How to Kick the Testicles in Karate

Newsletter 690
How to Kick the Testicles

Almost the weekend!
Extra work outs all around!

If you are offended by me saying testicles,
don’t read this issue.
See you next newsletter.

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this is going to be a fun newsletter,
those guys who get tired
of me talking about the zen and the mind
and the neutronics and all that…
here you go,
the ultimate guide to kicking testicles.
I tell ya,
you can go nuts on this one…
(sorry, I had to)

you want to end the fight fast.
He’s big,
he’s strong,
he’s mean…
and you need to put him down.
So kick him in the testicles.

The testicles weigh 3 – 5 ounces.
Your leg weighs 20% of your body.
So if you weigh 160 pounds,
a 32 pound leg
could send those little golf balls a long way.
And if you have managed to learn
how to hit with your whole weight…

when you hit those little dainties,
the problem is that they will be smashed up
against the pubic area,
which is to say
the body will absorb the shock.
So you need to kick them
so that they absorb the impact,
and the impact is not absorbed
by the body area around them.

It sounds horrific,
man’s testicles smashed between your foot and his own body,
but most men can actually shake off the pain
and keep coming.

So you use a snap kick.
A snap kick hits and retracts,
relying on speed,
so that the impact is not pushed into the body,
and so that the force stays in the marbles.

we have the problem of mass and speed.
The larger something is,
the more energy it takes to start it in motion,
the slower it is,
and so on.
So you have to practice making your body one unit,
this will increase speed.
you have to ‘empty’ your mind.
This means that you focus your awareness
on your technique so thoroughly,
that no mental distractions
get in the way of the motion.

You are standing,
you snap the foot,
you are standing.
Thousands of times.
Tens of thousands of time.
Eventually the foot snaps like a whip,
the ball of the foot dings the little fellers,
all the weight of the leg stays in them,
and the guy will fall,
turn white,
and maybe even pass out.

just make sure that your attacker
isn’t a girl.

Have a great work out!

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7 thoughts on “How to Kick the Testicles in Karate

  1. Michael

    This is correct, if you strike a man in his groin then you’re objective is to make him suffer extreme pain in his testicles. When I kick or punch a man in his scrotum I don’t care about his pelvis bone I just want him to feel severe pain in a testicle. Also I think it’s important to aim for the bottom of his scrotum so that his penis is not in the way and so all of the force gos into his testicle.

  2. Anonymous

    Also the best way to make sure you really hurt a guy is to make sure you hit both of his testickes. I like to use my right knee to strike his left testicke and then immediately follow up with a chop to the other side of his scrotum. At this point he will feel excruciating pain in both testicles:
    He will then at this time suffer very severe pain in his testicles. He will be writhing or screaming due to his pain I inflicted, and

  3. Anonymous

    Of course you want all the force to stay in the marbles but the point is to make you’re groin strike as painfull as possible. I’ve been hit in the balls a bunch of times but the worst was in grade 6.
    I was well before puberty, so my balls were pretty small, but a schoolmate performed the best rack I’ve ever seen or heard of: he drove his right knee straight into my left testicle and immediately chopped his hand into my right testicle.
    The pain was so bad I nearly passed out, but I did vomit. They took me to the nurses office and she had me take my shorts down so she could check the damage. Fortunately there was nothing to severe.

  4. Anonymous

    The to-sided attack helped my recently when I was in cancun. I went to buy weed off a street boy (he was 13 or 14) and he was wearing a swimsuit which doesn’t have any protection for his balls.
    I reached into my sock to make him think i was going for money, but instead I punched upwards to times into his nut sack.

  5. Anonymous

    But the best way to hurt a guys nuts is a grab and squeeze. I was wrestling with a friend last week and I left my legs open just for a second and he smacked his hand into my balls and the pain was awful right away but then he wrapped his fingers around my balls and started squeezing. I tapped out right away and even then he still kept moving my balls around in his hand and laughing

  6. carlos22

    Totally disagree. The impact from the blow from the knee, punch or toes goes straight up into the testicles, but then they’re crunched into the pelvis, and the most sensitive part of the testicles is the back/rear part, the epididymis. This results in the testicles being crushed between the pelvic bone and the striking surface ( preferably the flat toe-kick or kneecap).
    Done properly,this sort of blow will result in an excruciating amount of agony, as either one (or ideally) both testicles are crushed by the blow.
    An instructor once told me a correct groin kick should be considered a reverse-orgasm, because the pain is so intense, but instead of a few seconds of extreme pleasure in his penis the victim endures about 30 minutes of excruciating pain in his testicles.

  7. Ari

    I heard of a story from a friend who had to defend herself from an aggressive male attacker. She told me that a white man, around the age of 20-25, assaulted her in a public bathroom. No one was around as it was late at night. Although the guy was slightly intoxicated, she said he was very strong and muscular. For context, my friend is Asian and a bit on the smaller side — probably seen as an easy target for a big man. In any case, things escalated and it got to the point where his bottom half was fully naked. She told me that her training really started to kick in and basically she was able to maneuver in such a way to get free. During this short scuffle, the guy was bent over and she got behind him and grabbed his testicles from underneath his ass. She explicitly stated that the man had really large low-hanging (and hairy) balls and so she was able to grab them rather easily. With one hand, she yanked his nuts to the based of his sack and pulled backward and up. She made sure she had his nuts in a fixed position and then delivered five rapid karate chops to his bulging balls. Apparently, the young man passed out within seconds due to the sheer pain inflicted on his testicles. She continued to hold on to his balls firm as he slumped over face first. To be sure he was truly out, she slapped his large balls a few times to see if there was any reaction. There was none. She then let go and called the cops. Crazy this happened but I’m glad she was able to defend herself! She was not as easy of a target as he thought she would be, and I’m sure he never expected his big balls to get a brutal beating.


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