The Scale of Martial Understanding

A Way to Gauge your True Martial Understanding

I’ve been watching people,
especially those in the martial arts,
and I came up with a bunch of scales.
they describe a progression of person
as they travel through the martial arts.
It’s pretty interesting,
here’s the first one which I call…

The Scale of Martial Arts Understanding.

There are five levels on this scale,
let’s start with the lowest one.

the lowest ‘rank’ on the martial arts scale
is the fellow or gal who think
‘their system is the only one.’

This is really sort of an insane belief.
It means the person has stopped thinking and analyzing
and takes whatever his teacher says as gospel.

The next highest rank on this martial arts scale
is the fellow or gal who learn
through monkey see monkey do.
They mimic,
and they don’t gain any real understanding
of what they are trying to do.
They do what they are told with blind trust
and never get into right and wrong,
or in the case of the martial arts,
what works and what doesn’t…and why.

The next highest in this martial arts ranking
is the fellow who has ‘scientific reasons’
for what he is doing.
It is good that he has reasons,
most reasons taught these days are wrong.

For instance,
the fellow who builds a scientific structure
based upon western science.
But western science has never defined chi,
so at best it is an incomplete science,
the truth,
at worst,
it is a wrong science.

the low end of this ‘scientific reasoning’ thing
is usually internet scams,
the martial arts repackaged
with pseudo scientific names.
Cybernetic Fight Enders,
or some other mental bushwah label.
People in this realm
usually talk a lot of psychology,
which is silly.
Psychology has no scientific principles.
At all.
Go on and look.
You will find people selling fad style self help books,
and no scientific proof.

the next level up,
the fourth level in this scale of martial understanding
is people who know more than one art.
The fact is that when one has learned
two or more arts
they tend to compare and contrast,
and this gives them perspective.
This undoes things like monkey see monkey do,
and even some of the pop psychology bushwah.
It is hard to hold a truth in one art,
when that truth doesn’t hold true in another art.

The problem here is that studies of multiple arts
can take immense amounts of time.

The fifth and highest level of martial understanding
is the person who understands matrixing.

Matrixing is not an art,
but a logic used to understand art.
a person finds the real reasons
behind a technique, a form, a whole art.
Matrixing outlines the truth,
regardless of which art it is applied to,
and the result is a person who understands.

So the scale, bottom to top, looks like this.

Knowledge of multiple Arts
Scientific Reasoning
Monkey See Monkey Do
My Art is best

I’ll present more things like this in the future,
they tend to help people understand where they are,
and what they have to do,
to become better martial artists.
but I thought this one a good one to start with.

That said,
there are two things I want you to understand.

The first thing you need to understand…
where are you on the scale?

Finding yourself,
here is your next step…

If you think your art is best,
you should change instructors,
search out a school which is more tolerant,
which allows for you to actually educate yourself.

If you are learning
Monkey See Monkey Do,
then you should educate yourself.
Start reading everything you can,
get together with friends,
begin the compare and contrast method
and become more knowledgable.

If you are guilty of scientific reasoning,
you need to open your mind,
get some courses on matixing,
especially the master instructor course,
where you learn the real reasons
behind blocking and striking,
and all the moves of the martial arts,
you learn how to make your form perfect,
and how to make any technique work.
you need to start learning more martial arts.
There are courses on Shaolin,
Tai Chi Chuan,
various styles of karate,
and so on

if you already know multiple martial arts,
well done.
Now you need to learn matrixing
so you can put them all together
and learn how they fit together,
how they are actually all parts
of one true martial art.

if you have already started matrixing,
you need to take the next step,
you need to look into neutronics.
(Neutronics would be the 6th level on the scale.)
You need to learn
the reasons behind the reasons
for the whole martial arts.
only in this way can you complete your education,
and understand the exact method by which
the martial arts work
to liberate and enlighten
all who study the truth of them.

the second thing you need to understand
about this scale of martial arts understanding…
this is a hard one for some people to understand,
it tends to make them think I am being arrogant,
or putting them or their art down,
but it is this:

if you haven’t been studying matrixing,
then you haven’t really been studying the martial arts.

You may have been learning how to hurt people,
or perhaps you have been getting a little art,
but you haven’t been getting the whole thing,
the real truth of the thing.

this is what happens in the martial arts….

You train the body,
the training provides a discipline to put aside the mind.
When you put aside the mind
you are left with the truth of yourself,
that you are an ‘I am.’
You are a single piece of awareness,
and this universe is your creation.

Oinkley doggie.

nuff said,
make sure you check out the Master Instructor course,

or whatever course is right
for your moving up the scale
of martial arts understanding.

Have the best work out in the world!



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