The Perfect Martial Arts Frame of Mind

Finding Perfection as a Martial Artist

let’s talk about the perfect frame of mind
for a martial artist.

The key to a harmonious life is balance.
So a martial artist must be poised,
in body AND mind,
to go forward or back.
To attack or defend.

o senseiNow,
we are assuming he is in the moment,
and has choice here.
So let’s talk about this
perfect frame of mind
using neutronics.

In this universe you are the center.
in the universe there are ONLY three directions.
This is an absolute.

One can be coming towards you.
One can be going away from you.
One can be going with you.

If someone is going with you,
that is balance,
that is harmony,
that is neither towards nor away from,
that is the neutronic ideal.

So to properly analyze an attack,
and find the neutronic ideal in the middle of chaos,
you have to analyze whether
a person is going towards or away from you.

He rushes towards you with a fist.
He jumps back for a kick.
This is all an analysis of distance.

comes the one objection.
What if someone is maintaining a distance,
say walking a circle,
so there is no towards or away?
If his intention is to harm you,
then that maintaining of distance
is a ploy,
and not a real harmony.

So what does this have to do with anything?
It means that the first and most important thing
you can do in the martial arts
is to control distance.
And here comes the neutronics.

If somebody is coming towards you,
go away until a set distance is maintained,
then go with.

If somebody is going away from you,
go towards until a set distance is maintained,
then go with.

Do you see how you use
go towards or away
to create a harmonious distance?
A distance which can be used to balance the situation?

to really phrase this in neutronics,

For something to be true
the opposite must also be true.

If towards is true,
then away resolves the truth
for a greater truth (of two being one)

If away is true,
then towards resolves the truth
for a greater truth (of two being one)

this phrasing of truths that I have said
in the last two sentences,
it is a way to use the original theorem.

It is a way to use:

for something to be true
the opposite must also be true.

Want to really go wacky?
Consider this:
the universe (and all situations in it) are a lie,
unless they describe this basic theorem:

for something to be true
the opposite must also be true.

And the ONLY way to solve the lie of the universe
is to figure out the opposite
and do it.

if you’re not shaking your head
and wondering what the heck I just said,
then you understand
that the perfect frame of mind
for a martial artist,
is neither towards nor away.
It is a balance of towards and away.
What I have done
is merely shown you how to adjust your motion,
and therefore your thinking,
so that you can create balance out of an attack.
Morality out of a tragedy.
Happiness out of a disaster.
It IS the only way.
It is the yin yang given words,
and brought into reality through simple action.

can you live your life that way?
Can you go opposite to anybody and everybody
until any and all situations
and become a willing collaboration?

analyze the distance,
do the opposite until a balance is achieved,
then hold to the balance.
There you will find harmony.
There you will find the loving wife,
the respectful kids,
the way to handle the upset boss,
the way to do ANYTHING in the universe
and come out on top.

Because you’re not coming out on top,
you are merely arranging the motions of life
so that they get along.

the course for the week.
Matrix Aikido.

The purpose of Aikido is to harmonize.
Actually, that should be the purpose of any martial art,
not to fight,
but to not fight,
until the choice of a life that complements
becomes a reality.

But in Matrix Aikido
I break the art down not to techniques,
but to the core concepts
that enable you to create Matrix Aikido.

Mind you,
it will take some thought,
you have to read the mamterial,
and watch carefully
to see how each concept applies,
but it is a way to move to the head of the class,
to be able to proceed in Aikido
by understanding it.
To proceed in a hard martial art,
by being able to transpose it.
To combine the hard and the soft
through the simple act of understanding.

‘nuff said,
you guys and gals have a GREAT work out.



Here’s the link for Matrix Tai Chi.
That’s the stuff I use,
and I recommend it HIGHLY!

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