Sissy Poetry and the Martial Arts…Grrr!

The Benefits of Writing a Death Song in the Martial Arts

I am at 2500 feet,
closer to the heavens,
in my dojo in the sky,
doing Tai Chi in the clouds,
and I wish you were here.
It is that glorious,
and I wish EVERYBODY could feel it.

Been doing some writing,

Go to
and there is a great article on killing snakes at Monkeyland.

The blog has a great article on taking a gun to a martial arts fight.

martial arts poetry

Click on the cover!

released a new book,
a book on poetry.
I know,
there are those that think poetry ain’t manly.
those unfortunates
have never seen a haiku.
Don’t know about composing a poem
in honor of your coming death.
Or even singing a song
cause you get to go into battle.

So the book is called ‘Neutropia.’
I wrote a poem called ‘Beyond Hands,’
which sums up,
in physics and correct order,
all the martial arts.
After I die
martial artists will look to that as the masterpiece,
Monkeyland’s answer to The Tao.
it is.
Before I die,
who knows.
Sort of funny,
if you ask me,
and even if you don’t.

that said,
here’s a sample of the non-Martial Arts poetry.


take each word as it comes
take each thought as it is projected

take each day as it comes
take each life as it is projected

ah, all
if there is a god it is he
she, they, us

no one is excluded in our dreams
as we realize that we are dreams of each other

each other is us
consecrate in each other

each other is how we travel to the stars
to our depths
to our dreams

what is the universe but a dream?
and us the dreamers?

truth becomes a golden pastel
with which to paint the universe

truth becomes our every dream
and we become our dream

how do we fix the universe?
ask only if there is an answer

if there is no answer don’t ask
and whatever you do
don’t blame…

and the poem goes on.

Over 200 pages of very succinct and lyrical thoughts
from the guy who figured out matrixing
who put forth neutronics as the answer and solution
to all of life.

I ain’t too arrogant…
maybe a little.

I didn’t send you this newsletter
to talk about no sissy poetry.

Let’s talk about what a truly toned body is.

if you lift weights,
nothing against ironheads here,
but if you lift weights,
you become capable of lifting
massive amounts,
but only for the short term.

Do heavy work for an hour
and you are dead meat.
Do a 20 mile hike and then get in a fight,
and you are going to be tired
pretty darned fast.
The muscles aren’t configured for more.

do your weight lifting for the long term.
Instead of seeing how much you can lift,
see how long you can lift.

Two ways to do this.
hold a stance for an hour.
That is long term.
instead of lifting a large weight
for 15 times,
lift a smaller weight
for a hundred times.

Do you see where I am going?

Not for the bulk and size,
but for the endurance.

Here’s the thing,
meat isn’t effective,
energy is.
Brute force calisthenics have to do with meat.
Meditating in the horse stance for an hour,
or trying to do an exercise for hours
builds energy.

Long term.
The muscles become lean and long;
they become…DENSE!

I was getting a deep tissue massage once,
and the masseuse was trying to dig his fingers in
and he said I had the densest muscles he had ever felt.
a few weeks later,
he told me he had found somebody with denser muscles in his legs,
it was a marathoner.

you have to have enough to have a burst of strength,
but it is more important
to have your muscles last.
What if the fight lasts?
What if you have to run through a house,
up stairs,
through the backyard…
if you have LARGE muscles,
then you are just moving bulk around,
and that is tiring.
But if you are lean and whiplike,
then you not only have the quick strength,
but you have the long lasting strength,
the agile strength,
you have…ENERGY!

don’t neglect the big time weight lifting,
it is cool to lift a lot,
you should gear your weight lifting
so it fits more martial arts aimed themes.

I think that’s all I have to say right now,
check out ‘Neutropia.’

and should be on amazon shortly.

that you are.

Have a great work out!

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