

I am going to write five articles on this subject,
so if you want all five,
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The other four articles will be coming out over the next month.

The American Indians were arguably
the greatest light infantry in the world.
They could outrun horses,
they had thoroughly mastered such weapons as
bows and arrows, knives, hand to hand, and so on.
And, they were masters of stealth.

Think about this:
to put food on their table
they had to be able to sneak up on wild animals.
This meant they walked with no noise,
don’t rustle a leaf,
or step on a twig.
Do it so well that a deer won’t hear you.
Have you ever seen how big a deer’s ears are?

The way they walked was very specific.
They did not walk heel to toe,
they did not place their heel down first,
the placed the front of their foot down first,
so they could feel a twig,
or any other surface that was going to cause noise
sufficient to alert an animal.
So they placed the front of the foot down first,
then rolled to the heel,
and they were aware,
feeling with their feet,
sensitive to whatever they were walking on.
And they walked fast enough to close on an animal
before the animal went elsewhere to feed,
and without alarming the animal.
That takes incredible skill.

this method of walking is very similar to the way
students of Pa Kua Chang walk.
The precise way of walking in Pa Kua Chang
is to place the whole foot down,
sensing the ground through the feet.
This eliminates slippage on icy, grassy, wet whatever surfaces.
it breeds silence.
it enables the student to grip the ground.

This method of walking
is commonly called ‘Mud Walking.’
Walk so you won’t slip in mud.
Walk silently,
with no wasted (as in audible) energy.

There are differences here,
but here is the point:
both methods are used to build awareness.

It is awareness that makes a better martial artist,
not muscles,
not speed,
not anything else.
It is awareness,
of environment,
of the opponent,
of whatever is going on around you.

It’s funny,
when I hear people refer to Indians as savages
I have to suppress laughter.
They adapted to their environment,
they built a technology
that made them possibly the finest warriors in the world.

If you just study them,
if you consider how you might use their methods,
how you might improve your awareness,
you will find that they were geniuses of combat.

let’s be honest,
I haven’t studied Indian combat methods in depth,
but I have studied methods that closely align.
Here’s the link to Pa Kua Chang.

Think about what I’ve said here,
and then bury yourself in some Pa Kua,
it will be well worth the journey.

Stay tuned for four more articles
concerning the martial arts
and the stealth abilities of the American Indian.

and have a great work out!


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A Few Fixes for the Martial Arts this Year

Newsletter 791
Martial Arts Mastery the Right Way

Great morning to you!
A great work out to you.
A year full of great work outs to you!

Here’s a few martial arts thoughts to start off 2016

I asked this question last year, and I’m going to ask it again.
Where do you want to be at the end of 2016?
What martial arts do you want to be expert in?
How far do you want to go?

Mastery comes from two factors,
hard hard you work,
and how scientifically correct is your art.

To make yourself work hard,
put notes up around the house.
Make yourself do fifty punches before you open the frig.
Do two forms before you go outside.
And inside.
Practice your applications as you walk
to the bathroom.
And so on.

do your forms before you eat,
before you sleep,
and upon waking.

If you want to make it this year,
if you want mastery,
you need to be dedicated.

here’s something to think about.
I was talking to somebody about the difference between
fighting and the martial arts.

You can be a fighter but not a martial artist.
You can’t be a martial artist without being a fighter.
You can’t be a good martial artist without giving up fighting.
It’s true.

It’s also true that
in a sport you attempt to defeat the other person.
In a martial art you attempt to control yourself.

You should know a minimum of two martial arts.
One with lots of force,
one with lots of flow.
Do that and your mind won’t be trapped by
being compelled to move in only one direction.

To win a fight the first thing you must do is control the distance.
While there is an art to fighting,
the true art is in control.

When it comes to augmenting your studies…
Some people learn best from a video.
Some people learn best from a book.
The best people learn from both.

One thing you should do,
if you really want to make it to mastery this year,
is sit down and make a list of polite things you can do.
Fighting is easy,
being polite,
especially when somebody wants to fight,
is not always so easy.
But it is the way to the true martial art.

Okey dogley.
That’s enough for now,
but think about spending a whole year doing nothing
but accumulating wisdom.
That’s going to give your martial art real legs.

Have a great work out,
and don’t forget to check out
the video on this page

Happy New Year!

More on Binary Matrixing in the Martial Arts!

How Binary Matrixing Works…

I get to sit down and write a newsletter.
It has been REAL busy around here!
So let’s talk about Binary Matrixing.

Click on the cover to find the source of the martial arts...

Click on the cover to find the source of the martial arts…

when you know the secret of the martial arts,
when you know what the yin yang really means,
then you can establish a pure art
based only on the principle of the yin yang.

it’s not sun and moon,
or day and night,
or male and female,
or anything like that.
It’s not even balance between complements
or one of the other definitions you’ll find
in wikipedia,
or elsewhere.

once you know the principle,
and how it works,
then you can grow the martial arts from the ground up.

you understand how matrixing came to be,
you see it as a science,
you see how each art is a piece of the whole.

after that,
you understand how each specific art is grown.
How they shape themselves to certain ideas and concepts.

here’s the trick…
when somebody learns the martial arts
they are learning a highly evolved construction.
And that means they have skipped all the stuff,
that made it evolve.

Everybody wants to learn advanced material…
But the truth,
the secret,
is in the basic stuff
from which the martial arts grew.

So everybody looks for complex forms,
hidden secrets,
mysterious and mystical ‘stuff.’
But they should be looking the other way,
back to the beginning.
Back to where it all came from.

Let me make a point.
If you study an art created by somebody,
then you are duplicating their thought pattern,
their artistic bent.
But what about your own artistic impulse?
Your expression of spirit.

That’s the truth of the martial arts,
you see…
to create.
To be an artist.
Beyond fighting others.

learn what others do,
and did,
but only to spur on your own creation.

That is the truth of Binary Matrixing.
It is the seed from which the science of matrixing grows,
and from which all the variations of the martial arts grow.

I will probably beat this to seat,
ll hear me say it again
in other form,
and the whole point
is to make you more than a monkey see monkey do…
to make you into an artist.

So here is the URL again…

And now I’ve got to go.
When I say I’ve been busy,
it is an understatement,
and if I am going to realize my goal,
of every martial person becoming an artist,
then I have to do what I have to do.

So have a great work out!
And I’ll try to get this newsletters out more frequently again,
and give you all the skinny
on how these things fit together.

A great week to you!

A Martial Art Disappears!

let’s talk about that great fount of info,

I like youtube,
it tells you about lots of arts.
it doesn’t teach.
It shows,
but there is no instruction.
This is okay
if you have lots of experience,
but if you don’t
then you are getting,
at best,
what the amateurs think,
at worst,
wrong ideas,
if any ideas at all.

kick boxing training manual

martial arts introduction

the most powerful information int he history of the martial arts

I always remember something I read,
so many years ago.
If you want to get excited,
read a headline,
if you want to get educated,
read a book.
in keeping with this theme,
do a book/video course.

I think the original concept was,
excitable and slanted info from a newspaper,
not much info at all.
A better rounded picture,
but the data is only the surface variety,
not in depth.
Read a book,
get the whole picture.

Especially in light of this age of information
we are entering.

of course,
the best source of martial arts info on the planet
is Monster Martial Arts.
Of course.

I should tell you at this point,
that Blinding Steel is coming down.
I’m taking it off the website.
Don’t know for how long,
maybe for good,
maybe for a while,
if you want the price it is offered at now,
get it quick.

Blinding Steel is my heart,
Monkey Boxing,
it’s goot ALL sorts of data
about who to get faster,
a logical method for weapons,
transitioning to throws,
and so on.
Very potent stuff.
I always recommend you get Matrix Karate,
and the Master Instructor Course,
because that is the heart of the matrixing method.
But the end result of the matrixing method
is Blinding Steel.

So pick it up quick,
it won’t be back,
at least not at this price.

The good news,
I’m putting it together with an intro course
that I am referring to as Binary Martial Arts.
I undercut even Matrixing,
I get down to why the martial arts are a fantasy,
for that matter,
why you are a fantasy,
and I tell the truth about the martial arts,
how to make them not a fantasy,
how to make a real art evolve,
which makes yourself evolve.

More on that later.
Probably a week or two before I have that all polished up.
I have it written,
and it is a whammed slammer.
In fact,
it is so powerful,
and it made me realize something:
this stuff that I am doing,
this matrixing and neutronics,
is more powerful than
The Tao (Lao Tsu)
or even zen.

When people look back at this era,
at what happened to the martial arts
at the dawn of the information age,
they will point to Matrixing and Neutronics,
as the single most potent occurrence,
in the history of the martial arts.
I’m not bragging,
it is just is the value of information.
It is the the fat of mysticism
becoming a science,
a logic,
an actual technology.

When you think about it,
The Tao (for instance)
was exiting the stone age,
it was concepts being written down and passed on.
But the concepts weren’t ordered
or even understood.
Matrixing changes that.
Matrixing is the transition from mysticism
into definable knowledge.

I’ve talked long enough.
Blinding Steel,
last chance to get it,
right here…

Have a great work out!

Freedom in the Martial Arts

You aren’t Free if You Don’t know Martial Arts

Even if you live in America, can you really say you’re free if you don’t study the martial arts?
Actually, not.
How can you say you are free if your body isn’t strong enough to fight back when bullied?
How can you say you are free if your mind isn’t trained to see when somebody is picking on you, and stand against them?
How can you say you deserve liberty if you don’t know how to fight back?
How can you say you are free if you don’t know the martial arts?

Slaves don’t know karate or kung fu, aikido or taekwondo, and thus they remain slaves. Weak. Unable to stand up to those who would oppress them.

Women who depend on men for their safety, and don’t know how to defend themselves, aren’t free.

People who are afraid of being mugged, raped, driven off the road…they are enslaved by their own fears, which fears would disappear if they took classes in Karate, Tai Chi Chuan, or some other form of self defense.

If you are a parent, are you raising children who will be slaves? Or children who will stand up for themselves because they have learned how to protect themselves, who trained themselves to stand up to the bully in Karate classes or taekwondo classes, or through some other type of martial art.

If you are a martial artist, are you going to go past tournaments and the spectacle of MMA? Are you going to resist the urge to put aside the fun when you become more ‘mature,’ and become a parent or career minded?

Are you going to make a decision to continue learning, that you might develop your spiritual being? If you don’t, then haven’t you enslaved yourself to being merely a human, and lost your chance to become a spiritual human being?

This is a free country, it is true, but it is only free to those who stand up and assert that freedom. If you don’, if you don’t have the ability to stand up and defend yourself, in body, words, or any manner, which ability is the logical outcome of a sincere study of the martial arts, then you can’t say that you are really free.

Have you read ‘The Bomber’s Story?” It is the story of one man who became disillusioned with freedom in America, and then learned martial arts. Is blowing up buildings patriotism? Read The Bomber’s Story and then decide for yourself.

The Power Hour Martial Arts Show

Interview on the Martial Arts Power Hour Show!

speaking of martial arts power,
I was interviewed on the
Martial Arts Power Hour show!
The show is done by Israel Velez,
and is quite a good show.
They interview martial artistsa,
go into important martial arts happenings,
and provide a real contribution to the martial arts.

zen yoga martial arts

This guy did the Yogata Course! Click on him to find out more!

I am not much of a public speaker.
I can run a class,
but the funny thing is
standing up in front of people and public speaking
is sort of unnerving.
Israel is quite a powerful individual,
he knew what to ask,
kept me going,
and it turned out to be a really fascinating experience!

We talked about matrixing,
how it got started,
moved into various things in the martial arts,
and by the time the show was over
I felt really comfortable.

most important,
I learned.
I learned a lot.

If you want to hear the show,
it is episode 67,
and the URL is

If you like it,
make sure you shoot Israel an email and let him know.
and not to forget,
Bob Choate came on,
and that was a blast.
He was ordering Matrixing courses
right after I put monster together,
an early matrixing student,
and we had talked by email over the years.
It was a real joy to finally be able to talk to him person to person.

that’s the Martial Arts Power Hour,
done by Israel Velez.

if that isn’t enough,
I was asked to do a book signing.
This was mostly for my novels,
but that was a real learning experience, too.

Like I say,
I haven’t done much public speaking,
and I spend most of my time
isolated in the clouds of Monkeyland,
but it was really incredible
to talk to people,
to have to explain my books,
to hear what they had to say about my books.
Really interesting.

So I am going to have to push myself on this
and get better at public speaking,
interviews and so on.

If I’m going to be interviewed,
I have to do my best
not to let people down.
I have to present matrixing in a good light,
and novels would definitely get me good exposure.
it’s interesting times,
and thank god for the martial arts.

when some novel reader asks me a question,
one I never thought of,
one that requires a precision answer
with no bushwah,
the martial arts enables me to face those people,
to grin even in uncomfortable situations,
and to stand my ground.

When some fellow asks me a question on the radio,
I have to,
stand my ground,
go mushin no shin,
get right in the moment,
allow no distractions,
and have a good time with that fellow.

I know you know what I am saying.
When you bow and face your opponent on the mat,
it teaches you to bow and face
in life.
When somebody is upset at you,
you stay calm,
the lessons of the mat stay with you.
When the boss gets pointed in his instructions,
the martial arts enables you to face him,
give him the right answer,
and do your job without being distracted.

So think about it.
Never look away from a problem or person.
Don’t flinch.
Don’t duck or avoid,
and treat that problem or person
just like you would treat somebody on the mat.
Accept the attack,
block it,
or divert it or whatever,
and move forward with your own initiative.

It’s funny,
people think martial arts is nothing but fighting.
But fighting is the last thing it is about.
It is not about fighting,
but how to stand your ground in life
and handle everything without fighting.
The guy who gets in a fight
has already lost.
That is something that real martial artists know.

When I was getting interviewed,
right towards the end,
we were talking about the best martial artist in the world.
It’s an interesting back and forth we had,
I think you will really enjoy it,
but it made me think of something.

As martial artists we tend to judge ourselves by freestyle,
by winning fights.
in the end,
in the final analysis,
the real martial artist knows it is not the fights we get into,
but the fights we avoid
that make us who we are,
that we should be judged by.

was Myamoto Musashi the greatest fighter?
Got in 60 fights and never lost one?
Or is the guy who went through life
meeting incredibly difficult situations,
and didn’t get in any fights…
is he actually a better martial artist?
It’s something to think about, eh?
Sort of an upside down statistic,
if you get what I mean.

I recommend checking out
The Martial Arts Power hour
with Israel Velez.
Episode 67 is me,
and it gave me a lot of stuff to think about.
I just need to get better.
I don’t want to let anybody down in spreading this matrixing thing.
The Martial Arts really needs
this comprehensive logic,
so I have to come through.
It’s a fight I have to win.

you guys and gals,
it’s summer,
plan out your work outs,
make a plan,
set a goal,
and make it happen this summer.

The summer of 2014.
The summerm that you get where you’re going.
Nice sound to that, eh?

Have a great work out!

If you need a little help getting stronger,
rehabilitating an injury,
beating encroaching old age,
try this…

It is a REALLY nifty
Martial Arts way
of doing Yoga.
Will really help you focus your awareness.

Thanks again,
Israel and Bob.

The Karate Gi that Wouldn’t Smell

Karate Gi…and How Clothes Make the Man

I put on my first gi back in 1967. It was pretty cool, my school had actually found a company that could supply us regularly. Very difficult to find sometimes, back then. We didn’t mind the $15 we had to pay.

It was yellowish, too short, looked ridiculous, but I found something interesting: it taught you how to focus. When you punched right it ‘popped!’

So I made everything I did pop, every kind of kick and punch and even block that I could…I popped.

I bought my first Tokaido, and it was a day in heaven. I’m not a clothes hound, but when I stepped on to the mat in that Tokaido, I felt…BIG!

And, my techniques were better. It took more power to pop, the material was thicker.

Of course, I had to buy the Tokaido, I had been made into an instructor, and I was told to look the part, or else!

I wore that uniform til it literally disintegrated. I went through the ‘don’t wash’ period, for a couple of weeks. Then the smell made me realize that I wanted to wash it, and I used to wash it and press it and fold it with absolute devotion and respect.

Yet I knew, always, that it was always in my mind. It was my uniform, my way of ‘preparing’ for my mock combat, my lessons in mortality and immortality.

Don’t want to wear one? That’s cool. Choice.

But look inside the uniform first, look under the skin. Check out to see whether you have the requisite pride, and in the proper degree and form, before you hold them in disregard.

As for me, they’ll have to pry my gi from my cold, dead…body.

Have a great work out! Al from monstermartialarts.

Don’t forget to check out the new Kenpo Karate Instruction Manual!

Releasing The Ultimate Karate Encyclopedia

Massive Karate Encyclopedia!

Hi Guys, I have released ‘The Ultimate Karate Encyclopedia.’

I began Martial Arts in 1967. I studied every martial art I could, became a writer for the mags, had my own column in Inside Karate, and over these years (nearly fifty now) I kept notes, compiled books, researched systems, and so on.

One of the things I did was go through an evolution of Karate. This included five specific martial arts, which are presented in the following five volumes.

Pan Gai Noon ~ From Kung Fu to Karate (Volume One)
Kang Duk Won ~ The Korean Contribution (Volume Two)
Kwon Bup ~ American Power (Volume Three)
Outlaw Karate ~ Secret of the One Year Black Belt
Buddha Crane Karate ~ The Birth of Matrixing.

During this time I experienced a variety of writing and graphic styles.

I actually began my first books when black and white photos were cheap, and I cut the photos out and pasted them by hand.

In Buddha Crane I used an Appleworks software program, which mean that I drew hundreds of figures using nothing more than lines and arcs.

And I traveled through a progression of Poser programs.

This will give each volume a distinctive, and sometimes historical flavor.

And, to be honest, a sometimes messy flavor. Sorry about that, but that’s history.

Martial Arts wise, I didn’t study those arts in that specific format. I studied them haphazardly, then put them together so that they made sense.

You will have seen some of the work in some booklets I published many years ago, but not too much. Most of this stuff has either been available only in PDF, and usually is bundled into one of the courses I sell at MonsterMartialArts(dot)com.

You will find that the material does progress nicely through form and technique, presenting an fairly accurate evolution of form and technique. It starts out with Kung Fu inspired Karate, and travels all the way through to Matrixing concepts.

When you look at the books, choose wisely. If you are a long time practitioner of Karate, for instance, you might find the Kang Duk Won interesting, but, then again, you might have done enough that it isn’t.

That all said, I recommend starting with Pan Gai Noon and moving forward. It is a solid start, and as you go through the books – and I expect you to do, not just read – you will find yourself evolving with the art, and understanding MUCH more about the martial arts.

And, I want to caution you, this is not an encyclopedia of form and technique. It is NOT, except where VERY pertinent, a bunch of talk.

As I said, five volumes, and taken together there are 820 pages, 79,000 words, and 1,618 graphics.

That’s a lot of writing, and a lot of information, and should keep you busy for a while.

You’ll have to look the volumes up separately on Amazon, I don’t have a central page for them all yet. Type in the name of the book + Al Case. For instance ‘Pan Gai Noon Al Case.’

That should work.

Have a great work out!
Al Case

Publication of a Crucial Matrixing Book

New Book on Matrixing Karate

here’s an interesting bit of information.
There is a brand new (almost)
Al Case Martial Arts book out!

there’s a couple,
and there awill be a couple more,
but I just want to talk about one.

karate training manualI always had a leaning for the logical.
I always wanted things to make sense.
I wanted things to work with no mystery.
That is the spur behind Matrixing.

So odd bits of data,
weird information,
was always biting at me.
How does this fit with that?
How does this work.

In that way I’m pretty much like a lot of people out there,
especially the ones who get intrigued by Matrixing
and why and how it works.

We’re just a brand of people
that want to understand things,
that want a world that makes sense.

Nothing wrong with that.

there is something very good about that.

So the United States gets ‘infected’ by martial mysticism.
and people are intrigued by these zen concepts,
tan tien and wheel kicks,
and it is all based on hard work and mysticism.

Work hard enough,
long enough,
and you will become intuitive in fighting.

It’s a good thing.

I wanted logic,
so I started figuring out Matrixing.

before Matrixing came along
I threw myself into the old ways,
I delved into zen and mystical abilities.
I trusted the legends and rumors.
I searched about as hard as anybody as ever searched.

at a certain point
it all made sense.
It all became matrixed.
No more mystery,
just a hard core science.
You still have to work hard,
but understanding what you were working at
sped everything up tenfold.

right when I was breaking through
I wrote a book called
Buddha Crane Karate.

I had written all the techniques on cards,
figured out Matrix Kung Fu,
was figuring out Matrix Karate,
and I wrote this book,
just as I turned the corner.

So it is a pivotal book,
written right at the turning point.

in this book you’ll see

the circle of blocks that eventually developed
into the matrix of blocks.

how I developed the buddha palm as a split timing sort of thing,
which evolved Karate from a block and counter thing.

the exact thing that mushes data together
and destroys the alphabet of the martial arts

you’ll see my first arguments
as to how and why the martial arts become corrupted.

you’ll see my first thoughts
solving internal energy
which will develop into the book on ‘The Punch.’

you’ll see mention of various arts
and how they contribute to matrixing.

you’ll see my first conclusions regarding
matrixing all the directions of reality.

you’ll see the data concerning how I developed
thousands of techniques from the logical arrangement
of just a few techniques.

You’ll see a lot of things that developed directly into matrixing,
or showed how I did it.

you’ll see how I created and arranged
concepts and motions
to make an entire art.

Ground up,
right from the start,
and in a way so you’ll understand
that I was not throwing away the classical,
but trying to right it.

here’s the thing.
I never offered this book for sale.
I bundled it in with the Create Your Own Art course,
and that because of the way I was using matrixing
to create a new art out of the old.

unless you ordered Create Your Own Art,
you likely haven’t seen this book.

when I bundled it in with the
Create Your Own Art course,
it was digital.
A PDF file on disk.

there’s this thing called ‘createspace,’
and they help you make books.
Real paper books
that are printed on demand.
PODs they are called.

Mind you,
I could never publish it on kindle
because kindle software
just has a tough time translating images.

But Createspace
takes that book
and reproduces everything
exactly as it is written,
no problem.

So I finally get a book published
that I was unable to publish
because of cost
or inadequate technology,
and it is a fair important book.

Here is what one student said about it
several years ago…

Hi Al,
Just writing to tell you how much I liked your Buddha Crane Karate, I would have paid 3x the price just for that one book. ~ Stephen

so the book is available on Createspace.
Here is their address…

It will shortly become available on Amazon,
and you will be able to order it through bookstores
but it will be a week or two before that happens.

Right now,
Createspace is the way to go.

the only other thing I want to say about this is this…

I drew the pictures with an old software program called Appleworks.
The pics are actually lines and arcs,
zillions of them,
and they taught me a lot about art,
about the energy of a body,
about constructing a body from certain viewpoints,
and so on.

I hope that proves of value to you.

let me say it plain,
Happy New Year,
and I hope you want to invest in
Buddha Crane Karate,
and put it in your library.
It is one of the most important matrixing books ever written,
as it does show the actual progression of logic I was going through
at the exact time I was going through it.

Have a great work out!