A Real Martial Artist! The Grin Reaper!

If you’re Not a Real Martial Artist the Reaper is Grinning!

I was thinking about something last night:
What is a Real Martial Artist?
The answer,
interestingly enough,
is incredibly simple.

A real martial artist is one who is still doing martial arts after many decades.

Now a kid who is studying in a McDojo is a martial artist,
but he won’t be a real martial artist for maybe twenty or thirty years.
That guy who studied for forty years then stopped,
he used to be a real martial artist,
but now he’s not.
A real martial artist,
you see,
is in it for life.
They are going to find him
on the day of his death
stuck in rigor mortis
frozen doing his form
even while laying in bed waiting for the Grin Reaper.

And there is a reason I bring this up,
and state it so baldly.
There is a reality that is achieved through the martial arts.
It is a reality of being able to analyze and handle the universe
through the method of the martial arts.
It creates a stronger more aware human being.
So, when you stop doing martial arts,
are you still getting stronger and more aware?
How could you be!
And if you aren’t going up,
then you must be going down.
I hate to say it,
weaker and less aware.

I stopped the martial arts for a year
when I was 28 or so.
My father had died,
I had to move into his house until the will had been handled,
and I was sad, away from my schools, and decided to just retire,
think about life and zen for a year.
I wasn’t in that house more than a couple of weeks
before I had cleaned out the garage
set up sword stations,
placed rugs on the cement
and was doing forms
and aikido rolls
and immersing myself in tai chi books.

The thing is
I found that nothing else worked like the martial arts.

You work out
you walk the street proud,
able to handle anybody,
and you are getting smarter and more perceptive.
You start to understand why people do what they do.
And I found that I just couldn’t back off from that journey,
that method of enlightenment,
that way of being strong and smart and good,
and of feeling that life really was
my particular oyster.

Interestingly enough,
I have watched the people around me
over the last forty years,
and the differences are astounding.
I feel like a 20 year old.
They walk on canes,
and drag oxygen tanks around.
They have trouble getting out of a chair,
they can’t get down on their hands and knees to do some bit of work.
In short,
they are effectively crippled.

They aren’t martial artists.
they have become virtually handicapped.

But it’s even worse.
Their thought processes are bad.
They don’t remember things,
they make decisions that are…feeble.
They can’t think.
Their conversations are a retelling of memories.

They don’t think of going out in the countryside
and creating a martial arts temple like monkeyland,
they just worry about money
and wait for the Grin Reaper.

what kind of a life is that?

And all because they aren’t martial artists,
and certainly not real martial artists.

we come to the end of this missive.
I’m about to set off on another great adventure.
Have no idea what is going to happen,
but I have plans and things to do
and life is F***ing GREAT!

Is your life great?
All you have to do is the martial arts.
You can revitalize yourself,
get back on the horse,
lose that propensity for doddering in memory,
and start living life.
Just head down for the nearest martial arts school.

you could jumpstart yourself by heading over to monstermartialarts.com!
small steps first,
pick up a book on matrixing.
Here’s a link for Matrixing Karate: White Belt.


It’s the first step,
tells you the truth about the basics,
gets you started,
and there are four more books you get to go through:
Green, Brown, Black, and Red (Master)

there you go,
a wish for your best health,
a stronger you,
a you that stays young until the day of your death,
which will be delayed by many decades,
to say the least.

now you know what a real martial artist is
and I hope you go for it,
or dedicate yourself anew,
and make the best of yourself you can.

have a GREAT work out,
and know that working out
will help you get everything you ever wanted.


2 thoughts on “A Real Martial Artist! The Grin Reaper!

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the teaching-poem. I remember reading about a Karate Master who was in the dojo regularly in his 90’s. Some T’ai Chi people are like that. My original T’ai Chi teacher said the goal of T’ai Chi is to practice every day for the rest of your life. Salute!


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