The Power Hour Martial Arts Show

Interview on the Martial Arts Power Hour Show!

speaking of martial arts power,
I was interviewed on the
Martial Arts Power Hour show!
The show is done by Israel Velez,
and is quite a good show.
They interview martial artistsa,
go into important martial arts happenings,
and provide a real contribution to the martial arts.

zen yoga martial arts

This guy did the Yogata Course! Click on him to find out more!

I am not much of a public speaker.
I can run a class,
but the funny thing is
standing up in front of people and public speaking
is sort of unnerving.
Israel is quite a powerful individual,
he knew what to ask,
kept me going,
and it turned out to be a really fascinating experience!

We talked about matrixing,
how it got started,
moved into various things in the martial arts,
and by the time the show was over
I felt really comfortable.

most important,
I learned.
I learned a lot.

If you want to hear the show,
it is episode 67,
and the URL is

If you like it,
make sure you shoot Israel an email and let him know.
and not to forget,
Bob Choate came on,
and that was a blast.
He was ordering Matrixing courses
right after I put monster together,
an early matrixing student,
and we had talked by email over the years.
It was a real joy to finally be able to talk to him person to person.

that’s the Martial Arts Power Hour,
done by Israel Velez.

if that isn’t enough,
I was asked to do a book signing.
This was mostly for my novels,
but that was a real learning experience, too.

Like I say,
I haven’t done much public speaking,
and I spend most of my time
isolated in the clouds of Monkeyland,
but it was really incredible
to talk to people,
to have to explain my books,
to hear what they had to say about my books.
Really interesting.

So I am going to have to push myself on this
and get better at public speaking,
interviews and so on.

If I’m going to be interviewed,
I have to do my best
not to let people down.
I have to present matrixing in a good light,
and novels would definitely get me good exposure.
it’s interesting times,
and thank god for the martial arts.

when some novel reader asks me a question,
one I never thought of,
one that requires a precision answer
with no bushwah,
the martial arts enables me to face those people,
to grin even in uncomfortable situations,
and to stand my ground.

When some fellow asks me a question on the radio,
I have to,
stand my ground,
go mushin no shin,
get right in the moment,
allow no distractions,
and have a good time with that fellow.

I know you know what I am saying.
When you bow and face your opponent on the mat,
it teaches you to bow and face
in life.
When somebody is upset at you,
you stay calm,
the lessons of the mat stay with you.
When the boss gets pointed in his instructions,
the martial arts enables you to face him,
give him the right answer,
and do your job without being distracted.

So think about it.
Never look away from a problem or person.
Don’t flinch.
Don’t duck or avoid,
and treat that problem or person
just like you would treat somebody on the mat.
Accept the attack,
block it,
or divert it or whatever,
and move forward with your own initiative.

It’s funny,
people think martial arts is nothing but fighting.
But fighting is the last thing it is about.
It is not about fighting,
but how to stand your ground in life
and handle everything without fighting.
The guy who gets in a fight
has already lost.
That is something that real martial artists know.

When I was getting interviewed,
right towards the end,
we were talking about the best martial artist in the world.
It’s an interesting back and forth we had,
I think you will really enjoy it,
but it made me think of something.

As martial artists we tend to judge ourselves by freestyle,
by winning fights.
in the end,
in the final analysis,
the real martial artist knows it is not the fights we get into,
but the fights we avoid
that make us who we are,
that we should be judged by.

was Myamoto Musashi the greatest fighter?
Got in 60 fights and never lost one?
Or is the guy who went through life
meeting incredibly difficult situations,
and didn’t get in any fights…
is he actually a better martial artist?
It’s something to think about, eh?
Sort of an upside down statistic,
if you get what I mean.

I recommend checking out
The Martial Arts Power hour
with Israel Velez.
Episode 67 is me,
and it gave me a lot of stuff to think about.
I just need to get better.
I don’t want to let anybody down in spreading this matrixing thing.
The Martial Arts really needs
this comprehensive logic,
so I have to come through.
It’s a fight I have to win.

you guys and gals,
it’s summer,
plan out your work outs,
make a plan,
set a goal,
and make it happen this summer.

The summer of 2014.
The summerm that you get where you’re going.
Nice sound to that, eh?

Have a great work out!

If you need a little help getting stronger,
rehabilitating an injury,
beating encroaching old age,
try this…

It is a REALLY nifty
Martial Arts way
of doing Yoga.
Will really help you focus your awareness.

Thanks again,
Israel and Bob.

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