She Needs a Black Belt Before She Goes Out on a Date!

Matrix Martial Arts

Black Belt Girls!

I had a fellow write me the other day, and he told me of a fellow who won’t let his daughter go on a date until she is a black belt in karate. Well, I have to tell you, there is brilliance in this idea. No more rape, because when this girl says no…she means NO!

Don’t you just love it? Little Johnny, eh, Loveherfaster takes daddy’s little girl out on a date. His hands start to wander a bit more than drunk on a foggy night, and, suddenly…bam! Daddy’s little girl uses a little kung fu to knock the sweet living bejesus snot out of our horny, little knucklehead.

kenpo karate training manual 150 Kenpo Techniques matrixed

Now, there is humor here, I know, but there is something else, too. What most people don’t know is that once you get past the violence and fighting in such arts as kenpo…

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