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A Scary Reason to Study Marine Corps Martial Arts

It couldn’t happen…could it?

Here’s a reason to study MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) that I never thought of.
I like to read conspiracy theories, I actually subscribe to ‘Before It’s News,’ check out people like Alex Jones, and veer my life towards a survivalist bent.

survivalist martial artA friend of mine said, ‘You know, when the bankers destroy the world, you’re going to be fighting the US Marines.’

I blinked.

First off, banksters don’t want to destroy the world, they want to control it. What’s the good in owning something that’s all broken?

But, that said, one of those banksters (I forget which one) actually said, ‘It’s cheaper to kill a million people than control them.’

Double yikes, because the country is owned by the banksters, and you know those guys wouldn’t hesitate to ‘Send in the Marines.’

So the military might actually, in the extreme, in spite of the constitution, be used to ‘put down rebellion,’ ‘control mobs,’ and so on.

And the marines are part of the military, and even if the marines aren’t used against the people other military branches study Marine Corps Martial Arts.

So my wacko friend actually had a point.

Would the marines break the constitution and come to your home town and kick some serious civilian ass? I really think that’s far fetched, but everybody thought Kent State could never happen, let alone Waco or Ruby Ridge.

So the point is, whether you get into the Marine Corps Martial Arts or not, it might be handy to know what they are, how they work, and so on.

Knowing the fighting style of people that are trained to kill would certsainly jack up your current martial art.

Anyway, you never can tell when that cop who’s got rhoid rage has been militarily trained, and maybe in MCMAP. That security ‘expert,’ fresh out of the USMC and highly excitable, pushing people around at the sports event, he might have been trained in MCMAP.

Mind you, I don’t think the marines are our enemy, else I never would have written the Fixing MCMAP book. But it behooves you, in this odd and changing world, to know all the fighting skills you can, and especially if they might be the discipline that is used against you in dire circumstances.

Check out ‘Fixing MCMAP’ at, or just go straight to Amazon.

What a Platoon of Taliban Did to a Lone Marine…

Atrocities Committed on a Lone Marine by the Taliban…

survivalist martial artA platoon of Taliban were on patrol one day, when they spotted a lone marine standing on a large boulder.

“Quick!” shouted Mohammad to two of his jihadists, “There’s only one devil dog, so go kill him!”
The two soldiers ran for the boulder, yelling threats and shooting their rifles in the air.
The marine jumped off the boulder and disappeared from view.
The two Taliban ran behind the boulder, and suddenly the air was filled with screams and gunfire. Then there was silence.
“You five,” commanded Mohammad, “Go find out what happened!”
The five Taliban ran to the boulder, yelling that God was with them and shooting their rifles in the air. They circled behind the boulder, and suddenly the air was filled with screams and gunfire. Then there was silence.
Mohammad turned to the rest of his command and screamed, “Go find out what happened!”
The Jihadists all yelled that they were ready to go to Paradise and shot their rifles in the air and charged the boulder. They ran around behind the boulder, and suddenly the air was filled with screams and gunfire.Then there was silence.
Mohammad pulled out his radio and started to call for more troops when a lone Taliiban soldier crawled out from behind the boulder. He was beaten half to death, bayoneted several times, had many bullet wounds, and was near death, but he managed to call out to Mohammad… “There were two of them!”

Okay, no booing, this is a good one. And if you want to find out why the marines are so tough, maybe even try to be tough like them yourself,  then head over to ‘Fixing MCMAP.’


Is a Shotgun good for Self Defense?

Is the Shotgun a Good Martial Arts Weapon?

Speaking of shotguns and self defense, let me say, at the outset, that no muggers were harmed in the making of this blog.

survivalist martial artAnd, to be perfectly clear, the few ‘real’ experiments were conducted on a cow.

And, just so PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) won’t get their skirts in an uproar, I actually had to shoot the cow to save its life.

We have a cattle guard at our ranch, a row of pipes which stops cows from crossing into areas which might be hazardous to their health (freeways), and one of the cows was jumping the cattle guard. If the cow misstepped it would have slipped a leg into the guard, which leg probably would have broken, and we would have had to shoot the animal. So I was saving the cow’s life by shooting it with a shot gun.

And, I only shot it in the butt. And only after one of the old farmers around here assured me that bossy wasn’t going to suffer damage.

Okay, all that disclaimer stuff aside.

I drove up to the gate where Red (our name for Bossy) was getting ready for a leap. I unlimbered the shot gun, and from fifty feet away I spanked her.

She jumped, bellowed at me, and ran away. And thus her life was saved.

And I started wondering about the spread of the shotgun.

A handgun is basically a 12 foot weapon. Past 12 feet people, unless they are severely trained, will miss.

A shot gun, everybody thinks, is unmissable at that distance.

What makes a shotgun hit at that distance is the fact that you have two hands on it, and it is cumbersome, and you have to steady it to shoot it in the first place.

But I would say that by 20 feet the shot gun, in the hands of the untrained, is still going to miss.

At 12 feet the shot spreads out to about 6 inches, give or take.

At 20 feet it spreads to maybe 15 inches, give or take.

At 50 feet, which is the distance I plastered old bossy at, the shot pattern was more’n a couple of feet wide.

So if you shoot somebody at 50 feet the shot will spread out and you’ll only hit them with a couple of shot.

And these figures I give you are only estimates, will vary from shotgun to shotgun, and so on.

But the point is that at 50 feet bossy only got hit by 2 or 3 shot, little pebbles, and a lot of the zip had gone out of those shot by that time.

So she was spanked, no holes in that tough, old hide.

But, let’s talk about humans.

At 50 feet a human might absorb a few pellets, and that human better hie themselves on down to the local get well station. Especially if the pellets hit tender areas. Eyes, groin, whatever.

So how good is a shotgun for self defense?

12 to 15 feet you’re gonna kill the crap out of somebody if you actually hit them.

Past that you have lessening consequences.

So why are people so afraid of shotguns? Because when they see the damage a shotgun can do at 12 or 15 feet they are dumbstruck.

You don’t leave a polite hole in a door, you blow the doorknob off, or the hinges, and the door slams back, or, at worst, you have a six inch hole in the door.

Imagine that on a human body.


Now, because of the spread of the shot, it is an excellent hunting weapon.

Because of human psyche, it is an excellent mob buster.

And, in close quarter work, saw that barrel off, which is highly illegal and could get you arrested and I don’t recommend, and…and you don’t get that much difference.

The importance of a sawed off shotgun is not that it is so much more deadly – the shot spreads a bit more, has slightly less range – but that it is easier to handle.

Have you ever seen ‘Wanted Dead or Alive?’ With Steve McQueen as Josh Randall? It’s not that he blows bad guys into tarnation sized smithereens, but that he is so quick to whip it around and get it into action. Can’t do that with grandpa’s old greener.

Anyway, I assure you that old bossy is still alive and giving milk. Also, feel free to argue with my conjectures regarding spread and distance and all that. My experiments were VERY unscientific, and there’s nothing wrong with feeding me some good, old fashioned scientific data.

Past that, whether you see fit to walk down the street with a shot gun for self defense is up to you, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I would recommend a good course in the martial arts. That and some of that uncommon common sense.

About the author: Al Case has been doing martial arts for 50 years. He is the author of Fixing MCMAP, which analyzes the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and offers some very interesting and effective changes.

Where Do You Go to Find the Best Martial Arts

Your Best Martial Arts for Dedicated Survival…

The Best Martial Arts. Let’s see, a McDOJO with lots of karate trophies, an MMA training camp for the UFC, a traditional Karate school, a…none of the above.

survivalist martial artIf you want to find the best martial arts you have to look for the people who would be using them i the most dangerous situations. And that wold be the marines.

I know, the marines mostly use rifles, but their MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) has as its motto, ‘One Mind, Any Weapon.

They train in a variety of weapons, in a variety of situations (from kill the sucker to simple restraint), and they are more serious than the guy down the street who is enrolling students.

Further, you won’t find a surplus of padding to fool the senses, you won’t be next to a ten year old child, you don’t have to worry about your mother crying if you go home with a boo boo.

What you will find, in the extreme, how to kill somebody as quickly and efficiently as you can with anything near to hand, or just with your bare hands. And, in the less than extreme, nifty joint locks and such for controlling the unruly without sending them to the undertaker.

Now, that said, there are a few things that can be (look over my shoulder in trepidation) fixed. Whew! nobody heard me, so I’ll say it again. There are a few things that can be set right with the program.

The strikes are more boxing, and don’t utilize certain body mechanics, and lead to effortless power. The grab arts are a bit out of order, and don’t take into account certain potentials, freestyle needs a more gradient approach, there is some confusion as to the relationship of empty hand fighting methods versus fighting methods using weapons. And so on.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t make the marines fighting system bad. It just means there are a few things you can do to tweak if for more understanding, faster learning, and so on.

Now, this is what you do. You google the marines fighting system, MCMAP, Marine Corps Martial Arts PRogram, etc., and download it for free.

Yep. Free. Don’t you love the sound of that word?

Then you order ‘Fixing MCMAP,’ by Al Case. And you pay for it…Boo Al! Oh, it’s not too expensive? Okay. No boo. Just a shrug and don’t go to McDonald’s this afternoon. Better to learn the most efficient way of tweaking the most dangerous martial art in all the military, which means probably the world.

Then you go through the manuals, side by side. See what he’s talking about, do the system with a few tweaks, and, voila, you are deadlier than a marine with foot fungus!

okay, just joking. You won’t get foot fungus. But you WILL get a state of the art, modern, tak it to the death martial arts system that is supported by the few, the proud…the marines.

Here’s the URL for Fixing MCMAP. For googling the official MCMAP manuals from the marines you’re on your own.

Have a great work out!

A True Survivalist Martial Art

This is the Martial Art that Survives

I read the so called martial arts that survivalists put forth, and I have to chuckle. Mostly, they are garbage.

survivalist martial artSuper spy pens that will kill people.

15 ‘Fight Enders.’

But the real truth is that if you want to survive you have to train for it. You have to get the discipline, get the conditioning, and teach yourself a real martial arts.

A real martial art that has been designed by warriors for warriors.

Not an art designed for children.

The United States Marines designed a good martial art. Those guys train themselves to kill. They are dedicated to the mission to stay alive.

So learning the martial art that they practice is a step towards serious survival.

Their art is called MCMAP. You can get if for free on the net if you look around.

There is one problem with it, however. It is designed for boots. For guys who don’t know how to fight, Some of the training methods are simple, for large numbers of people who can’t always count.

So I wrote ‘Fixing MCMAP.’

MCMAP means Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.

Fixing MCMAP fixes all the mistakes the military made, and changes their not bad martial art into a true martial art.

It aligns the training, takes out confusions between empty hand fighting and weapons fighting, puts the science of hte martial arts into the training drills, gives a series of freestye drills so that the individual can REALLY learn how to fight.

And how to survive.

Check out ‘Fixing MCMAP,’ at

Girl Karate Kicks Guy in the Nads!

Revenge of the Karate Ball Kickers!

I had been learning karate for a few months, and one day a girl showed up.
Okay, that’s fine with me. This was back in the sixties, it was the stone age of Karate in America, and a time of serious bra burning.
So this girl matches up, and the first thing she does is kick a guy between the legs.
That’s cool. Except it was a little hard.
Guy fell over, turned white. He was wearing a cup, but it still hurt. I mean, she really kicked hard.
So, next time she matches up, first technique out of the shoot, she kicks her partner in the groin.
girl karate training manualHe falls over, turns white. She bows back and waits patiently, and there is no expression on her face.
And, a third guy falls, and the rest of us got it.
For several matches we dodged, backed up, tried to avoid her lightening kick.
Some of us made it, and some of us didn’t.
Then, an interesting thing happened.
One of the guys kicked back.
Right between the legs.
I know, girls don’t have anything, right?
But doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. We are talking about a sensitive area.
And, suddenly, it was open season.
Snap kick! Kiai!
And that poor girl didn’t know what hit her.
She had to have gone home bruised and sore.
She didn’t cry, but she suddenly learned a lesson.
Be gentle.
Later classes she was. Got to be real fun to fight with her.
And, what is the lesson here?
Use your weapons gently.

If you want to learn world class karate, real karate that only hurts if you want it to, then head over to Girls or guys, you’re going to have a ball!

Rufus T. Wishbone Karate

Rufus NEEDS Karate!

Had a letter from Rufus T. Wishbone today,
thought I’d share it with you.

Hi Al,
Rufus here,
got a question fer ya.
The other day I worked all day
drinkin’ with the boys, ya know,
and I get home
and there ain’t nothin on the table.
My wife is just settin’ thar
smokin’ a ceegar and jabbin’ in a jar of pickles with a fork.
So I places my hands on the table
and I lean forward
and I say,
“Woman, whar’s dinner?”

Well, quick as a hound dog drools,
she spiked my hand to the table with the pickle fork,
and then,
while i was howlin’ and tryin’ to get my hand free
she grabs a holt of that two by four I have leaning next to the door,
the one I use to bar the door when the wind blows hard
so’s the door won’t bang around like granny’s false teeth
And she smacks me up side the head with it.

i tells ya, Al
the only thing that stopped my butt from hittin’ the floor
was my hand being pegged to the table.

And then this woman of mine told me to fix dinner myself!

So my question is this:
How can I use Karate to help my wife see the light
and be the good sorta wife she oughta be?

Thanks, Rufus,
I appreciate your situation.
Before I can answer
and give you good advice
I have to ask a couple of questions.

Did your wife lift up the fork and stab down?
Or did she just reach and stab without wasted motion?
And, when she swung the two by door
did she have her elbows slightly bent?
Did she put her hips into the swing?

Excuse my having to ask these questions,
but I have to know before dispensing advice.
After all,
blinding steel will give the knowledge
how to use anything as a weapon,
even a pickle fork,
and the master instructor course
will tell how to make ANY technique perfect,
but I don’t know which one to recommend
until I have the answer to these questions.

and I wouldn’t recommend Karate for you
at this time.
I would suggest a little Yogata,
you need to rehabilitate and repair your body
before doing the martial arts.

Blinding Steel for weapons
Master Instructor course for perfect technique
Yogata to repair the body

And lay off that pickle juice if you are short tempered!

You guys and gals have a fantastic day,
make all the money you can,
and have a great work out.


The Scale of Martial Understanding

A Way to Gauge your True Martial Understanding

I’ve been watching people,
especially those in the martial arts,
and I came up with a bunch of scales.
they describe a progression of person
as they travel through the martial arts.
It’s pretty interesting,
here’s the first one which I call…

The Scale of Martial Arts Understanding.

There are five levels on this scale,
let’s start with the lowest one.

the lowest ‘rank’ on the martial arts scale
is the fellow or gal who think
‘their system is the only one.’

This is really sort of an insane belief.
It means the person has stopped thinking and analyzing
and takes whatever his teacher says as gospel.

The next highest rank on this martial arts scale
is the fellow or gal who learn
through monkey see monkey do.
They mimic,
and they don’t gain any real understanding
of what they are trying to do.
They do what they are told with blind trust
and never get into right and wrong,
or in the case of the martial arts,
what works and what doesn’t…and why.

The next highest in this martial arts ranking
is the fellow who has ‘scientific reasons’
for what he is doing.
It is good that he has reasons,
most reasons taught these days are wrong.

For instance,
the fellow who builds a scientific structure
based upon western science.
But western science has never defined chi,
so at best it is an incomplete science,
the truth,
at worst,
it is a wrong science.

the low end of this ‘scientific reasoning’ thing
is usually internet scams,
the martial arts repackaged
with pseudo scientific names.
Cybernetic Fight Enders,
or some other mental bushwah label.
People in this realm
usually talk a lot of psychology,
which is silly.
Psychology has no scientific principles.
At all.
Go on and look.
You will find people selling fad style self help books,
and no scientific proof.

the next level up,
the fourth level in this scale of martial understanding
is people who know more than one art.
The fact is that when one has learned
two or more arts
they tend to compare and contrast,
and this gives them perspective.
This undoes things like monkey see monkey do,
and even some of the pop psychology bushwah.
It is hard to hold a truth in one art,
when that truth doesn’t hold true in another art.

The problem here is that studies of multiple arts
can take immense amounts of time.

The fifth and highest level of martial understanding
is the person who understands matrixing.

Matrixing is not an art,
but a logic used to understand art.
a person finds the real reasons
behind a technique, a form, a whole art.
Matrixing outlines the truth,
regardless of which art it is applied to,
and the result is a person who understands.

So the scale, bottom to top, looks like this.

Knowledge of multiple Arts
Scientific Reasoning
Monkey See Monkey Do
My Art is best

I’ll present more things like this in the future,
they tend to help people understand where they are,
and what they have to do,
to become better martial artists.
but I thought this one a good one to start with.

That said,
there are two things I want you to understand.

The first thing you need to understand…
where are you on the scale?

Finding yourself,
here is your next step…

If you think your art is best,
you should change instructors,
search out a school which is more tolerant,
which allows for you to actually educate yourself.

If you are learning
Monkey See Monkey Do,
then you should educate yourself.
Start reading everything you can,
get together with friends,
begin the compare and contrast method
and become more knowledgable.

If you are guilty of scientific reasoning,
you need to open your mind,
get some courses on matixing,
especially the master instructor course,
where you learn the real reasons
behind blocking and striking,
and all the moves of the martial arts,
you learn how to make your form perfect,
and how to make any technique work.
you need to start learning more martial arts.
There are courses on Shaolin,
Tai Chi Chuan,
various styles of karate,
and so on

if you already know multiple martial arts,
well done.
Now you need to learn matrixing
so you can put them all together
and learn how they fit together,
how they are actually all parts
of one true martial art.

if you have already started matrixing,
you need to take the next step,
you need to look into neutronics.
(Neutronics would be the 6th level on the scale.)
You need to learn
the reasons behind the reasons
for the whole martial arts.
only in this way can you complete your education,
and understand the exact method by which
the martial arts work
to liberate and enlighten
all who study the truth of them.

the second thing you need to understand
about this scale of martial arts understanding…
this is a hard one for some people to understand,
it tends to make them think I am being arrogant,
or putting them or their art down,
but it is this:

if you haven’t been studying matrixing,
then you haven’t really been studying the martial arts.

You may have been learning how to hurt people,
or perhaps you have been getting a little art,
but you haven’t been getting the whole thing,
the real truth of the thing.

this is what happens in the martial arts….

You train the body,
the training provides a discipline to put aside the mind.
When you put aside the mind
you are left with the truth of yourself,
that you are an ‘I am.’
You are a single piece of awareness,
and this universe is your creation.

Oinkley doggie.

nuff said,
make sure you check out the Master Instructor course,

or whatever course is right
for your moving up the scale
of martial arts understanding.

Have the best work out in the world!



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Karate, Kung Fu and Aikido Against Voodoo Martial Arts

 Martial Arts: a Destructive Method as Opposed to a Real Method

What you are really trying to do, in martial arts such as Karate and Aikido, and the various types of Kung Fu, is to increase observation while decreasing distance. This is not an exactitude of martial arts practice, but it is the accurate analysis of what we are trying to do.

So you have a beginning martial arts student from one of these classical disciplines, and you launch a slow attack from six feet away. And, as a the months go on, you speed up the attack, and the student gets better and better, faster and faster, and once he reaches a certain point of comfort – that it is comfort is very important, you shorten the distance.

So you launch the attack from three feet away, and you do it slowly, and again, you speed it up over the months. The student gets ‘comfortable’ – remember that word – and you shorten the distance again.

And, you keep shortening the distances until the student is able to stand and observe, not flinch back, and see what is happening, and he is simply becoming more aware.

It’s funny, the martial arts, such as aikido, kung fu, karate, especially the classical ones, are one of the few methods for increasing awareness on this planet. Things like school actually decrease awareness. They jam facts and figures into the head, and it is a rare student, probably a non-existent student, who comes out smarter than when he went in.

But that’s because education doesn’t deal in the real world, except for the sciences, which most people shy away from, and which schools, to remain viable, allow them to. Poor, little darlings (keep writing the check Mommie!)  we’ll get them through something tough, like music appreciation.

Anyway, sorry for that aside, but it is important that you understand the importance of the martial arts on this planet and in your life, so let’s get back to time and distance and awareness.

Awareness is how much of the world you see. And in the martial arts you present a motion, make the student look at it until he is comfortable, then cut the time and make him see more. Cutting the time will enable him to see more.

Now, here is the trick, some of the more modern martial arts, arts based on reality training and so forth, don’t take the time to go through this method, or any other similar working method for increasing awareness.

What they do is increase reaction time.

Now, the student may become more aware in a certain realm, but it is out of his control, he is not able to summon awareness at will, and his body and senses are at risk.

It is the procedure of going to war and depending upon the fact that you are in deathly danger to raise your awareness. It is not a tried and true and scientific method.

It works, but how are you going to teach it without hurting people?

And this method, of forcing increased awareness, of a sort that can be erroneously compared to a real discipline, by putting people in harm’s way usually relies on such terms ‘adrenaline dumping,’ or builds a terminology that is scientific in nature, but psychological in fact. And, the sad thing, psychology is not a science, but merely a voodoo accumulation of whimsical tricks and that sometimes work, if you blunder along long enough. The simple fact of the matter is that psychology, while it has enabled some people under mental stress to go on with their lives, it has never gotten to the bottom of why they weere under stress int he first place, except in the most superficial manner, i.e., some bizarre explanation of wanting to have sex with their mother or father, it’s some one else’s fault, and so on.

The real key here is in the concept of ‘comfort’ under stress.

If your martial art, if  your karate or aikido or kung fu, or even your eclectic discipline, is causing you to relax, to be ‘comfortable,’ when the fist flies towards your face, it is a true art.

And, if you are relying on adrenaline dumping, or touting the fact that you must, simply must try it all out in reality, in a real situation or real fight, to make sure it works, then you are practicing one more savage method, thought up by savages, to retain their savagery.

Savage methods, voodoo training theory, they are a poor excuse for increasing awareness by relaxing, for seeing more of the world simply by applying yourself and making yourself grow through hard work and forcing yourself, I say ‘forcing yourself,’ to see more of the world by learning how to relax under stress.

While the martial arts theory  presented here is pure, it is not practical to apply except in specific exercises; the process of matrixing is the accumulation of many of these specific, and scientific, methods. Further, by being an actual science, and by addressing the actual fact of increasing awareness through such theory as described above, matrixing increases speed of learning by up to ten times, and this in ANY martial art, be it karate, kung fu, aikido, or whatever.

You can find specific Matrix theory and methods at Monster Martial Arts. This includes exact matrixing courses such as Matrix Karate, Matrix Kung Fu, Matrix Aikido, Matrixing weapons, and so on.


What Really Happens When You Hit Somebody

Newsletter 699
The Science Fiction of Hitting People

Good morning!
newsletter 699!
That’s almost 700 times
I’ve told you to workout!
it’s an advice
that is worth the repetition.

Okay, I was reading a collection of sic fi shorts one day,
this was when I was a teenager,
long time ago,
and one story really hit me.

A space ranger has followed a criminal
to a small planet.
There’s nothing on the planet,
more like a large asteroid,
just all bare,
with a couple of boulders here and there.

So the space ranger and the criminal
they get in this gun fight.
And they are shooting away,
and suddenly,
a bullet hits the rock
right next to the ranger.

He spins around,
thinks somebody is behind him.
But there’s nobody,
and then he realizes what has happened.

He shot at the criminal, and missed,
and the bullet went all the way around the planet,
and almost hit him.

The gravity of the planet is just enough,
that bullets don’t fall,
they go into orbit at three feet off the ground,
and they take three or four seconds
to go around the whole planet.

he’s got one bullet left,
and the criminal knows it,
so he tries a desperate gamble.
He lines up the boulders
he and the criminal are hiding behind,
and shoots directly away from the criminal,
not towards the criminal,
but directly away.

The criminal hears the last shot,
it doesn’t come anywhere near him
and he jumps to his feet to charge,
and the bullet hits him right smack square in the back.
It had traveled around the planet.

what does this fantastic tale
have to do with the martial arts?

I realized,
as soon as I read that story,
what it meant.
It meant that if you do something bad,
it will travel all the way around the universe,
and hit you right in the middle of the back.

What goes around comes around.

The thing is this:
You create your life.
If you treat people meanly,
then you will be treated meanly.
If you treat people fairly,
people will treat you fairly.

Those guys who worked in concentration camps?
They may not know why their lives suck,
this lifetime,
but it is their own doing.

And that guy who lives fat and sassy?
He treats people fairly,
makes sure he pays his workers enough.

Want to know something funny?
I knew this girl who ran a big company.
and the company was a big, fat, rich success.
And I asked her daughter once,
what her mother’s biggest problem
in running this company.

You’d think it would be people who quit,
arguments in the mail room,
a fight or affair,
or something like that.

Her biggest problem was remembering when birthdays were.
She was always checking her books,
making sure she didn’t forget a birthday,
a chance to send flowers,
a walk down to shipping and a pat on the back
for a job well done…
and what could she do for her worker?

Do you see how it works?
And it starts with the martial arts.
You learn to fight,
and start choosing not to fight,
and you become aware of compassion,
and the chance to treat people right.

And what’s the alternative?
Being mean.
Treating people badly,
and then wondering why you are always having problems,
its almost like somebody was shooting you in the back.

Don’t turn around, man.
Just look in a mirror.

Oinkley donkey.
I need you to check out this page…

You’ve been good,
so it is time to reap the rewards.
Good health,
freedom from injury,
best warm up or cool down
in the existence of the martial arts,
in the history of man,
in the history of warm ups and cool down.

past that,
have a great workout!