How to Do the Martial Arts Without a Body

Doing Martial Arts as an Infinite Intelligence

Sounds sort of funny, doing the martial arts as a floating mote of awareness, but that is the subject of the latest paper I uploaded to Academia. Here’s the link:

It is the story of what concepts drove me, enabled me to make it through the insanity and chaos of high school, and to find the Martial Arts.

neutronic martial arts philosophyI have spoken of some of these things before, but just felt like stating things a bit more succinctly.

Just remember, the things i speak of need certain elements.

First, a study of the martial arts to provide discipline.

Second, matrixing those martial arts so that the discipline,a nd the whole art, takes on the form of logic.

Third, everything is described in ethereal detail in my work on Neutronics.

So, there you go, hope you like it, it is at academia at the following link.

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