Martial Arts Secrets…and People

Newsletter 921

The Martial Art Secret that will Bug You!

I read this other day,
realized it was profound,
that it would bug the stuff out of people
if they knew it.
wanting to bug everybody,
I decided to tell you.
Just remember one thing,
when you’re thinking this over,
in the next few decades,
when you remember it and scrunch up your nose
and lower your brow anew…
it came from …


Got it?
here it is.
A profound stupid item that will,
once you’ve had time to think about it,
get under your skin.

There are three types of people.

Winners make their dreams work
Losers have given up on their dreams
the vast bulk of people…

dreamers walk around dreaming of everything they don’t have…
and never do anything about it.

That’s it.

some of you are going to read this
and profound changes will occur.
You will start doing things differently.
But you were already winners.

Losers probably will never read this,
they’ve already given up,
even if they read it
it would have no impact.

Then there’s…you.

Make a list of the things you dreamed about.
What you wanted to be in life,
what you wanted to accomplish.
Did you do it?
Did you?
Can you change right now?
Interesting question.

There was a congressman
~ this is a true story ~
he spent 30 years in office,
and on the day he left
he was going through his desk
and he found a sheet of paper,
stuck in the back of the drawer,
crumpled up under the weight
of thousands of things shoved in after it.
He unfolded the paper
and saw it was a list of things
he planned to accomplish when in office.
He had written it his first day in office,
stuck it in the drawer,
and here it was,
30 years later,
and he had not accomplished
a single thing on the list.

30 years of votes and elections,
30 years of meeting with leaders,
30 years of being in charge,
and he was a dreamer.
And that’s all.

I’m a martial artist,
I dreamed,
and I became my dreams.
I did this
in spite of the people who said ‘no.’
believe me,
there were plenty of people who offered discouragement.

You’re a martial artist,
or you wouldn’t be reading this.
So here’s the question:

Are you a winner, a loser, or a dreamer?

Are you going to study for a few years,
then quit,
get married and do what you’re told,
let kids take you out of the game,
let a career get in the way?

If you do that then,
in 30 or 40 years
you are going to open that closet,
see the fresh pressed uniform hanging there,
but there won’t be any multi-tipped black belt
looped over the hanger.
You’ll be face to face
with dreams that never happened.
You settled for a life of dreaming,
and even though you fell into a 9 to 5,
worked hard and were faithful,
you’re just a dreamer.

I’ll tell you,
you see that empty uniform
gathering dust and moths
and you’re going to remember this
and it is going to bug the stuff out of you.
All you could have been,
all you could have done,
in an empty uniform.

Or you could do something about it,
get started right now,
and do something.
Write a path,
and force yourself to stick to it
until the dream becomes reality.

Have a great work out!

2 thoughts on “Martial Arts Secrets…and People

  1. DC

    I enjoyed this–and GOT it. I grew up pretty much alone- wanted things. I wanted to own a business out of school- was working on a computer deal to find scholarships for those wanting to go to college- a service that found grants, scholarships. etc. for a flat fee. My mom found out and had the school counselor come tell me “how illegal” that is and I’d go to jail..etc. etc. Let her talk me out of it. 5 years later- I see a guy that did it, and franchised it- then a multi-millionaire. I had a software program on my computer that showed a magazine on screen and when you click it- the pages turned just like reading a real book. I wrote the guy and said “why don’t you put music and sounds or make it so WE can add them as we please”. He wrote me back and said- NOT possible. So- I worked it out and sent him a sample- big mistake- he did it and now the program is all over selling for over $100 and it’s so easy a 3 year old can do it. Missed THAT.
    Later, i wanted to be a bodyguard/secret service guy. Didn’t have the college education required, so I went to bodyguard school. Worked doing that for a bit, got shot and stopped. Wanted to work on a riverboat- got a job doing security on a riverboat- paddle wheeler type. LOVED IT. Two months after starting, they moved it to Mississippi and I didn’t want to go there. Wanted to drive a tow truck- did that- 5th year in got mashed between my tow truck and 9,000 pound SUV I was hooking up when an old lady hit the back of it and knocked it into me. Hurt terribly- lost LOTS of memories (they’re just GONE- like I never lived that time). Took me years to walk normal – or semi-normal again. Started working fro a friend of mine that owns the apartments because I could work and “rest” when I needed. Got into that routine and financially stuck – been stuck since. I realized from your article- I’ve gone from “winner” to dreamer… by laziness of “pain”.
    Time to get up and start over- AGAIN… 🙂 Thanks for the push.

    1. aganzul Post author

      Hey DC, a humble bow to you. Lines up with one of the early lessons I learned (the hard way)…’Never…NEVER…ask permission. Just do it and fuck the consequences.’
      Have a great work out!


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