Did You Get What You Wanted Out of the Martial Arts?

Did the Martial Arts Give You What You Want?

Everybody starts martial arts for a reason. Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, or whatever…there was a reason. And before the reason was the advertisement.

Did Karate promise to help you fight bullies? Did Aikido promise you some sort of zen experience and calmness? Did Kung Fu promise to make you strong and smart and get you the girl?

Whatever the ad and the reason, did the martial arts deliver?

Were you able to kick sand in the face of that bully?

And, did you get something else that you did not expect?
Here at monstermartialarts.com I am always obsessing on those questions.
I want to make sure the karate course I sell delivers what the student wants, and then some.

So, tell me: what did you expect…what did you get…and what more do you want?

Have a great work out.
Al from MonsterMartialArts.com.

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