The Best Martial Arts Training Method I Know

The Best Martial Arts Training Method I Know

I was in high school, a place where you really need Good Martial Arts Training, and the science teacher told of this confrontation he had witnessed when he was a kid.

There were two milkmen, one was an oldster, scrawny and shrunken, a real stick, and the other was an 18 year old, brawny and full of himself.

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best martial arts trainingSo the old milkman gets tired of the young milkman’s incessant talk, and he offers a challenge.

Hold a milk container at arm’s length.

I’m not talking about a bottle, but one of those old metal containers that holds gallons.

So the young guy sneers, and he hoists a container. His shoulder is up, his body is bent, but he makes it, and he sweats for about 20 seconds, then lowers it. There!” He says, in satisfaction.

The old guy takes the same container and lifts it out. His body is straight, his arm is out there, and he isn’t sweating. Two minutes later he puts it down.

Years later I would hear kung fu tales of old guys who could do miraculous feats, including stories similar to this one, and I kept thinking about it, and I finally started doing a training based on the milkman story, and things I had heard in the martial arts (pile stancing) method that I feel is the best one out there.

I simply do my form, holding each movement for a minute. Deep stance, arms extended, and practice controlling my breathing, and imagining energy feeding up the legs and into the tan tien and out the arms.

Yes, it is meditation, but not a single pose, rather all the poses.

The trick is to hold your body perfectly still.

To get over the pain, to have even, unlabored breathing, and to watch the world.

Here is the key: to look along the line of your arm, and to make it not shake or move in relation to the world beyond the arm.

For instance, I would look at my hand, align it with a speck on the wall, and allow NO shiver.

It takes time, and it takes dedication, to do this training method. For instance, Pinan one, the first Karate form, will take over 20 minutes to do. And you will go through excessive amounts of pain, and your body is going to be creaking by the time you’re done. And your mind is going to be trying to feed you all sorts of boredom.

But here’s the thing: if you can relax and hold the world still, then your mind will hold still, and then your mind will stop all its chatter about boredom. You will actually hear silence, and in the silence you will find your true self, your true abilities, and the truth of the martial arts.

Don’t believe me? All you have to do is practice a form or two a night for a couple of weeks and you will find yourself TOTALLY changed. This IS the best martial arts training method I know.

One of the hardest forms to do with this method is one of the long Tai Chi Chuan forms. I would suggest you try shorter karate forms first, before trying something like the long Yang Form, but here is the course that has it for those of you who are ready.

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