Chi and the Truth!

TruemanChi and the Truth! Chi, a mysterious energy which surrounds us, constructs us, is us, and…what is it?

To understand what Chi is it is necessary to define exactly who and what we are.

To define who we are it is necessary to analyze the shape of our true body. Your immediate body is the body you are currently in, the one which is playing the guitar, typing the keyboard, talking to friends and using of the six senses.

We are the eyeball and the eardrum and the hair and throat and toenails and everything that is in between and has organic sensation. We journey about the planet and have fleshy existence, and we pursue fleshy pleasures. The body we really care about is the body that is constructed of Chi. This is the body as far as we can perceive, and note that I don’t say experience through the senses.

Indeed, to experience the larger body of yourself you often have to put aside concepts of the six senses, you have to experience life beyond the immediate body. This brings us to the concept that if everything is our body, then what is this thing called Chi?

Chi is the organic thing you have presence in, that thing you call a body, and everything else, too. It could be a wavelength, or an idea, it doesn’t really matter as long as we understand that it is. How do we take control this thing we call Chi?

I mean, if you can move an move your limbs and walk about, why can’t you move that cloud or make the seas surge…if they really are part of our True Body?

Why can’t you stop that volcano, or make it rain when the crops need it, or pull the plug on the those filthy politicos that keep wasting all our resources?

The first reason we can’t make our true Body work is that we are not used to making it work. We are used to sitting around and being made stupid by pills and TV and the things that lull our senses, and our sense of our True Body, into unconsciousness.

We can undo that by turning off the TV, or any type of programming that does not allow honest exchange, and by practicing a discipline. The discipline you practice must make you look at your immediate body, unbind your senses, excite your imagination, and open you up to the idea of your True Body.

The discipline you practice must cause you to examine your immediate body until there is no mystery to it, and so that it is not merely an exercise in scientific examination.

The discipline you practice must make full use of your senses until you step beyond your senses, outside of your immediate body, and experience your True Body. If you are still unable to perspire the rain and wave the clouds at will, then you must understand that the True Body you are occupying is also being occupied by everybody else on the planet. Thus, to make your True Body move, you must make everybody else turn off their TVs and stop taking pills and let go of their unconscious and freezing hold on the True Body. You do this by helping them find a True Discipline that will take them beyond their immediate body and awaken them and take them.

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