Learning the Same Martial Arts Over and Over…

Here’s a Real Martial Arts Problem for You!

When I was on the Matrixing Tour a couple of months ago,
I walked into a martial arts school,
introduced myself,
and started chatting.
Built up a quick but deep rapport with the school owner,
and then an interesting thing happened.

“Would you like to know about this matrixing thing I’m doing?”

He backed right up.
“No, no.
There’s just so much I don’t understand about my own system…
I don’t have time for somebody else’s.”

That’s a word for word on what he said.
He doesn’t understand his own system,
and he doesn’t want to learn something
that will help him understand it.

Sort of reminds me about the time I was talking to a fellow
about his Nissan.
I was thinking about getting one,
and asked him about his.
He said, “Oh, it’s great. I go everywhere,
full loads in that little truck, I carry bricks,
run through the fields, holds up great.
Funny thing, though,
I had to have the motor replaced.”

Do you see it?
He told me how he was beating it,
and couldn’t understand why it was breaking.

with this martial arts fellow,
he told me how much he didn’t understand,
and then explained that he didn’t want to learn about it.

The one thing that kills a person in this life
is the unwillingness to learn something.

That guy grousing about not making enough money,
and yet he doesn’t want to go to any kind of night school
to make himself smarter
so that he can earn more money.

Maybe you guys and gals have seen the opening quote
on the ChurchofMartialArts.com home page?

Man is asleep, dreaming that he is awake.

Now put that together with these fellows I have just told you about.


So what’s the cure?

That’s an interesting thing.

What is the cure for being asleep?

How do you wake somebody up?

How do you make him realize that he is driving his vehicle
in such a way that it is going to break.

How do you make him realize that he needs to change
if he wants to make more money.

How do you make him wake up and suddenly say…
‘I could understand ALL the martial Arts
if I just took some courses from Al!’

The thing is…people want to stay asleep.
They are comfortable just being the same old same old.
They don’t want to rock the boat and jump out of their rut
and find themselves in a place they know nothing about!

But here’s the funny thing,
the person who is enlightened
prefers to be in situations
that he has never been in before.

That’s called living!

A robot does the same thing
again and again.
Drinks the beer,
goes to work,
talks to the same people
about the same things.

The enlightened person
looks for something he hasn’t done before.
When it comes to life and living,
he is not a tourist…he is n explorer!

here is the truth of life.
If you want to change your life
you are going to have change yourself.

Life is what you make it.
Life is what you project upon the universe,
it is not what the universe projects on you.

The funny thing…
those who have gone before don’t understand this.
The school teacher wants you to study books written ages ago,
but that doesn’t teach you how to write a book today!

The boss who wants you to fit into a mold
and do your job
is feeding projecting his idea of life upon you.
You need to find a life
where you project yourself upon the universe.

That takes a person who can change.

That takes a person who can learn.

That takes a person who not only realizes
that the truck is too fast,
but who can grab the wheel.

That takes a person who can not only realize
that his system is a mess,
but who is willing to learn something,
and make something out of that mess.

the old guys,
the masters who made this stuff,
they were in the same position as you.
But they did something.
Right or wrong,
they did something,
and they passed on a system,
and that system might be a mess,
or it might not,
but it is up to you to straighten up what they did,
to make it so anybody can understand it.

It is knowledge.
It can be put in order.
You just have to step out of your rut,
out of your comfortable existence,
out of doing the same thing over and over again,
and do it.

Okay Doughkay.
I can scream and shout,
I can point at the lamp,
but it is you who have to turn it on.

Here’s the URL for a VERY powerful course.
One of the best matrixing courses ever put out.


just remember,
if you don’t,
some time the truck is going to break down.
Some time you are going to die,
and are you going to leave a bunch of students who understand what they are doing?
Or a bunch of robots,
repeating the same old same old,
never changing,
waiting for their truck to break down,
and not being able to do anything about it.

have yourself a great work out!



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