Great Martial Arts Chi Cultivation Win!

How to Cultivate Chi Like You Mean It!

Welcome to today!
Welcome to another work out!
Welcome to a better you!

got a great win here,
but I have to explain something,
When I had the great computer crash of ’13,
I lost so-o-o much.
Not just my computer, but the external hard drive.
I lost all data concerning my promotions.
All the records about who I had promoted and when…gone.
That’s the one that makes me cry.

Will Stockinger has completed the Matrix Black Belt course.
Congrats to Will!
I don’t know what number he is
I had about 75 master instructors
and some black belts in various arts,
so I think I’ll just start everything over from the number 101
So congrats to Will as promotion 101.
I am on the road for Xmas,
and I don’t have access to his win,
but he writes the greatest wins,
so let me give you another one I’ve got of his
and I‘ll share his Black Belt win on another newsletter.
Here go…

Hi sensei Al
Thank you very much. I was already worried you fell off the mountain…
Sorry, I forgot you lost your records..yes, I have done the master instructor course in may already, was my first course. My wife is taking it right now, she finished it and is going to send her win within days now. . I use it as my bible to refer to. Actually I crystalized everything I do so far from the different books and hints you gave me. Trying to get a better understanding of it all. I must say, the matrix tai chi course is par excellence, believe it or not, to string the line together took me one hour, the moves seem so logical… but…the amount of chi raised in my body was phenomenal. I never experienced such a surge of energy and joy like that. but it only worked with the right CBM. I felt a whirl in my Dan Tian and later a pole of energy in my chakras from top to bottom. It is awesome, seriously. Thank you. Pushing on….have a great workout and thank you again for everything, happy

Thanks, Will,
you really make my day.

a couple of things.
His wife is ready to send a win in on the Master Instructor Course.
if you have family members,
or somebody who is testing with you,
you can slide them right on in,
no charge.
I am appreciative that people help other people,
so it’s a good thing.

I am really impressed with Will’s experience
with energy.

everybody studies different martial arts,
everybody is going to have different experiences,
This specific win
went right into energy.

Matrixing works that way!

Matrixing aligns the body!
If you pay attention to the seven principles
in the Master Instructor course,
and just do other courses
and watch how the body is aligned,
there is no limit on what you are going to get out of it.
So Will has done the Master Instructor Course,
and he has done the Matrix Tai Chi Chuan Course,
and other courses,
and you can see the shape of his wins.

So what do you want out of the martial arts?
Do you want to go in a certain direction?
Self defense?
Chi cultivation?
Something else?

Do you just want to learn a new system
that will augment your training?

So go for it!

It’s Christmas!
It’s Hanakwanmass!
The best thing you can do is give yourself a gift
that will change you,
make your martial arts explode!

if you happen to be a significant other
and you know your hubby or wifey does martial arts,
can there be a better gift?
A gift that actually keeps giving?
Doesn’t end up in a drawer,
but is used every single work out!

Here’s the URL for courses mentioned here…
Matrix Karate
Matrix Tai Chi Chuan
Master Instructor

time to go work out.
and thanks for the great wins,
I’ll put your BB win in
as soon as I get back to my home computer.

And for everybody…
HanaKwanMass and…


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