From External Karate Power to Internal Kung Fu Power

From Karate to Shaolin to Pa Kua Chang

A lot of people want to know how to go from external power in the martial arts, such in Karate or Taekwondo, to internal Power, such as in Chinese Tai Chi or Pa Kua Chang.

To help in that teaching I have just released ‘From Karate to Shaolin to Pa Kua Chang.’

This is actually three books in one. They have been in print before, separately, so make sure you don’t have them already.

The books are each about forty pages, making 120 pages, and they include forms, two man forms, techniques, and so on.

They are work intensive, which is as it should be; one should do the work if they expect to get anywhere.

That said, one should not neglect the theory, which tends to be obscure, but is, in fact, simple.

Reading these books is fun (the first two are actually written in verse), and the forms are easy to do.

What is difficult is to understand that the ancient language for things like chi power are really simple. The body is a motor, you need to activate it, and this takes discipline and awareness.

The awareness will grow as you practice. The discipline is what is tough, at least in the beginning. As time goes on, however, one finds that the martial arts are not a grind, but rather fun.

About myself: i have studied the martial arts since 1967. I became a writer for the magazines in 1981, and had my own column (Case Histories) in Inside Karate.

So check out ‘From Karate to Shaolin to Pa Kua Chang.’ It is available on Amazon. It is a real book, nifty poser artwork, and lots of fun.

From Karate to Shaolin to Pa Kua Chang.

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