Martial Arts Declares War on the World!



Be you Christian,Muslim,Jewish,
Buddhist, Hindu, whatever,
be you black, white, brown, purple,
be you good or bad…
you can have a great workout!

Cuts right across party lines,
doesn’t it?
Doesn’t matter what you believe,
but you get out on the dojo floor,
you reach into your spirit,
and that is where the real truth lies.

So hanakwanmass.

since I am about to open presents
and eat slaughtered creatures,
and rejoice in being
the top of the food chain,
let me share a thought.

Did you know that all wars are
the result of conflicting belief systems?

I know,
some fellow in Albuquerque
thinks it’s money,
or medicine,
or fashion,
or some other silly thing.
And I’ll tell you why I believe that.
Some bankster wants to make money,
needs to start a war
so he can lend money,
but the war won’t take
if he doesn’t appeal to a belief system.

So the bankster pushes money to crazies,
they stage an incident,
then the press pushes belief systems,
and we have…
bad Arabs,
rotten Christians,
filthy Jews,
You can’t have a war
unless the people go into agreement with it,
and if people couldn’t be convinced that
their belief system is better,
we wouldn’t have a war.

That’s the truth,
and that’s my push for world peace.
only martial artists will understand it.

Here’s the thing,
all belief systems are founded on ignorance.

I am Arab so I know the truth.
I am Jew so I know the truth.
I am Christian/Buddhist/Hindu…
I know the truth.

Isn’t that interesting?
That so much singular truth results in war?

But you martial artists,
you go out on the mat,
you work out,
and you find out that the punch of an arab
hurts as much as the punch of a Jew
as the punch of a Christian
as the punch of…whoever.

Now you understand a universal truth.
Isn’t it funny that only through fighting
until we see the truth
will we stop fighting?

who out there wants to go to war?
Who wants to kill somebody
just because they believe something
other than what you believe?

If you do,
then you should probably get started in the martial arts,
because there is a truth just waiting for you there,
and it is the truth of peace on earth.

hanakwanmass to all
Merry Christmas,
Happy Hanukah,
Super Kwanza,
or whatever,


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