How to Have a Happy New Year in the Martial Arts

The More Martial Arts You Learn…

It’s true,
you are looking at
a whole new year of work outs!
make up a checklist for yourself,
a simple one,
hang it on a door somewhere.
A door that you will see,
a door that you will go through,
a door that will remind you to do your work outs!

decide what new art you are going to learn this year.

a guy who plays the tuba is cool.
He can do something,
and he can go get a job playing the tuba
in any band that has tubas.

what if he could play ALL the instruments?
Then he could get a job in any band,
any time,
and not just wait for the tuba player to die!


But it’s true.
The more you know,
the better you are.

If you could fix a carburetor,
you could get a job fixing carburetors.
But if you could fix cars,
you would be a lot more valuable,
able to get all sorts of other jobs,
not be limited.

I know,
these analogies are lame,

here goes.
A guy jumps out of the woodwork,
swings a bat at your head.
If you know Karate…
you could break your forearm with a block.
If you know karate AND aikido,
then you could choose which art would be best
for that specific situation.
Better to go with the flow on this one,

here’s something fun to think about,
when you have multiple arts
you never get bored with working out.
You never get on a ‘plateau,’
you just shift your work outs to another art,
and keep going.

it is not only liberating and enlightening,
but it works even MORE muscles in your body.
Creates more and different kinds
of energy in your body.
Makes your thoughts work cleaner and crisper.

So you really have to learn more than one art,
if you want to get to the heart of the martial arts.

here’s a good one,
it may be lame,
but you will like it.

A person who only knows one language has to carry a dictionary.
A person who knows more than one language
is a dictionary.
He can compare and contrast languages,
to understand what he is saying,
and what is being said to him,
ten times better.

It’s true!

The guy who knows more…
he gets the girl,
gets the job,
he drives the better car,
he lives life a little better.

So wouldn’t this be a good year for learning more?
For knowing more?

Not just the martial arts…
pick up a musical instrument,
learn how to fix cars,
learn another language

of course,
it’s best to start with what interests you,
what drives you,
Karate is force.
Nothing wrong with that!
what if the situation calls for something other than force?
Here’s the URL for Matrix Aikido.

if you know Aikido,
then maybe you’d better get the other side of the yin yang,
and learn a little Karate.

Let me put it plainly.

Karate, Shaolin, Tai Chi, Weapons, Aikido…
which ones don’t you know?
Isn’t it time to fill the gaps
and become a complete martial artist?

All right,
I‘ll stop ragging on you,
it’s just that I am a believer,
a true believer,
and I find it hard not to encourage everybody to learn everything!

you guys have a funomenal New Year,
and lots of funtastic workouts!
This is your life,
and you deserve the best.


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