Where do You Focus Your Eyes in Combat!

Matrix Martial Arts

Eye Placement During Karate Kumite

There is, of course, the simple yet devious concept of blindsiding. This is to sneak attack, from the rear, by misdirection, or some other means. Assuming that you are going to have enough awareness to survive and avoid the blindside, what are you going to do?


american karate Very Powerful American Karate Style

Where are you going to focus your eyes when some mugger or thug wants to blindside you on the street? The other guy wants you to blink, to be unaware. You have to remain aware, and you have to figure out where to look, where to place your gaze, how to keep the visual line of perception open.

The first place I was told to place your eyes, when doing kenpo karate kumite, was on the chest. One was supposed to open up the gaze, see peripherally. In this manner one could useā€¦

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