Publication of How to Create Kenpo!

Rerelease of How to Matrix Kenpo!

How to Create Kenpo is actually a rerelease of ‘Matrixing Kenpo.’ I ran into a few difficulties and had to rewrite and here is the new and better version.

There are actually three volumes, and they present a complete matrixing analysis of Chinese Kenpo. Likely, this version of Kenpo is the 2nd version taught by Ed Parker. It was taught in the 60s.

Matrixing is a form of logic, and provides the framework for the only scientific approach to the martial arts today.

The books contain in depth analysis of 150 techniques, a short history, a section on how to remake kenpo forms, and a section on how to matrix Kenpo and create a whole different viewpoint of Kenpo.

The purpose of the books is to ‘untangle’ kenpo, make it easier to learn, harder to forget, and do such things as make freestyle and techniques actually come together. This last has been a sore point, and a weak point, of Kenpo for decades.

There is a scurrilous article, and more information concerning the three books at The title of the article is ‘The Man Who Killed Kenpo.’

By scurrilous I mean that I go into some of the lesser known and not so honorable beginnings of Kenpo. You’re welcome to leave differing opinions, other data, or even hate mail in the comments section.

The books themselves are offered through Amazon.

Check them out let me know what you think.

About the Author: Al Case began martial arts in 1967. He has studied Kenpo, Karate, Shaolin, Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, weapons, and more. He was a writer for the magazines and had his own column in inside Karate. He currently lives at Monkeyland, a martial arts retreat in Southern California.

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