Extreme Martial Arts Workout!

The Boulder in Your Backyard

Good weekend to you!
You know what I’m going to say…
work out!
It’s the best way
to make yourself better.

Oinkly donkey,
let’s talk about hard core.
One of my favorite stories is Mas Oyama.
Mas was a Korean
who went to Japan after WW2.
He wanted to study Karate,
and the Japanese,
(Shotokan, I believe)
wouldn’t let him.
Word is…
they actually peed on him.
this didn’t sit well with Mas,
so he went up into the mountains,
spent a year in seclusion.
Doing his forms.
Practicing breaking techniques
on boulders.
Take a frozen boulder,
chop with the hand,
and it breaks.
Anybody up for that?

a year passes,
and Mas figures
he hasn’t been in the mountains long enough.
Hasn’t run barefoot through the snow long enough.
he spends another year
in the freezing snow,
doing his forms,
breaking boulders with a chop.

Then he comes down,
goes back to the Japanese
somebody gimme a towel…
there seems to be blood on the floor!

Mopped up those suckers.

I read this story,
several places,
and it was in a movie,
and there seems to be enough truth to it.

What is interesting
is that instructor knew Mas.

My instructor was a skinny, little guy.
But he studied with Don Buck,
and Don was Mas Oyama’s favorite American.
so Bob had to have met and known
this Karate legend.

what I am more interested in
is the work outs Mas must have done.

I live on a mountain,
and I have to chop wood or I freeze.
I have to plant crops,
or food gets scarce.
There work to be done around here.
Sometimes it seems like
there isn’t much time for a work out.

but there is.
There is always time.
You just decide what you want to do
and then you make your life work.
Sometimes it’s tough.
Life says you got to do something else.
you don’t.

Want to hear a neutronic truth?

If you don’t do,
what you want to do,
then you are wasting your life.

you have to live,
you have to work,
you have to contribute
to the society around you.
you still have a higher duty to yourself.

if you want to work out,
and life starts getting in the way,
you just bully life
into doing what you want.

I can’t tell you how important this is.

Sometimes it is tough,
sometimes it is easy,
you still have to make life do what you want it to.

it is YOUR life.
Not some politician’s,
not your daddy’s,
not your child’s,
not your boss’s,
not anybody but yours.

here comes the question…
do you have a boulder in your backyard?
you don’t have to live in the mountains.
Mas had to be crazy, right?
Anybody who feels he has to go live in the wilderness
to be a better person…
that guy has to be nuts.

do you have a boulder in your backyard?
It’s a simple thing.
Or a stack of bricks?
Or a 100 foot tall redwood for a maki wara?
Or some other way to practice your basics
every single day.

You see,
when you get down and dirty,
when you reach the state of mind
that requires breaking snow covered boulders
in the high, high mountains,
you realize something…
it is not that fancy form that is so important,
it is not that complex move
that you wouldn’t have time to do in a fight.
It is your basics.
It is breathing into your movement,
sinking your weight
and aligning,
figuring out how to let go
so that energy comes out of you
with no effort.

do you have a boulder in your backyard?

Have a great work out!


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That’ll help you make little rocks out of big rocks.

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