The Sad and Tragic End of Yoon Byung In

Matrix Martial Arts

Karate Founder Tragic End

Yoon Bying In wanted to study kung fu in the worst possible way, yet the kung fu master in his town refused to teach Koreans. Time after time Yoon had been caught peeking in windows and had been chased away from the dojo. Then Yoon got a brilliant idea.

Yoon-Byung-InDuring class he snuck up and lined up all the shoes of the students. He then retreated and watched when the master of kung fu came out of the dojo. The kung fu master was pleased at this display of respect, and he wondered who had shown him such respect.

Yoon continued doing this day after day, and, eventually, the kung fu master found out who it was. In this way Yoon became accepted, and the only Korean so accepted to study kung fu in this town. He threw himself into his studies and proved bright and…

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