How Martial Arts Defines the Ethereal Plane

Martial Arts and the Ethereal Plane

Just published an article on Martial Arts and the ethereal plane. Here’s the link:

The Ethereal Plane is that universe which is constructed of Prana, or Chi, or the substance which is the life force of the universe. It is an actual place, but difficult to define, let alone find. Until now.

kenpo karate system training manual

How to analyze and handle Kenpo Karate

In this article, ‘Using Martial Arts to Achieve the Ethereal Plane,’ are given a succinct definition, a reason for why it is so difficult to find the ethereal plane, and instructions for finding it.

This is pretty important stuff because it gives you the real reasons for the martial arts, defines the martial arts as a science, and offers an introductory education to the ethereal plane.

Most people haven’t even heard of the ethereal plane, yet it is the goal of all mankind’s strivings.

BTW, I don’t know if you’re a follower of, but i like it because I get to stop writing in tenth grade and can allow myself the freedom of a higher grade level of expression. I can express myself with large words and intricately crafted sentences, which allows me to be ever so much more discerning and definite.

That said, it’s free to join, hope it’s your cup of tea, and I’ll talk to you later. Here’s the link again…

Have a great day!


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