Matrixing the Rain and Tai Chi

Muddy Tai Chi Chuan

Good and wet Hello!
Have you ever worked out in the rain?
A lot of battles happen in the mud,
so why not?
You can perfect your stance in mud
and really learn how to grip the ground.
I used to work out in the rain and mud on a regular basis,
because I really learned about sinking my weight
and having balance
and all sorts of things!

I want to talk about Matrix Tai Chi,
but let me rant on
about this weather report first.

It rained up here at Monkeyland.
It has rained before
but I just stayed in the cabin and worked.
This time,
I had to go to town
and had to come back in the rain.

It wasn’t bad going down,
the rain was a mist,
and the earth stayed solid.
Coming back,
was an entirely different story.
We made it up the three mile grade to Monkeyland,
then the fun started.
The mile across Charley Valley to the temple
is filled with cow crap and gopher holes.
if you leave the road,
and the ground is soft
your vehicle could actually drop to its frame
when the gopher tunnels collapse.
So the trick is to stay on the road.
Not easy when the mud is that sticky, clining, ice skatey, slick as snot stuff.
First fifty yards and the chunks of muck were getting flung up
at the undercarriage of my poor Xterra.
Clinks and clunks filled the air,
and the car started slewing back and forth.
Not much,
but…could I stay on the road.
Using my best Chi Sao skills
I worked the wheel,
feathered the gas
and went into a gully.
Gave it the juice on the way down
and barely made it to the top of the other side.
Back and forth I went,
the steering wheel like so much mush,
came to a turn over a culvert,
why I stayed on the road I don’t know,
but I angled the turn
gassed at the right time,
and shot into the straits to the hill up to the temple.
At the bottom of the hill traction quit on me.
All the dashlights were blinking
and the tail of the car swished back and forth like a cow’s tail.
On the right is a wall of dirt,
I could handle that.
Lean the car against the mountain,
and walk the rest of the way.
But on the left is a big chasm
where the earth has given way
probably because of the gophers.
If the tires bit suddenly,
I would be going for an eight foot drop into a ravine.
Halfway up the tires lost it totally,
the back of the car slewed to the right
and I was aimed at the chasm.
I cranked the wheel,
worked the gas pedal like I was trying to milk a bee
and the car slid backwards.
I thought it was all over then,
but it suddenly bit for an inch.
One single, MF inch,
and everything changed,
the car oozed up the road,
inch by inch,
the tires sending out chunks by the ton,
we hit a rough patch,
granite gravel,
and the car spurted up the hill like nothing was wrong.

I know we’ve all driven in the rain,
but I want to give you a blow by blow
of things that happen
out of the blue
when you’re living off the grid,
away from civilization
If the car got stuck,
or worse,
went into the ravine,
we would be here until the rain stopped,
and the sun got strong enough to bake the ground.
Could be two months.
That would be an extreme,
but it has happened.
One of the neighbors,
down the hill and right next to the road,
couldn’t cross the creek for two weeks.
It was Xmas,
and his whole brood,
all the sons and daughters and grandchildren
couldn’t get to town,
couldn’t get presents,
spent Xmas morning staring at a Christmas tree with no presents.
And he’s down in the flatlands,
where the weather is mild.

when you come to Monkeyland,
you have to bring water to drink,
food to eat,
think about stockpiles in the event of an emergency,
be prepared to throw a tent,
or sleep in a cargo container.
The septic is good for two people,
so where are you going to dig your hole?

Where we going to work out?
In a cargo container?
In a field amongst the cow droppings?

If it rains
and you get stuck here…
it could be trouble.

we all share,
we’ll all get by,
but you will always remember staring at the last can of stinking beans,
and wishing it was more.

it will get better.
(Heck, it’s paradise now…
so paradise will get better. grin)
But it will take people,
donations for equipment and materials,
got to build a dorm,
a dojo,
a bigger cess pool.

that’s the update
on this slice of heaven
up in the clouds.
Thought you’d like to know,
or should know,
if you are planning a visit.

thanks to all for ordering Matrix Tai Chi Chuan.
Read about it on this Monster Page.

And let me explain something about Matrix Tai Chi Chuan.

It is one of the worst of arts
when it comes to teaching.

The arts,
you see,
are broken down like this…
some moves are the alphabet,
some techniques are words,
some sequences of techniques are sentences,
some forms are paragraphs,
A system is a story.

if you have ever experienced the Chinese alphabet,
there isn’t one.
You memorize hieroglyphics.
Thousands of them.
How would you feel if somebody handed you ‘War and Peace,’
and said you should read it by memorizing it
by reading the sentences until you could remember them.
Weird, eh?
And it would take a long time.

That is how the Chinese teach Tai Chi.

It probably started out like Karate
with blocks and kicks,
but now the blocks are forgotten
except as addendums to whole sequences of techniques.
That’s like saying you have forgotten what the letter A is for
but you have to learn a paragraph from War and Peace.

Can you spell ‘Chinese Fire Drill.’

Now the odd thing is that the Chinese are so brilliant
that they came up with this method.
There are subtle nuances that are unbelievable.
But you have to spend a couple of decades
memorizing things you don’t understand
before certain things click,
and you begin to get a glimmer.

What Matrix Tai Chi does is delineate the alphabet
the words and the the sentence structure,
without losing any of the subtle nuances.

you start to see more and more of these subtle things
as you progress from Matrix TCC to Five Army TCC.
of course.
You have learned how to read
before you start memorizing,
so it actually becomes easy
and even logical,
and the mind starts to leap forward.

Let me tell you a sneaky, nasty, little secret.
I never studied Tai Chi with a teacher.
I learned it out of books.
Not even videos,
we didn’t have them back then,
and we didn’t have the glut of qualified TCC teachers
that we have now.
Now go look at the thing in Matrixing Chi,
or find one of the clips of me demonstrating TCC.
How could somebody do that without a teacher?
By understanding Matrixing.

my father was an engineer,
I was raised up on western logic,
and somehow,
I came up with Matrixing.

I spent years trying to memorize the form,
I went through Yang and Chen and Sun and Wu.
I learned ALL the PRC forms,
but it wasn’t until I started applying the Master Instructor principles,
and suddenly realized how Matrixing would work on TCC
that it all clicked.
A lot of wasted time,
but I was doing martial arts
so it wasn’t all wasted,
and all that hard work finally came together.

if you want to learn Tai Chi,
it doesn’t have to be mysterious.
You just have to do Matrix Tai Chi first.
If you know Tai Chi,
wouldn’t you like to be able to teach it
ten times faster?
Get the students into the heavy duty $hit
instead of waiting for them to memorize enough form
to have a glimmer?

wouldn’t you like to know what it all means?
I have talked to people who have studied for decades,
but until they started matrixing,
didn’t see the self defense potential
in one of those simple
but glorious Tai Chi sentences.

I have know people who didn’t understand
how one sentence linked to another
who were lost in the middle of the maze.

they got benefits,
but wouldn’t those benefits be ten times greater
if they understood what they were doing?
Could actually read the Tai Chi Language?

Okey dokey,
while you guys and gals think about that,
and hopefully not for too long,
I gots to go.
My partner tried to get out of the valley on his tractor…
and he’s stuck in the mud!
A friggin’ tractor!
You can’t get a tractor stuck in the mud…
but I just went out on the porch,
and he’s walkin’ across the valley,
shakin’ his head.

which just goes to show…
underestimate Monkeyland mud!


You guys and gals have a glorious
and WET
work out!


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