New Book Solves Basic Algebra!

Newsletter 732
Publication of New Book!

Hi and good morning!
Great morning,
It was made great,
by a REALLY good work out!

basic algebra system

New book on Algebra written by a martial artist!

Okaly dokaly,
published a new book.
it isn’t a martial arts book.
It is a book on algebra.
So if you aren’t interested,
are maybe opposed to higher education (grin)
you can close this email,
we’ll be back to talking martial arts
next newsletter.

for those who are interested,
and especially for those
who are interested
in the thought processes behind Matrixing,
here’s the deal…

I wrote this book when I was developing Matrixng.
It is,
the matrixing of basic algebra.
If you do have any liking for mathematical type subjects,
then this book might prove of interest.

Now matrixing is a science.
I’ve had a few of people blink a bit
at that statement.
Think I’m full of it.
How can a guy who practices punching people
aspire to smart stuff,

my father was an engineer,
made prototypes for a small firm back in the fifties,
you may have heard of it,
he was actually the one who was making the original tape recorders.

and after that,
he had a job working,
again with making prototypes,
at a small company name of…

he had patents,
the Dept of Weights and Standards
actually asked him to design ball bearings for them.
He even had little gizmos that went up into outer space
with the space program.

So my childhood was entertained by a certain type of magazines.

Those of the Popular Mechanics, Scientific American, and so on ilk.
Golf magazines, where they dissected such things as arcs and swings and the turn of the hips and keeping the wrist straight and so on.
He liked gold, you see.
In fact, he was probably the first person in the UnitedStates
to graphite in building golf clubs.
He had access to space age materials,
he liked to golf,
so why not?

that was my childhood,
and when it came time for schooling,
I was tested,
and they wanted me to be an architectural engineer.

But I didn’t care about that stuff!
I just wanted to do Karate!

all that stuff about building bridges,
all the science and mechanics in those magazines,
even and especially the stuff I read in golfing magazines…
it inspired me.

When I was doing Karate I was analyzing the structure of the foot,
why it did what it did.
What was the purpose of the arch,
what was the best angle for foot function.
I was figuring out struts and arches that came from the tan tien.
I wanted to know the physics of the body in motion!

as years and decades passed,
I made my matrixing breakthroughs,
and I finally figured out
that the martial arts
are based on concepts.

when I was making my living one time,
teaching a bunch of sixth graders.
(a LOT harder than digging ditches!)
I Matrixed Algebra,
broke it down to concepts,
and I discovered a couple of things.

you can solve ANY algebra problem
if you understand a simple three step method.

you can teach algebra to ANYBODY
If you ask two simple questions.

Zingo bingo,
algebra was solved.

the funny thing,
when people finally realized what I have done here,
made a method that actually teaches,
solved a whole field of subject with a few questions,
they will actually be angry that I didn’t matrix more subjects.
Matrix Calculus, or trig.

That’t the story behind this book.
It is a chunk of matrixing,
though it has nothing to do with the martial arts,
it will help you do algebra,
or teach your child algebra.

And I have to announce it,
and that’s why I stuck it in here,
a martial arts newsletter.
I am just covering all bases.

Hope it interests you,
that maybe you learned a little something
about this matrixing thing,
and why it is a real science.

That all said,

Here’s the link
to a new site for the book.

if you’re not interested,
thanks for reading anyway,
and let me give you a martial arts deal.

If you want Matrix Combat for only $5.
And then get a two for one special on the matrixing courses,
here’s the link…


So don’t ask if you have already taken advantage of this deal.

We good?
Everything fine?

And have yourself a ginormously great work out!



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