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What a Platoon of Taliban Did to a Lone Marine…

Atrocities Committed on a Lone Marine by the Taliban…

survivalist martial artA platoon of Taliban were on patrol one day, when they spotted a lone marine standing on a large boulder.

“Quick!” shouted Mohammad to two of his jihadists, “There’s only one devil dog, so go kill him!”
The two soldiers ran for the boulder, yelling threats and shooting their rifles in the air.
The marine jumped off the boulder and disappeared from view.
The two Taliban ran behind the boulder, and suddenly the air was filled with screams and gunfire. Then there was silence.
“You five,” commanded Mohammad, “Go find out what happened!”
The five Taliban ran to the boulder, yelling that God was with them and shooting their rifles in the air. They circled behind the boulder, and suddenly the air was filled with screams and gunfire. Then there was silence.
Mohammad turned to the rest of his command and screamed, “Go find out what happened!”
The Jihadists all yelled that they were ready to go to Paradise and shot their rifles in the air and charged the boulder. They ran around behind the boulder, and suddenly the air was filled with screams and gunfire.Then there was silence.
Mohammad pulled out his radio and started to call for more troops when a lone Taliiban soldier crawled out from behind the boulder. He was beaten half to death, bayoneted several times, had many bullet wounds, and was near death, but he managed to call out to Mohammad… “There were two of them!”

Okay, no booing, this is a good one. And if you want to find out why the marines are so tough, maybe even try to be tough like them yourself,  then head over to ‘Fixing MCMAP.’


Why I Chose MCMAP…

MCMAP is for People Who Want to Kill

The reason I chose the marines (MCMAP – Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) to pick on for my latest martial arts book is interesting.

survivalist martial artFirst, the Marine Corps isn’t a McDojo with trophies in their window, they are men dedicated to killing.

Second, on inspecting MCMAP I could see that they had fallen into some of the traps Martial Arts systems fall into.

The basic techniques are drawn from boxing, not Karate or kung Fu or some other martial art.

The grab art techniques were out of order, and selected for reasons that go against the grain of self-improvement.

The relationship of techniques was not well addressed.

Don’t get me wrong, the thing works, and well, and especially in view of the fact that they are training a bunch of fellows that are often short a clue.

But it could be better.

It could be a real martial art where people actually suffer enlightenment.

And one of the questions I entertained, as I tweaked and rearranged MCMAP, was whether the marine corps would want enlightened troops.

On one hand, the soldier would be smarter, he would be prone to analyze, and intuitively, any situation.

But would he follow orders and go into the guns of the enemy?

Man, that was the $64,000 question.

And I think the answer would depend on the quality of leadership, and the information passed down to the grunt.

If a fellow went through MCMAP, and did become enlightened, he would have to be educated as to the value of the mission before charging forth. It would take smart leaders to do that, and the mission would have to make sense.

An enlightened man is as willing to put his life on the line as an unenlightened man. Maybe more so.

But he’s not stupid.

The fellows at the Alamo likely knew they would die, and just to buy a little time for their fellow Texicans to make up an army. They made an educated and enlightened decision.

And, should MCMAP take hold and begin transforming today’s modern marines, they would have to make the same enlightened decisions.

And I think the fellows in charge are going to have to be smarter, and communicate in a complete and thorough manner, their mission goals.

Anyway, it is a conjecture, but it is backed up by the fact that armies of the east have engaged in this type of martial arts training for millennium.

You can pick up ‘Fixing MCMAP’ on Amazon, or here…

Guaranteed, whether you are a martial artist or a marine, or a marine to be or whatever, you will find the work scholarly and effective. After all, it is based on the martial arts of a very unique group of killers.

Where Do You Go to Find the Best Martial Arts

Your Best Martial Arts for Dedicated Survival…

The Best Martial Arts. Let’s see, a McDOJO with lots of karate trophies, an MMA training camp for the UFC, a traditional Karate school, a…none of the above.

survivalist martial artIf you want to find the best martial arts you have to look for the people who would be using them i the most dangerous situations. And that wold be the marines.

I know, the marines mostly use rifles, but their MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) has as its motto, ‘One Mind, Any Weapon.

They train in a variety of weapons, in a variety of situations (from kill the sucker to simple restraint), and they are more serious than the guy down the street who is enrolling students.

Further, you won’t find a surplus of padding to fool the senses, you won’t be next to a ten year old child, you don’t have to worry about your mother crying if you go home with a boo boo.

What you will find, in the extreme, how to kill somebody as quickly and efficiently as you can with anything near to hand, or just with your bare hands. And, in the less than extreme, nifty joint locks and such for controlling the unruly without sending them to the undertaker.

Now, that said, there are a few things that can be (look over my shoulder in trepidation) fixed. Whew! nobody heard me, so I’ll say it again. There are a few things that can be set right with the program.

The strikes are more boxing, and don’t utilize certain body mechanics, and lead to effortless power. The grab arts are a bit out of order, and don’t take into account certain potentials, freestyle needs a more gradient approach, there is some confusion as to the relationship of empty hand fighting methods versus fighting methods using weapons. And so on.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t make the marines fighting system bad. It just means there are a few things you can do to tweak if for more understanding, faster learning, and so on.

Now, this is what you do. You google the marines fighting system, MCMAP, Marine Corps Martial Arts PRogram, etc., and download it for free.

Yep. Free. Don’t you love the sound of that word?

Then you order ‘Fixing MCMAP,’ by Al Case. And you pay for it…Boo Al! Oh, it’s not too expensive? Okay. No boo. Just a shrug and don’t go to McDonald’s this afternoon. Better to learn the most efficient way of tweaking the most dangerous martial art in all the military, which means probably the world.

Then you go through the manuals, side by side. See what he’s talking about, do the system with a few tweaks, and, voila, you are deadlier than a marine with foot fungus!

okay, just joking. You won’t get foot fungus. But you WILL get a state of the art, modern, tak it to the death martial arts system that is supported by the few, the proud…the marines.

Here’s the URL for Fixing MCMAP. For googling the official MCMAP manuals from the marines you’re on your own.

Have a great work out!

Publication of ‘Fixing MCMAP!’

Publication of ‘Fixing MCMAP!’

Announcing the release of FIXING MCMAP!
I just finished the two volume set called
Fixing MCMAP
And…since you guys are the newsletter,
I’ll be making a special offer to you
at the bottom of this newsletter.

MCMAP stands for
Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.
It is actually a good program in a lot of ways,
as with any new martial art,
it fell into a lot of the traps
that new martial arts make.
In Fixing MCMAP I fix those problems.

I take out the boxing and put in martial arts drills,
I rearrange the grab arts,
I fix a lot of misconceptions,
present the house forms,
set up a VERY comprehensive format
of freestyle drills,
and a lot more.

here’s the thing,
when I finished the books,
I realized that if I was to be taught the martial arts
from the ground up,
in these modern times,
this is what I would want.
This is the arrangement of drills and techniques
that make the most sense for me.

It’s combat oriented,
it’s got the best and simplest forms,
the techniques are arranged precisely and in order,
it leads to other martial arts,
the freestyle arrangement REALLY makes sense.
that said,
I am curious what the military will think about it.
On one hand,
I have improved things.
On the other hand,
i’ve made hints and statements
that might be taken in opposition to the military interests,
things about the mental attitude of a warrior,
and so on.

I am happy with this work,
very happy,
and I know that even if people disagree with me,
they will be thinking about what I have said.
Who knows,
maybe they will come up with something more effective.

That is matrixing, you know,
understanding the art so that you can create it on the moment.
It doesn’t mean everything will be the same.
I’m very curious as to what kind of variations on my work
people will come up with.
In my ignorant pride I think I’m the best,
you know,
Bruce is just waiting to be born again,
some guy is working on a system that will change the way people think,
and so on.

So…we’ll see.

that said,
right now Fixing MCMAP is the latest and the greatest.
It is cutting martial arts,
and cutting edge military martial arts.

Heck, it is GOOD!

it is a complete system,
but I always tell people that they should get
the original MCMAP,
they can find it on the net for free,
and download it.
then lay that course next to my Fixing MCMAP
and see what shakes loose.

you want a deal.
The deal is that the books will be published paperback
within a couple of days.
They will be $15 a piece,
a total of $30.

for the guys on the newsletter,
Go to this address,

and you can get the download versions
for $20.

you guys know that i make these deals,
leave them up for a week or two,
and then have to take them down.

And I do have to take them down.
When I finish the KINDLE version,
which takes a couple of weeks,
the Kindle people insist that 
I not sell the books in download fashion on the net.
It’s in their rules.

So you have a week or two
to take advantage of this deal.

BTW, the site you are going to is still under construction,
so I am open to any suggestions as to how to better it.

here’s the URL again

So go there,
let me know if anything doesn’t work,
and have yourself a GREAT WORKOUT!