What To Do About the Mixed Martial Arts Bully

There is a unique Mixed Martial Arts Bully. He is the kind of guy who thinks MMA is best, puts people down, and actually starts fights.

So I wrote an article on what, exactly he does, how you can spot him, and what to do about him.

The article is called ‘The Mixed Martial Arts Bully.’

In submitting this article to SooperArticles I wanted to reach a few people. But I always feel guilty if I don’t let people who follow me know when I’ve done something. Everybody has got to stay in the loop, right?

So check out the article, leave comments, give me lots of stars or whatever, and pray that you don’t ever meet a terrorist on an elevator.

About the Author: Al Case has written/produced over forty Martial Arts instruction manuals and produced hundreds of hours of martial arts video instruction. His course on the best, fastest, most efficient way to reach black belt, and in under a year, is called Matrix Karate.

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