A Great Master Instructor Win

A New Master Instructor int he Martial Arts

Good Friday to all!
And a MOST excellent weekend of work outs!
I mean,,
it’s summer,
get a few friends over,
and work out
till you are THERE!

this is a short newsletter,
but a good one,
in this newsletter is a new Master Instructor win.
It’s from Daniel de Bruijn
out of The Netherlands!

I just want to show my gratitude for making it possible to learn the things taught in the Master Instructor course. The course is concise and to the point, showing many essential points and methods that a martial arts teacher should know when teaching students. I’ve taken these things to me like drinking water in the desert. Things like … the seven corrections are invaluable information, that I will certainly use in teaching students. Also I would like to mention that this is the ONLY course I found on the net that teaches these kinds of valuable things. And then for this awesome cheap price! It is even unbelievable! I also took the knowledge to better my own martial arts, and many things connect better and make more sense now. I have absolutely nothing but praise for Al Case and the Monster Martial Arts. Thanks a lot! May God bless you! Greetings, D.T. de Bruijn.

Thank you, Daniel,
Your win covers all the bases.
The whole point of the master instructor course
is to impart the exact data an instructor MUST know
to call himself or herself an instructor.
as simple as it is,
it isn’t taught anywhere else.

You know,
one of the things I really enjoy
are wins from other areas of the world.
Martial Arts are a universal language.
You don’t even need a common language
to work out people.
It’s actually a far cry
from when the martial arts were introduced.
Back then you had people saying
you needed to speak Japanese to learn karate,
or Chinese to learn Gung Fu.
But listen,
we all have common bodies,
we all have similar brains,
no race is superior to another
and all martial arts can be learned quickly and easily
if you understand certain things,
and those things are on the Master Instructor Course.

the seven principles behind using the body.
Know these principles and the body starts working
the way it was designed to work,
with effortless energy,
call it ‘chi’ if you will.

there are six things that,
once you know them,
make EVERY single martial arts technique
in the whole wide world work.

you must know the exact secret,
it is a three step method,
for getting this information out of your skull
and into your student’s.

if you don’t know and use this method,
you aren’t an instructor.
I don’t care if you have degrees up the wazoo
are a Phd ten times over,
if you don’t use this one simple method,
you are not a teacher,
and your students will not learn efficiently or effectively.

as Daniel indicates,
you won’t find these things anywhere else.
At all.

thank you again,
Master Instructor de Bruijn.
Share the wealth,
and help the world to a better place,
help the martial arts
enter a true golden age.

And to everybody else,
no matter how much you think you know,
you have not seen the material on
The Master Instructor Course.
Here’s the URL…


get to work,
have a great work out,
and make yourself
and your martial arts
the best in the world!


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