Newsletter 1039

Self Awareness in the Martial Arts

I am speaking of the classical martial arts.

some types of Karate,

some types of kung fu


tai chi…

that sort of thing.

I am not speaking of MMA

and the various arts 

that fall under that umbrella.


there is sport

and there is art.

Sports are when you try to beat somebody

Art is when you try to discipline yourself.

Huge difference there.

Trying to beat somebody doesn’t make you wise

Disciplining yourself makes you wise.


I’ll be in your face with this,

if you don’t understand the difference,

why this is so,

then you’re just going to be pissed off at me if you’re into the sports

And you’ll be a parrot supporting your art if you are classical.


here it is…

what is the difference?

This universe consists of motion.

Objects fly through space.

Go on,

think about it.

cosmic forces impinge on a planet,

a planet forms.

Gravity and such causes compression,

rocks heat up,

heat rises to the surface

a volcano blows up

people run for their lives.

Living in this world

is like living on a game board.


on this game board we call earth

there are humans

and humans have choices

and can even affect the game board.

They can move away from the volcano.

They can dodge meteorites.

They can step out of the way of cars.

Or they can get into the cars and drive through crowds.

All there is in life

is the analyses of the flow of objects


So how do you analyze the flow of objects?

In boxing you hit the bag

and there are drills for bobbing and weaving.

But the point isn’t to analyze the flow of objects.

The intent is to make the body strong

and to create knee jerk reactions.


this is good,

but it does not build the awareness

that will turn into wisdom.

You won’t get wise by being punched,

otherwise we could make Mozarts with clubs.

You won’t get wise unless you pursue awareness.


we come to the martial arts,

and the point I am trying to make here.

Some martial arts,

many martial arts

have gone the way of boxing.

Boxing works, 

after all.

Even though it doesn’t breed wisdom,

or elevate one’s awareness and self awareness.

In the classical martial arts,

the real ones that haven’t fallen to knee jerk training methods,

there is a pursuit of awareness.

There are drills that cause one to become more aware

and more self aware.

Smarter and wiser.


boxing works,

and it can be used to beat people up pretty ruthlessly,

but what good is the ability to beat people up

if you keep walking into the traffic?


let’s delve into this subject of awareness in the martial arts.

There are four methods for enlightenment.




martial arts

One can study scripture

and eventually figure out wisdom.

Very intelligent approach,

but not useful for self defense,

but…enough wisdom and one can see a fight coming

and avoid it.

One can study yoga,

which exercises the body

and holds on still long enough

that he might see the motion within his body

and that tends to bleed over to seeing the motion

outside one’s body.

and hopefully the yoga will see the fight coming

and avoid it.

One can deny the existence of the universe

as a fakir does

until he sees himself

and becomes aware of himself.

Sort of a crazy method,

but it works.

But it is difficult to get punched in the face

and say it didn’t happen.

And then there are the martial arts,

which I will describe in a second,

after I have made a brief summation

of the other three methods for pursuing enlightenment.

A scripturalist

learns ABOUT the motion of the universe

until he becomes aware of potential consequences,

and in this method he is enlightened,

which is to say

he is made self aware.

A yoga

looks at the universe inside his body

until he can see the similarities of motion

between the universe of his body

and the game board universe in which he lives.

A fakir says nothing exists 

denying the universe

until he figures out that he is all that exists.

A martial artist

studies the flow of fists

until he understands that the universe 

is nothing but the flow of objects.

He becomes aware that he cannot see the flow of objects

unless he looks at them,

and he can’t look at them,

unless he looks at himself.

Self awareness.

Of the four methods

the martial arts are the best and the surest.

This is because

reality impinges if he doesn’t look.

How many times have you heard something like this…

‘He tagged you,

better open your eyes.’

Yet most martial arts

have put aside the drills that open the eyes,

and gone the way of such as boxing

with their emphasis on knee jerk reactions.

A knee jerk reaction is a jerk of the body to a threat.

It is not self awareness.

And you have instructors touting muscle memory,

instead of teaching people to ‘open their eye,’

or attain self-awarenes.

And there is just enough truth in muscle memory,

that people think there is more.

You are walking through a dark house

a tap on the shoulder

and you turn around and smack the guy.


Except the guy happened to be your granny

offering you a fresh baked cookie.

That is muscle memory.

You are walking through a dark house

a tap on the shoulder

and you turn and hug your granny,

or smack the guy with the club,

because that is not muscle memory.

That is awareness.

Looking at the flow of objects

on the game board of this universe,

Now analyze force and direction

until you are aware of force and direction

to the point at which you becomes enlightened.

Self aware



if you are still with me,

I have one more point to make.

There are degrees of self awareness,

and these degrees can be arranged in a scale.

A baby walks into walls, falls down.

He isn’t aware of his body much at all.

He/she might be fantastically aware of themselves,

but as the game board of the universe impinges on them

hits them on the nose with enough walls,

awareness of self falls to awareness of hard objects that flow.

A teenager is aware of his body

but not of himself.

He/she is usually out of control

(unless they have VERY enlightened parents)

and deliberately runs into the walls of the universe.

A fellow who has started the martial arts

has taken a step towards self control.

And this is a discipline

and a step towards self awareness.


the state of the martial arts,

the obsession with hitting people for fun

keeps them in a very low state of self awareness

A black belt…in a GOOD art,

an art that is logical and based on physics,

has a greater degree of self control.

He has awareness of himself,

but not to any great degree.

He is a baby in a new universe.

The key here is this:

while there is an art to destruction

the true art lays in control.

A fellow who has mastered a true art,

one based on physics and with the precept just mentioned

is aware of himself to a great degree.

He is somewhat enlightened.

But he is like a teenager in a new universe.

How do you become totally enlightened?

Totally self-aware?

Don’t give in to the games of the universe.

Don’t teach to dominate.

Don’t play politics.


Do study other arts,

and study fields outside the arts

with the intent of developing self awareness within those fields.

Most of all…

teach with the idea of helping others.

And here is the fun fact…

there is no end to developing self awareness,

and that is the True Art.


time for the obligatory ad.

If you do the one simple exercise in the Matrix Karate course

you will be close to, and might even attain, enlightenment.

That is because it puts the observation of the flow of the objects (fists) of the universe

to logic.

That which is logical is ten times easier to learn

ten times faster to absorb.

But here is the cruel trick.

Most people read the drill,

it is called 

‘The Matrix of Blocks,’

and they say,

‘Oh, I’ve done all those blocks.

So I don’t need to.

I understand what he’s saying,

and it’s enough that I’ve read it.’


I am close to saying a dirty word here.

That’s like saying

‘I’ve been in a car,

so I don’t need to know how it works.’


and this is a good one,

‘I’ve seen water,

so I don’t have to take a bath.’

Stupid, eh?

So you have to get the course,



Knowing about it is not enough.

Having a surface knowledge of the basics isn’t enough.

You have to experience the blocks

and how they work together

in the Matrix of Blocks.

Just a few times through,

until you can do them as easy as you count from one to ten,

and then you’ll have it.

But please…

don’t read about it and think you know it.

Don’t be a paper tiger.

Be the real thing.



my HanaKwanMass present to you,

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you may order any other course you wish,

of comparable value.

That’s the Master Instructor course,

the Matrix Aikido course,

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To be specific,

any course that’s $40 or less.

Just make your order,

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And have a great work out!


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