How to Make Intuitive Thought with the Martial Arts

Making Intuition with Matrixing


Let me explain something about matrixing,
and let me head into this from an angle.

What was society like before people learned to count?
Answer: no pyramids.
you had to eyeball your trades
because you couldn’t compare apples to oranges
by any calculation.
how far to the next town.
Uh, how do you measure an hour?
By the crow flies…
dig about there…
hope you’re lucky…

Then numbers came along,
people started building structures,
boats (what’s a cubit, God?)
learning how to navigate the seas,
and man was on his way.

what is man like before intuitive thought?
Well, let’s see…
we have race riots,
we have wars for some belief or other,
we have accidents and crime and…and…
and if you believe the news all of the United States
is about to fall into a big, black hole.

That is a direct result of people not having intuitive thought.
they think slow,
recognize the problem
after the bridge has fallen,
the storm has come,
the towers have fallen.

you do some matrixing
and you will eventually get intuitive thought.
you might get it in twenty or thirty years of classical martial arts…
if you’re lucky,
if the system you chose was good,
if the instructor was honest,
and if you paid your dues for…twenty to thirty years.

So you get matrixing,
say matrix karate,
and you do it.
The martial arts suddenly make instant sense.
No more mystery.
You have a complete system of Karate.
you take your own system of gung fu,
or muay thai or Ninpo or whatever
and you simply ‘plug it in.’
You just take the moves and order them
along the liens of matrix karate,
and your system will make instant sense.
within the not too distant future,
usually a matter of months
(although it sometimes happens faster)
you have intuitive thought.

You just think differently.
You mind has undergone a metamorphoses.
You are transformed from a human with achingly slow thought processes,
victim to the headlines and crooks,
into somebody who sees right through the bushwah,
and has common sense.

I am not kidding.
Just read the testimonials at Monster Martial Arts.
Heck, go to that page and do a search for your art,
you might turn up something interesting.

here is the tragedy…

People with normal, slow thought,
don’t usual recognize that they are slow.
Here’s the trick.

Intuitive thought is when you know something is going to happen
before it happens.

Intuitive thought is when you and your friend have the exact same thought
at the exact same time.

Intuitive thought is when a little voice pops up inside your head
and tells you EXACTLY the right solution
no matter what problem you are in.

Intuitive thought is a space inside your mind
whereby the bushwah of the world is damped down out of sight,
and you observe life without the bushwah.

Intuitive thought is not hesitating.

Intuitive thought is…
the best example I can give you of intuitive thought
is probably a stupid one,

One of the things we used to do at the Kang Duk Won
was go over to a bar after class.
not to drink,
but to have dinner,
maybe have a beer,
and just sit and chat.
every once in a while
the hour would grow late,
and dice would appear.
Or cards.

the head of the school,
Bob Babich,
would sit in on the game.
I wasn’t a gambler,
but I was interested,
so I would sit and watch.

The dice woudl go around,
or the cards would flip,
and Bob would sit there
and you could feel the silence grow around him.
He would say inane little things,
laugh at the jokes,
but there was this intenseness of silence around him.

he would laugh,
throw the dice,
flip his hole card,
or whatever,
and…he was the winner.

He would play the game in silence,
and then,
he knew a winner.
He heard the voice,
and he played the card.

And the game would take on a mystical quality.
Everybody laughing,
the air golden,
and then…
And he was the winner.

He knew EXACTLY when the dice were going to roll for him.
He knew EXACTLY when the cards were going to turn for him.

Lady Luck?
It was that sixth sense,
it was chi power,
it was…intuition.

Intuition born form doing the martial arts right and for a long time.

I can’t guarantee you’re going to win a card game.
I can’t win a card game for the life of me.

And I can’t guarantee the lottery,
or anything like that.

But I can guarantee that you’re going to become a winner.
A ‘Chi’ winner.
A guy who knows what is going to happen before it happens.
A guy who can’t stop laughing because,
darn it,
life always seems to work out for you.

what the heck did you think the martial arts were all about?

And Matrixing,
that is about logic,
and logic become intuition.

I can guarantee that.

Here’s the URL…

Oinkly doke
got some great things coming up,
working like a fiend up here at Monkeyland,
so stay tuned…
and get ready to make your own journey
to Mt. Nipomo
and help build
the martial arts temple above the clouds.


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