Snap to Grid Martial Arts

How to lock it all in!


I am always searching for the analogy that will best explain matrixing,
that will pop the concept into your mind
and let you know how it works.
So how many of you know what ‘snap to grid’ means?

On my mac it is a little trick of the desktop.
You find the preferences
click on ‘snap to grid,’
and all the folders and files on your desktop
click into exact positions.
They are on the grid,
in whatever order you choose,
and you can access the folders quickly,
not worry about them getting out of place,
pretty slick, eh?

so you study a little matrixing.
You get the logic,
you see the concept,
and all of the sudden
all the martial arts techniques ‘snap to grid.’
You’re sitting there,with everything in your mind making sense.
No more question as to which technique works when,
or which technique to teach when.

here’s the slick part.
As you look at the grid
you suddenly notice that there is nothing in one particular place.
It’s empty!
Nothing there!
So you have a choice…
do you put something there?
Or do you leave it empty because,
in an odd way,
empty works!

here’s the really dazzling thing about it all.
You can interchange karate with kung fu.
Or pa kua with karate,
or whatever!

Once you understand how everything fits together,
then you can start shaving the pieces,
twisting them,
and figuring out different and better ways to use them!
You can,
with Matrix Karate,
for instance,
align ANY martial art you know!

Snap to grid.
The grid is the matrix diagram.
Put things in place on the diagram,
and they go in place in your mind.

Whole arts start to align,
the mush of random techniques starts to separate,
and to fit back together,
in a geometric logic.

And it really is as simple as I say.

people study matrixing,
and every once in a while I get somebody
that writes me and says something like this…

‘I read it all, saw the videos, and I figured it was too simple, so I put it away. I knew you didn’t cheat me, I got a whole system, but I figured I was above it. But then, a couple of months later, I realized that I was doing this move out of the matrix. I couldn’t remember whether I figured it out, or whether it was in the matrix, but I pulled the thing out again, examined it, put it away, and then realized that I was seeing odd pieces I hadn’t seen before, so I got it out again, and…darn I use it every day now. I’m thinking of restructuring my system around this matrix thing cause it works so slick.’

I’m serious.
I get a letter like this every couple of months.
A guy gets a course (often it is Matrix Karate),
figures it’s too easy,
then ends up totally lost and overwhelmed by the potential.
if you have missing pieces in your art,
and everybody does,
then it is hard to put the thing together,
to make real sequences of motion that really work.
But once you matrix,
and there are no pieces missing,
then you can start to see how things really fit together.

Think about it like this,
if you have all the numbers 1 – 10,
then you can combine them to count to a hundred,
and you can see patterns,
and figure out multiplication,
and division,
and all sorts of things.
You couldn’t do that if you were missing five,
or seven,
or had a Z included in the numbers.

So that’s what happens.
Snap to grid,
and it happens in your mind.
You see it on paper,
it slides around a bit,
sometimes you have to look twice,
but then everything just sort of…snaps to grid.

And then you have a complete body of knowledge to play with.
Before then,
you might have a system,
or several systems,
but they are all messed up,
put together in the wrong order,
with missing pieces.

And here’s the best part,
nobody else has this,
or even knows about it!
Go back over the newsletters,
read about things like ‘snap to grid,’
I’m the ONLY one saying it!
And I am continually saying things that are unique and original.
That’s because I am working off a logic that is unique and original
in all the martial arts.

Oinkly doggie.
I hope this makes sense.
Here’s the URL for Matrix Karate,

You get a complete system,
plus the basics of matrixing
so you can make your art
and your mind
snap to grid.

get back to working off that Turkey!
And have the BEST work out in the world!

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