Killing the Bobcat

The Awareness of Bob the Ultimate Martial Artist

Happy work out to you!
and tomorrow
and tomorrow…

interesting situation
up here at the dojo in the sky.
We have a bobcat.

karate style brown belt learn

Matrixing, a new way of looking at the martial arts; a way to become zen silent merely through understanding logic.

we have,
within a few miles of us
four bears
half a dozen bobcats
a mountain lion
and lots of female deer.

we have one bobcat
that has realized that
we are a smorgasboard.
We are feeding him
and he likes it.

We had a peacock.
the bobcat snagged him through the wire
and ate part of him
while he was still in the cage.

we have lots of cats.
We need the cats
to catch the mice and rats
so they don’t eat the wiring on our car.

Bob got the cats.
For a couple of weeks we were feeding him,
not realizing that he had killed the cats
and was now eating their food.

We have dogs to protect the cats.
One of the dogs tangled with Bob
and came out the loser.
Got his leg chewed half off.
Barely saved it.

So Bob is a problem.

Now, we will solve Bob.
Somebody suggested a cage,
catch him and turn him over to fish and game.

I say hang a pound of meat in a tree,
near his daily route
and then shoot him.

I know,
cruelty to animals.
kindness to farmers.
But you make up your own mind.

to tell the truth,
I’ve got something else to think about.

Bob, you see, is a martial artist.
We don’t ever hear him.
I’ve only seen him three times in a year.
Once crossing a bare patch in the scrub,
once running away from the eaten peacock,
and once just sauntering alongside the barbed wire fence.

But, here’s the thing,
Bob is silent.
doesn’t talk,
doesn’t step on twigs
or make rustling sounds in the bush.
He creeps along in hunting mode,
blending with the bush,
and is willing to wait for hours for his opportunity.

Are you willing to wait for hours?
Do you have the ‘silence of the soul,’
do you have the patience to just sit and wait?

I do.
How do you think I caught glimpse of Bob?
By standing in the same position,
leaning against a fence,
just watching the environment,
watching the bush to see what would happen.
Would I see a deer?
A bear?
Well, I happened to see Bob.
Maybe 30 pounds,
2 seconds of bounding from he hide of one bush for another
Then he was gone.

Silence is an interesting thing.
It is the secret of zen.
In silence,
you see,
you look.
if you look long enough,
not moving,
hardly blinking
just being motionless,
you will see something.

I first learned how to see this way
during freestyle.
I would look at my partner and breath and still my thoughts.
After a while I started looking at the world the same way.
You just sit and have your eyes open.

What is going to happen?

Sit long enough,
be silent enough,
and you find out.

you are engaged in the simplest and most effective form of meditation there is.
Just being a point of awareness in the world,
not bothering with thoughts and emotions,
not responding to hunger or thirst,
just being aware.
And something always happens.

If you are calm enough it won’t surprise you.
If you are surprised,
just be still longer.

This is the empty mind
behind the empty hands
behind the ability gained through time
behind the art of war.


The look out.
The sniper.
The general with some cogitating (strategizing) to do.

just learning to be aware.

The funny thing is,
i remember fighters I have seen
who have had this silence.
You could tell they weren’t thinking,
they were just being aware.

They didn’t move because of reaction time,
but because they were separate from the world
because of their stillness within,
and therefore more able to move within the world.

Be still long enough,
you see,
and you become aware that there is the world,
and there is you.

You become separate from the world,
and more able to operate that world because of that separation.

That’s what it is all about.
That’s why I talk about stillness,
and silence,
and things zen in nature.

Martial arts aren’t tricks and forms,
those things are just methods of motion
that lead you to the ultimate stillness within yourself.

A way to become you separate from the world.

And when you possess this silence,
when silence emanates from you,
that is when you are aware of the world,
and I mean beyond your senses.
Beyond ears and eyes and such.

That is when you become aware of what is going to happen
before it happens.
When you become aware that…you shouldn’t walk down that dark alley.
You feel the danger,
you know the threat.
And all because you are silent enough
that your senses,
beyond ears and eyes and such,
can extend.

You know without seeing,
hearing with a listening beyond ears.
Smell the truth of nature
and know the world before it unfolds.

want to get there faster?
then use the logic of matrixing.
Put your martial arts in order.
See the big picture of all arts,
and don’t be bound by just one.

Become aware.

So here is an interesting article on ranking.

Check it out,
then browse over my courses,
and start the procedure of becoming more aware.

have a great work out
and I’ll talk to you later.

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