Fa Jing, the One Inch Punch, Explosive Power

Matrix Martial Arts

Fa Jing = VERY Explosive Punch

Examples of Fa Jing include such events as:
Bruce Lee held his fist one inch from the chest of his partner, punched, and his partner flew back six feet.
The Tai Chi Chuan student placed his palms on the torso of his partner, pushed, and his partner flew up into the air.
The old master stood six feet away from the student and aimed his palm, and the student scrunched up, tweaked and jerked, and flew away.

fa jing explosive chi power This type of strike can really happen!

you can get a black belt in less than a year The only system that can get you to Black Belt in One Year

Interestingly, these anecdotes are all based on the same thing. Bruce Lee achieved his ability through the study of Wing Chun, but it is not limited to Wing Chun. I have seen students of karate, and other arts, who could do the same thing to lesser or greater…

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