How Matrixing Works in the Martial Arts

Martial Arts Self Defense that Works NOW!

The Martial Arts are, no offense to anyone, a Chinese Fire Drill.

A chinese fire drill is when you’re driving along in a car, you stop at a light, and everybody gets out and runs around the car until the light changes.

karate style brown belt learnAnd all the other cars, if they know what, honk and cheer madly.

So you get in a fight, and your arms and legs are going everywhere, not hitting anything, everybody is screaming, and you wake up the next day with a broken nose.

Then you learn the martial arts, and you think you are unbeatable. Until you wake up the next morning and wonder what the heck happened. You have been training and drilling and everything, and you still got your teeth bent.

What happened is that the stuff you were learning is all out of order, doesnt’ make sense, is hard to remember, and hard to use, and so on.

It just isn’t logical.

So matrixing makes it all logical. It takes those forms and techniques, and it doesn’t matter if you are studying karate or kung fu or tai chi or aikido or whatever, and puts it all in order.

If you were in class and the teacher yelled ‘Count to ten!’ You wouldn’t panic because you have drilled and trained one to ten.

Now you get in a fight, and instead of running around the car flapping your wings and screaming, you select the exact right block, the exact right strike, the exact right throw, and you deal out the punishment like it is going out o style.

You are logical.

Look, let me explain something.

When you matrix the martial arts, you take out the emotion, and leave in the science. It makes sense.

It is easy to learn, easy to remember, and easy to use. You just don’t have to think about it anymore.

In fact, the whole ’remembering’ thing is gone! You don’t have to look into your mind and search around for the right thing to do…you just do it. without thought. And it is right.

No martial art does that, even with DECADES of experience.

Yes, people get better, but without logic they STILL have to sort through their martial arts systems.

So, no matter what art you study, Aikido or Gung Fu or Krav Maga or taekwondo, or whatever…it all makes sense, you don’t have to think, you have become intuitive almost within minutes of inputting the information…and you can use it.

Don’t believe me? Head over to and check it out. Guaranteed, you have never seen nor experienced anything like this. Not in the martial arts, nor in ANY other field.

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