How to find the Muse in the Martial Arts

Newsletter 853

Finding the Muse in the Martial Arts

Good Friday!
Perfect Weather = Perfect Work Out!

All you have to do is…do it.
what if you don’t want to?
I’ll tell you what to do if that’s the case,
but first…

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what do you do
if you don’t fee like working out.

get up,
go stand in your work out space,
and wait.
That’s all,
you’ll make a half hearted block,
maybe you’ll snort a little,
and the block sort of slips out.

you’ll find yourself doing it again,
but with a little more vim and vigor.

The longer you just stand there,
allowing yourself to be in your workout place,
the work out will hurry towards you.

It’s true.
ST work outs
I EVER had in my life,
I didn’t feel like going to class.
I made myself get up,
forced my body out the door,
dragged it to the car,
and drove to class.

I made myself.

But the fact of conquering myself,
overcoming my sloth,
made me better,
and I found myself suddenly bursting with energy.

It’s funny,
just being in a class
borrows energy from the class,
you always end up with more than you contributed.
It’s true.

here is where we get into the muse.
What is the muse?
It is a spirit,
it’s what inspires and drives you.
Sometimes you drive yourself,
and you are your own muse.
you can actually feel a greater power.
You can feel it like it is a huge hand,
moving you,
shoving you,
making you aware,
giving you more energy than you knew you had.

But you have to work for it.

You have to…

One time I was teaching a fellow.
We were in a large and noisy and dark warehouse.
I was showing him how to swing a sword.
I felt a huge hand grab the bit of metal I was using for a sword.
It moved the sword,
and it was all I could do to push the sword a couple of inches
out of the path.

A fellow was trying to sneak up on,
he actually had the thought,
‘I’m going to get him!’
And then the giant hand,
the muse,
grabbed my sword.

I would have taken out his face,
but I did manage to push against the muse
and change the path of the metal strip,
and I only cut open his chest.
A nasty gash about 3 inches long,
bled like the dickens.

But that is what the muse is!
It is a power.
You get it from yourself,
you get it from class,
you even get it from…
all the people who have put energy into the martial arts
over the course of the ages.

Energy doesn’t disappear,
it builds,
and it can be cultivated and tapped into.

you will find yourself better able to tap into the muse
if your art is scientific and aligned.

Go here,
the book on sword fighting is one of these ten books.

the more you read,
the more you apply what you read,
the more you work out,
the more you discipline yourself,

Have an awesome work out!

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