How Much Gung Fu did Bruce Lee Know?

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Bruce Lee was the martial arts icon of the last century. Ask people what the first thing that pops into their mind when you say gung fu, and they will say Bruce Lee. An interesting question about the Little Dragon is how much gung fu did he really know?

bruce lee wing chun I know gung fu better than you, my friend!

Well, he knew some Tai Chi Chuan, his grandfather taught him when he was a child, that is on record.

And, he was accomplished at Wing Chun Gung Fu, under Yip Man, though probably not a master. He knew the first half of the system, the hard half, but had not delved into the soft half.

And there you go, that’s all the gung fu Bruce knew.

Whoa! You say. That’s all? But…but…but…

So here’s the thing, he grew up in China, and he was immersed in…

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2 thoughts on “How Much Gung Fu did Bruce Lee Know?

  1. aganzul Post author

    Wing Chun is supposed to come in two parts, the first part is hard, the second part soft. I haven’t studied WC for years, and then mostly Sticky Hands, but I have had quite a few people tell me that this is so.
    Anyway, Bruce is supposed to have been quite god at the hard stuff, but hadn’t really delved into the soft stuff, left for America before he got into it. Look around, throw the question out on a few forums and see why they say. You’ll get some fascinating comments, and even a few attacks. You’ll also get an education about WC and Bruce and so on.
    Have a great work out! Al


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