Buddha Crane Karate a Breakthrough Martial Arts Book!

Breakthrough Karate Training Manual!

Buddha Crane Karate is a unique Martial Arts book, and probably one of the most important martial arts books ever written.

It was actually put together back in the nineties, and it was the culmination of several years of some of the most original research ever done in the martial arts.

karate training book

Al Case (author of Buddha Crane Karate) working out back in 1974!

The author, Al Case, had spent decades researching material, was a writer for the martial arts magazines, and was on the cusp of his Matrixing discoveries. Matrixing is a form of logic unique to the martial arts.

He wrote Buddha Crane Karate, and began the process of putting down matrixing materials on paper. This involved discarding useless martial arts, poser techniques, techniques that just plain didn’t work, and assembling what was left, the heart and guts of real martial arts, into workable systems.

Buddha Crane was the first of the books.

Unfortunately, technology of the time made it impossible to make and distribute the Buddha Crane. Personal computers were still in their infancy, and it was impossible to translate the graphics into printable form.

The graphics, you see, are bodies described solely by lines and arcs of an early Appleworks program. Real caveman.

Indeed, modern Kindle platforms are unable to translate the graphics.

Thus, up until this publication, the book was seen only as an addition to the ‘Create Your Own Art,’ course crafted by Mr. Case.

The Create Your Art Course was a break through in itself. It consists of original material filmed in the eighties! Though it is unfortunately blurry and sound impaired, it is understandable, and it does stand as one of the most unique martial arts courses ever produced. And Buddha Crane Karate is appended almost an afterthought.

One of the most incredible breakthroughs of the martial arts as an afterthought! how odd.

Avid Martial Arts students interested in Buddha Crane Karate, interested in some of the most unique researches in the history of the martial arts, can now go to Amazon and order the book.

Get this modern day training manual at: Buddha Crane Karate!



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