The king exercise of the martial arts

Newsletter 693

One Exercise to Perfect Martial Arts Conditioning!

Good morning and good workout
Heck, perfect workout
Because it’s perfect day!
All you got to do is make itself
By dedicating yourself to…
A workout

Bruce Lee said,
‘running is king.’
He recognized that running
Is the ultimate exercise for the body.
I believe he ran 5 miles every couple of days.

I know that when I was working out
Many years ago
One of my favorite things
Was to run 6 miles.
I would weight lift for an hour
I would run for an hour
I would do martial arts for an hour.

Running would stop me from bulking up,
and weight lifting made my muscles dense,
And the result was lean muscle
You could work all day long.

Nothing wrong with big muscles,
Some people are built for big muscles,
but my body type,
And what I wanted out of the martial arts,
lean and dense muscles suited me better.

What many people don’t know,
Is that the feet are filled with triggers.
As you walk you activate the triggers,
And the triggers send energy and pulses,
and whatever other messages needed,
And the body becomes healthier.

When I was young,
11 years old to be precise,
I wanted to be a long-distance runner,
So I analyzed the feet and legs.
Which way the legs should be pointed while running,
So that I could use my muscles to maximum efficiency.
How to roll on the edge of the foot
So that the arches could be efficient springs.
Breathing in time with striding,
So I could synchronize
The motion and parts of my body,
And find maximum efficiency.
And so on.
This was probably my first attempt
At matrixing the human body,
And it worked amazingly well,
I was able to run the 50 under six seconds.
And I got down to about five minutes
For a mile.
So it really worked.

years later,
while in high school,
I came across the concept of running
As it pertains to the martial arts.

The first historical instance
Had to do with marathoning.
A soldier was stationed at the beach,
And when he saw invading vessels
He had to run and warn the king.
The precise distance,
I believe,
Was 26 miles 385 yards.
Which is the length today
Of our modern marathons.

The second time I came across the concept of running,
Historically speaking,
Was simply in the fact
The soldiers had to march to battle,
And sometimes,
To run from battle.

You know doubts have heard the expression,
‘An army travels on it’s stomach,’
But the fact of the matter is
An army travels on it’s feet.
They have to get to the fight,
They have to fight,
And if they lose,
They might have to run for their lives.
So running is king.

One of the things I used to do when teaching
Was tell to students to have a race,
And when they got back to the dojo,
Before they could get their breath back,
I would have them freestyle,

Simple fact:
Tired people lose.
What’s it going to be?
Are you going to be in shape?
More than the excellent shape
That the calesthics of the martial arts
Put you in?
And my advice,
Is to make running part of your workout.
Just run a couple of miles
Every other day.
If you need more,
Then increase number of runs,
or number of miles run.

If you want some fun,
Get a friend,
Run a couple of miles,
Then do some freestyle.
That is going to be much more
Like an encounter on the street,
In a polite match in the dojo.

Oinkley Donkey,
You need good conditioning to be a good martial artist,
running will get you that good conditioning,
And the other half of the equation,
Is getting the knowledge.
Not just working out,
But working out right,
And this is done with matrixing.
So check out blinding steel,

It’s a complete system,
swinging the weapons
Our after hour
Will help build endurance
And lean muscle.

That’s about it,
Enjoy the summer,
Run a lot,
And have Great workout.

Al Case

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