Matrixing Kenpo Contribution Under Attack!

Newsletter 697
Matrixing Kenpo Under Attack

Happy afternoon to you!
And happy work out.
a work out a day
keeps old age away.

interesting headline I’ve got,
Matrixing Kenpo under attack.

I wrote a three book series,
Matrixing Kenpo.
I go into the beginnings of the art,
the structure,
and how to restructure it
so it makes more sense
and is a better art.

It’s a good series of book.
It is an important contribution of matrixing to the martial arts.

Imagine my surprise when I received notice
from my publisher,
that a copyright infringement had been filed.

I made the whole book by myself,
based on descriptions I originally wrote back in the sixties.
I feel I have a right to the system,
as I paid tuition for it.
I became an instructor in it.

if the kenpo people
who filed the copyright infringement on me
really felt I was guilty,
why didn’t they file copyright infringement
on the people who taught me,
and the people who taught my instructor?

don’t get me wrong,
I don’t believe in copyright infringement,
if the kenpo people have a real right,
I’ll back right off,
and announce it here.

I’m a writer,
I don’t want people taking my stuff,
so if they have a case,
I’ll back off.

the only image I know of
that could be construed as copyright infringement,
was taken from a public domain site for images.

if I needed more due diligence,
then I stand guilty,
I’ll apologize,
change the image,
and life goes on.
But here’s the thing,
are they claiming to own Kenpo?
Are they claiming the techniques of Kenpo for their own
and everybody has to pay them?

let’s take it a step further,
does anybody own Karate?
Ed Parker learned it from somebody else,
and they learned it from somebody else.

So who owns Karate?
or Kenpo,
in this case.

Which brings us to an interesting question.
They had to have read the book,
what didn’t they want people to know?
What ‘secrets’ have I revealed?

Interesting question, eh?

Is it just that they didn’t like what I said about Ed?
Is it that they feel I have violated some ‘secrecy clause’ somewhere?
Have I really revealed secrets?
Is it something else?

Is it perhaps that I have explained things so that there are no secrets?

here’s the deal,
the artwork is all original,
the method I describe cannot be copyrighted.
Consider this passage from

Question: Does copyright protect techniques or methods?
Answer: No. Copyright protects only expression, not ideas. So while copyright might protect one author’s description of a bookkeeping method, it does not prevent others from using the method or copying the forms needed to use it.
This “idea/expression dichotomy” is spelled out in part in the Copyright Act’s Section 102(b):

So replace book keeping with martial arts,
and you have my idea.

the truth of the matter is that the kenpo people stopping me
are probably selling stuff.
The Ed Parker Brand,
whatever that is.
And tha is what they are ‘protecting.’
But if they try to stop Karate,
and specifically the Kenpo form of it,
then they are standing in the way of progress.

the secret they may be scared I will reveal
is that Kenpo has weaknesses,
and that I am fixing them.

Not a good thing for their art,
if i prove it…wrong?

I repeat,
I believe in author’s rights,
and if i have crossed the line,
I’ll apologize,
and do right
to fix whatever mess
I might have created.

The point here is this,
they have filed a complaint
and the Matrixing kenpo books may not be available.
If they are
get ‘em while you can.

if you can’t,
hold on to the message telling you
you can’t buy Matrixing Kenpo.
It might prove valuable
somewhere down the road.
If they won’t sell,
get refusal messages for all three books
and save them.
They might prove valuable.

other than that bit of news,
please go on about your business,
practice and practice,
make your art perfect,
make yourself perfect,
and don’t forget to check out

Karate to Shaolin to Pa Kua Chang,

Have a great work out!


2 thoughts on “Matrixing Kenpo Contribution Under Attack!

  1. mike

    I studied with one of the first guys that taught kenpo in southern california other then ed parker or the tracy brothers. He also studied with professor chow in hawaii and the infamous james mitose. He got his certification from ed and chow. His lips became sealed on the subject of mitose and it always seemed like he was on the edge of stuttering quietly when the mitose subject came up. Mitose was good buds with a guy named paul twitchell; there is some interesting stories about that one. To the point, there are alot of bones to pick in the kenpo lineages and one requires steps with careful observation. You are a cutting edge writer and master. You have a very good edge with your matrixing explanations regardless of those that may try to limit that. You were one of my heros as a child with your magazine articles. Forge ahead and use the middle finger kuji if need be. Keep writing it’s very enlightening stuff.

    1. aganzul Post author

      It is interesting that such people don’t get along. I mean, people disagree, but…but some of these guys are going a little far. And thanks for those kind words. They go in my win book. Have a great workout! Al


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