How Does a Hummingbird Kung Fu Fight?

Hummingbird Kung Fu?

Top of the mountain to you!
Should be top of the morning,
but when you’re on top of a mountain…
the whole world is yours.

You know,
for the next few months
anybody can come up here and stay for free.
Just bring enough food for yourself,
a sleeping bag,
and we’ll let you nose around,
and learn.

I’ve talked price,
but we’re not there, yet.
open door,
if you’ve got an open heart.

Okley dokely,
how does a hummingbird fight?
Interesting, eh?
Because you don’t recall the Hummingbird form
from your Shaolin studies.
They didn’t teach you that one, did they?
durn secretive monks!
here at Monkeyland,
you’ll find we don’t have much in the way of secrets.
Got a lot of hard work,
but no secrets.
everything is written down in the books,
shown on the courses.

how does a hummingbird fight?
I mean,
it’s small,
one of the smallest of birds,
measuring in at a hefty 5 inches…
that’s after a lifetime of sucking nectar,
to the tune of 12 times their body weight every day?
Let’s see,
if you are 150 pounds,
you would have to eat 1800 pounds of food a day!
back o the fighting capability…
they are fast, 35 MPH,
they can fly backwards,
but…they are so small!
So how do they fight?

We have a hummingbird feeder on the porch.
I was sitting there watching these vicious, little scamps,
as they clustered around the feeder.
Suddenly the sheriff arrived.
He wasn’t bigger,
but he was louder.
A LOT louder.
Whilst a hummingbird flaps his wings up to 80 times a second,
and makes a hum,
this one sucker was making a roar!
He was loud!
And all the other hummingbirds scattered.
He drifted in, looking side to side,
and sucked his fill.
Then flew away.
The others returned.
And every time they returned,
he would be back right after them.
Roaring his wings,
scattering them,
not letting them drink their fill.

i don’t know about the socio dynamics of the hummingbird tribe,
but I do know one thing…

Spirit shout.

I hear these people on TV
and they yell loud,
but it is not a spirit shout.

A spirit shout comes from the tan tien.
It is a gut roar,
and it is definable not by being loud,
though it is.
It is definable because it fills space.

I was walking down the street on day
and a belligerent bum asked me for a quarter.
I said no.
I got about ten feet further on and I heard…
It was a nasal whine,
an angry mock,
and I turned around.
he said, ‘What are you…some kind of pussy?’
The bum started walking towards me,
threatening me,
and I went into…kiai.

‘No!’ I roared,
and I filled the street with spirit.

He stopped,
and his hair literally flew out behind his head.
I mean,
his hair was horizontal,
and his body was trying to run out from under him.

But he was frozen,
and I advanced towards him,
yelling at him.

I stopped,
stood a couple of feet from him,
facing him,
and he tripped backwards,
managed to turn,
and stumbled away.

of course,

Years later I would come across the story by John Stevens,
I believe I rewrote it on my RealAikidoDojo site.
It’s about the greatest samurai,
the fellow who taught Morihei Ueshiba,
Sokaku Takeda.

He beat up some gangsters,
with a towel, I believe,
and they decided to beat hell out of him,
so a crowd of gangsters marched down the street
towards the inn he was staying at.
Sokaku grabbed a sword and stepped out on the balcony.
He filled the street with spirit,
roared down at the gangsters,
and said,
‘The streets will run with your blood!’
Or something like that.

A minute later the gangsters were gone.
scattered like hummingbirds when the sheriff comes to town.

it is one of the most important tools you will ever learn in the martial arts.
It is when you,
the spirit,
the ‘I am,’
makes himself heard.
It comes from the tan tien,
and you get it not by yelling loud,
but by grunting out from the tan tien.

Of course,
you’ve got to be doing your forms right,
if you are going to get it.

Matrix Karate…

Learn this art,
apply the things you learn to your art,
learn how to emit enegy from the tan tien,
how to channel that energy into sound,
that is just one of the tools you get
when you learn the true art.

I meant what I said,
come to the top of the mountain,
before it’s officially open,
It’s in Southern California
45 minutes from Santa Maria.
I’ll eventually have something up on the ChruchofMartialArts site
regarding what you need to bring,
but right now it’s enough food to sustain yourself,
and an appetite for knowledge.

Believe me,
there is absolutely nothing like this place.
A real piece of heaven.

Talk to you later,
have a great work out!

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1 thought on “How Does a Hummingbird Kung Fu Fight?

  1. Stephen J. McDevitt

    I’ve been wondering if anyone has developed a form. I watch the bejewled flying warriors daily and agree. They are masters. The Aztecs beleied that warrioars were reborn as hummingbirds. I think of that sometimes as I watch. I watched as one grabbed the others beak, and they spiraled down to mydeck still locked. I had to break it up, or else! No hummingbirds in China or anywhere other than the “New World”. I grew up in NYC, and studied with Master Min Pai, who created Nabi Su Kung Fu. I studied with him for five yrs. before Nabi Su. I am now living in Port Townsend, studying Tai Chi at Gilman Studio. Good place to learn. I have also had similar experiences while in growing up in NYC. You know, if looks could kill, they probably will, especially if generated from the tt or dt. Thanks for the laugh! I look forward to meeting you.


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