How to Lose a Fight with Martial Arts!

How to Lose a Fight No Matter Though You Know Martial Arts

What an interesting idea,
how to lose a fight
though you know martial arts.

Yet it is done,
and big time.

know martial arts

Is this really the way to solve problems?

Oh, but before we get going let me say
Good morning
and happy work out!
One more day in work out paradise, eh?

Sorry, it’s impolite to start right in
without the greeting,
and the hint to work out.

Robert E. Lee lost the civil war for the south,
on the military front,
because of one,

Lee was fighting the north to a standstill,
his lines of soldiers were brave and happy to be fighting the yanks.
His horse back raiders were some of the fiercest EVER seen.
he made one mistake.

He invaded the north.

You see,
as long as he was fighting on home turf
he was winning.

He knew the land,
more important,
the men were fighting for their homes.
They weren’t invading,
they weren’t trying to take what was somebody else’s away,
and they were winning.

When you look at the statistics of the war,
they really shouldn’t have been winning.
But they were.
Because they were fighting for their homes.

When Lee decided to try to take Washington,
even though it was to end the war,
he became an invader,
and it changed the whole mindset of his army.

the lesson we learn here is simple,
fight from your home ground.
Don’t go looking for trouble.
Fight for what is yours,
and not for what is somebody elses.

I was with somebody the other day,
and they got in an argument,
and they didn’t do too well.
They turned to me for help,
but I raised my hands and refused to enter into the argument.
Because my friend was wrong.
The whole premise of his argument made him an invader.
He started it.
The other person was defending his ‘home ground.’

Wouldn’t it be an interesting world if people refused to be invaders?

We were invaders during Viet Nam.
That, though we had the bravest soldiers in the world,
was a debacle.

On the other hand,
during the white man’s settling of America
we ran into the Indians.
The Indians actually kicked out butt much,
but they had one problem,
they didn’t believe they owned the land.
How can somebody own what is God’s?

But without this sense of ownership,
coupled with the fact that because of modern technology
the whites were able to breed like rabbits,
and the Indians lost.

Mind you,
we are paying for their loss to this day!
Guilt is thrown at us by all our victims.
Indians, blacks,
whoever we have conquered and abused,
throws guilt at us.
Interesting memory building up in our race, eh?

So leaving your home turf to beat somebody is to be an invader
and it has consequences.
And even beating somebody on your home turf has consequences.
Interesting, eh?

History is so full of examples of this phenomena,
and all its rich variables…makes history worth reading.

But what is more important is the relationship to the martial artist.

Your home ground is your soul.
It is your integrity.
And the integrity of your soul
is complemented and bolstered
by the integrity of your art.

Aikido has much integrity.
It holds to a central concept,
spreads love instead of the invader mentality.

Do Karate right,
and there is no first strike…
there is no invader mentality.

Do any martial art right
and you become a whole,
more complete person.

end of history lesson,
hopefully I have made it personal,
and encouraged you to look at Matrix Aikido,
Matrix Aikido holds to a central concept,
more important,
it does this with a logic
that makes the art easier to understand.
Easier to use in combat.
Easier to plug into ANY other martial art.

Think about it,
you know Karate,
just because you took the Matrix Aikido course,
you are able to translate ANY karate technique
into a flowing grab art.

Now go to this URL and check out the price.

Have a great work out!

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