Murder and Responsibility in the Martial Arts

James Mitose and Martial Arts Murder!

Excellent work out to you!
Make sure you do extra squats,
and when you do your stretches,
don’t bounce.
Do them yoga style,
just hold and tell your body to relax.
The muscles will suddenly relax,
and you’ll have a better stretch.

It’s mental.
It’s all mental.

came across an interesting bit of info
while I was researching
my latest book project.

The book,
are going to be about matrixing Kenpo.
I’m already done with one,
should be ready to go within the month.

I know,
I’ve always avoided matrixing Kenpo.
Had a LOT of people ask me about it,
but always sidestepped.
But when you’re the only person
in 150 square miles,
then you stop avoiding.

I came across this great bit of data
on one of the people
who caused Kenpo.
James Mitose.

he was a character.
Very zen guy,
real hard core martial artist,
ran a brothel at one time,
and believed in honor.

So he is teaching in the US,
southern California,
and one of his students,
a guy named Nimr Hassan
commits extortion and murder.
The proof is incontrovertible.
whose real name was Terry Lee,
left a footprint on the victim’s back.
He also stated that,
after brutalizing the victim,
he left him alive.
As if that is supposed to excuse him from murder.
It’s not my fault the guy died
because I strangled and stabbed him!
He was alive when I left!’

So Hassan blames James Mitose.
Says Mitose gave him the rope and the knife,
told him to do it.
Court records get obscure,
there’s some bad translations
of Japanese testimony.
And Mitose neglects to defend himself
for a rather simple reason.

He feels responsible for his student’s crime.
He taught him,
so he is responsible.

So Mitose gets sentenced to life in prison.

because he turned state’s evidence,
goes to jail for three years.

here’s the kicker,
when he gets out,
he claims to be hanshi
for the Mitose Family Martial Arts.

this and other great stuff,
is going to be in the books,
but I’m all jazzed,
excited to be working on this stuff,
so I thought I’d share.

having shared,
let me encourage you to check out my books.
They are on amazon.
They include a series on Matrixing Karate
which is based on the Matrixing Karate course.
An encyclopedia of Karate,
from Kung Fu to Matrixing.
a lot of novels.

Novels about bodyguards
who learn martial arts in a prison cell,
and suddenly have the most kick ass sixth sense
you could ever imagine.

Novels about ancient assassins
who save mankind
just because they can.

And lots of other novels.

short newsletter this time,
I’ll yak your ear off next time,
but use the extra time
and do a few extra stretches.
Make yourself feel good and young!

Okey dokey,
go to Amazon,
type in
‘Al Case books,’
‘Al Case Novels,’
‘Al Case martial arts,’
or something like that,
see what comes up.
If you’re a reader,
you’re going to be in hog heaven.
If you’re not a reader,
then do some extra stretches.

Have a great work out!


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