Controlling All Emotion through Martial Arts…

Martial Arts Starts the Journey of Your Life

Got a win to share.
Got to tell you,
I get wins and thanks yous all the time,
but every few weeks
I get a big win from somebody.
What’s a big win?
Read on…

Hey Al,

Back in 2009 I became one of your Master Instructors and I have purchased several of your courses and material. I have also worked through and trained in your Matrix Karate, Kang Duk Won, and I am now working through Shaolin and the 40 monkeys. I haven’t tested for black belt in these, yet. Not because I don’t believe in what you are teaching but because the material is so durn interesting. I find myself just wanting to jump in to the next course. With these courses, more importantly, is the effect that your Neutronic writings have had on me when used in correlation with your training courses.
Back in 2009 when I wrote my win for the MI course. I talked about how the energy flows, being an electrician, and takes its shortest path to ground and about the simplicity of it all. As I continued through the (Church of Martial Arts) Temples courses a lot of mental doors opened up. An example is your discourse on emotion and how you stated that it is motion inside the head. I spent a lot of time doing forms and contemplating this truth. Emotion, E-motion, E-energy. Energy in Motion. Wow. Of course, you explain this through your discourse about Intention, but you really have to do the work on the course to really understand this. There are many examples like this. I think that’s why I haven’t tested. Although a belt would give me a sense of accomplishment. The journey is understanding the Awareness and how to control myself to promote the most constructive beneficial outcome, not just for me but those I come in contact with. I have come to give praise to people because all are worthy teachers. You have changed my life bud, really. I will continue on through the Temples required courses as they benefit me greatly. Maybe someday I will test, but for now, I am happy with the knowledge. At the time I received my MI certification I thought I understood, but it is really just the beginning. Although I have no ranking you are my Instructor and I your student. I am greatly indebted to you for creating the Church of the Martial arts. You have repaired what has been torn apart and thrown to the wind. The Temple will be my base and foundation. I hope to some day visit and to help in the building of this Temple. I hope this finds you and yours well.

Your Student,

Michael Guthrie

Thank you Michael,
as I told him in my response,
I am a bit humbled.
Such a win!

a couple of things.
The Temple courses he refers to
are at
As is Neutronics.

his point is important,
you must be applying the martial arts discipline,
doing them every day,
then the information I give will bite,
will have importance,
will work.

Think about it,
if you don’t have martial arts discipline,
if you aren’t actively using such things as energy
in the prescribed manner,
then what you read might not work!

You need the reality
to understand the theory,
you need to calm your mind through action,
to discover the non-motion
underlying all motion.

It is all hand and glove,
but without doing it,
you won’t understand it.

Matrixing isn’t just a method for understanding martial arts,
it is the start of the journey into you.
Who you are.
What you are.
How the universe works.

Let’s talk about this emotion thing.

I am the first to discover this,
it isn’t written anywhere,
I figured it out with matrixing and neutronics…
emotion is motion inside the head.

You experience something in reality,
and that results in motion inside the head
(or, more properly, the mind).

Doesn’t mean it isn’t real,
it just is.

a psychotic can’t control that motion,
he is controlled by that motion.
Makes decisions based on that motion
and those decisions may be a severe warping of reality.
he can’t even tell which is more real,
the motion inside his head,
or reality.

Joe Blow goes through life,
whim to his emotions.
He responds to television programming,
votes on the spur of emotion,
and so on.
he even does things like choose a wife
based on emotion,
and not an understanding of partnership
and life contracts.

A martial artist,
focuses on one thing,
the doing of technique,
the doing of form,
and by concentrating on doing just one thing,
he gains a focus for awareness,
and the motion inside his head
becomes recognizable as something separate from reality.
The motion inside his head slows down,
and he ends up perceiving reality as it is.

Mind you,
it is not a fast journey,
unless you are matrixing.
Then it can be really fast,
because it is logical.

But I’m not pushing Matrixing here,
I am just explaining how it works,
then you can make a decision about things like matrixing,
a decision not based on the motion inside your head.

Crying means an experience overwhelmed you,
something came towards you,
you couldn’t handle the motion that occurred inside your head,
so you express,
get relief,
from crying.

Pain is a very real motion inside your head,
often having external stimuli,
but not necessarily.

Love is not an emotion,
it is a configuration of two people
who find that they fit together
and want to partner through life.

hate: that’s a real motion inside the head,
one in which a person tries to stop the motion inside his head
by hurting somebody else.

It’s in your head,
but the other guy should die.
What a solution,

And so on.

But the thing is that all the emotions,
good or bad,
become easily handled,
if you learn how to focus yourself as an awareness.

here’s the point,
this definition for emotion
you will find nowhere else in the world.
It is written nowhere else.
It is a totally misunderstood point of mankind,
and the planet rocks and rolls towards destruction,
with nobody understanding what emotion is.

even if they do understand it,
intuitively somehow,
without the discipline to control it,
to make it small and manageable,
and a tool that benefits one,
instead of a hammer that crushes skulls,
the knowledge is worthless.

You have to do the discipline
to gain control of yourself as awareness.
You can’t just read the words.

Think about it,
mankind doesn’t know this,
it wars and famines and diseases itself to death.
You know it is this truth about emotion,
you just read it,
but are you doing anything about it?
Are you applying it to your discipline?
Gearing your workout away from violence and emotion and all that,
and towards control?
are you matrixing?
Are you studying the logic that makes it all easy and fast?
Without matrixing
you might learn to control yourself
to the degree I am talking,
but it could take decades,
a whole lifetime!

I hope you understand now,
and I thank Michael for his win.

Being an electrician helped,
understanding how the universe works really helps,
but whether you have a base in science or not,
the work out is the thing.

pop over to Church of Martial Arts,
see what I’m talking about,
make a fresh decision to get matrixed this summer,
and really start the ball rolling.

The truth is,
with all the well meaning people in the world,
the number of people who have a clue is small.
But you are one.
You understand,
just from this newsletter,
how important it is that you take control of your life,
and that the martial arts is more than just a way to beat people up,
it is a path to the self,
to enlightenment,
to being able to have a life that is rich and forgiving,
filled with friends and accomplishments.

that’s about all for now,
talk to you later,
I’m a bit late this newsletter,
so I’ll try to get the next one out Tuesday,
no later than Wednesday,
until then…



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