How to be Empty in the Martial Arts

Truth About Emptiness, the Soul, and the Martial Arts

Let’s talk about emptiness.

Karate is ‘Empty Hands.’
Tai Chi they talk about ‘doing nothing.’
So what does it really all mean?

Being empty,
on the first level,
means appreciating space.
Making sure that you have adjusted your distances
evaluated your timing
so that you can make the technique work
with the least fanfare.
of course, fanfare is required.
Many a fight has been stopped with a magnificent technqiue
that just blew everybody away.
talking about true art,
on the first level,
you just appreciate distance,
and time yourself
so your distance is always perfect.

On the second level we are talking about the mind.
Empty you mind
and then your hands will be empty.
This means don’t get stuck in memories.
The mind is nothing but memories.
Nothing else.
All other mental abilities
have nothing to do with the mind,
but rather with the human being,
the soul,
running the body.
To do this you practice intensively,
focusing on one thing
until memories no longer intrude.
Not training drills,
not bushwah advice,
certainly not emotion.

On the third level
we are talking about the human soul.
what is the soul?
So you must become aware.
how do you become aware?
i could just say something pithy,
open your eyes.

I want you to consider something.
The universe is mostly space.
There is actually not a lot of matter,
especially compared to space,
in this universe.

I want you to consider one question,
which is brighter?
the sun at noon?
or a candle in a coal mine.

When you have the answer to that one
then you will have the answer to how to become
a better martial artist,
how to become more aware.

You don’t create power…
you create awareness,
or become aware of the space around you.

This makes the third level the most important.
The universe can fool you,
make you unappreciate distances.
Watch a little sleight of hand
and you will know what I mean.

Now you know what the old monks
are doing when they sit in the zen position.
Extending awareness.

to look is not enough.
To be aware without moving is fine,
but one tends to lose it,
or certainly lose options,
if they cannot continue to be aware
while in motion.

You’ve heard it before,
being motionless while in motion…
that’s what we’re talking about,
and it is what elevates the martial arts
above all other forms of self discovery.

I’ve given you a bit to think about,
and I don’t envy you the task
of making this work in your forms and techniques.
the hint I’ve given you here
will certainly move you a long way down the path.
So hold to it.

Master space,
and you master yourself.

the best way to get started on this matter
of space and emptiness and who you really are,
is Matrix Tai Chi.
It is the logical way to look for the ‘emptiness,’
the awareness,’
that makes up the human soul.

So here’s the link.

Think about it,
learn how to manipulate nothing,
learn the emptiness
that becomes true perception
and do it all…
With no mysticism,
no missed steps,
no bushwah from people
who don’t understand the simple concpet
I have detailed here.

there isn’t another course like this one…

Have a great work out,
and a super fun weekend!


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