How I Died And Never Went To Heaven

Martial Arts Poetry

martial arts poetry

Are you living a neutronic life?…click on the cover!

Here’s a sample of poetry.

it is neutronic poetry, and the book, ‘Neutropia,’ is filled with this stuff.

The point is that a martial artist must not merely be able to kill, but he or she must be able to discern life, to penetrate it, and understand that life is more than grunt and kill.

What good is life if it is lived unconscious?


a ghost to myself

I died one day

I floated above my body

a ghost to myself


and a son i had left behind

who would watch over him?

who would guide his life?

who would stand by him?


So i stayed

i stayed above my body

and when my son came to cry

i stayed above him

and i watched

and i guided

and i helped him live his life

i was the angel

he grew old under my gaze

he had family

and he lived

and he grew old


one day

he died

i watched him go

a ghost

he went

he departed

for other lives

and i was left

a ghost to myself

a ghost to myself

no rudder

no one to watch over me

and now

no one to watch over

where will i go?

what will i do?

when there is no end to me

and no beginning

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