The Divine Importance of Naming a Grand and Glorious Martial Arts School!

Matrix Martial Arts

flykickOkay, you’ve been studying at the martial arts School of the Upside Down Dragon. Or, maybe you’ve decided to start your own school, and you are going to call it the Nine Circling Wombats in Spring. The point here is that…what’s in a name.

A classical martial arts school might have a recognized name, like Shotokan, but that just means the garage of Gichen. Or maybe a generic name, like Karate Do Dojo, which says it is teaching karate in a school, but nothing else. But there is a deeper underbelly to this whole scene.

Uechi Ryu is considered hard core classic, but what is this thing called Pan Gai Noon? Pan Gai Noon is a system based on the three original forms taught in a Chinese system. The extra five forms in Uechi Ryu were taught, according to Mattson, for entertainment purposes.

That’s right, students needed to be entertained…

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