Martial Arts Health Problems

What to Do About Martial Arts Health Problems

Oddly enough, an amazing number of martial artists have health problems ranging from knee replacement to diabetes to obesity to whatever. 

One would think that these people would be free from such problems, the amount of exercise they do, the fact that they are supposed to be a in a health related field…yet look at the problems some of these fellows have had.


martial arts health problems

Knee replacement? Diabetes? Heart attack?

Ed Parker was overweight, and finally dropped dead of a heart attack.
The Australian Pa Kua chang Expert, Montaigne, dropped dead from diabetes complications. Heck, even Bruce Lee died from a swollen brain!

So what is the problem that is happening to martial artists?

The problem is twofold.

First is the pretty well known factor of poisoned food; it is no secret that Americans have the worst diet in the world; for a people who eat large, they are eating extremely poor food.

Foods have been laced with pesticides, grown in chemical fertilizer, radiated and genetically modified…there is no secret that people, even the best and most dedicated of martial artists, with all their exercise, will eventually succumb.

The larger and more significant factor in this problem of martial artists needing hip replacements and medical treatments is that they are actually doing their exercises incorrectly.

Some of these factors are easy to see. Kenpo stylists, for instance, usually practice their stances too high, thus they never achieve the body/planet connection, and never really tap into their chi potential.

But most of these factors are not easily seen.

Consider that the average martial arts instructor only has three to five years experience before becoming an instructor, and usually has no advanced training afterwards.

That is enough time to learn how to fight, but not enough time to learn all the important data concerning how the body works, or why.

Then they turn and pass the same frantic exercises down to unsuspecting students, never understanding that their practices are incomplete and, in the extreme, injurious to their students.

I met a young Taekwondo black belt once, and if he ever tried to use his taekwondo he would have injured himself. The foot looked really awesome, but the angle of the ankle was not weight bearing…he would have broken his ankle had he ever kicked somebody with that particular kick.

Yet he was nine years old, a black belt, and helped out at his taekwondo school.

Nine years old. There was no way he could have developed any appreciable knowledge conceerning the physics of the body, let alone the unique physics that end up dealing with such things as pressure points, energy meridians, how to base movement off the tan tien, or anything like that.

Yet he was a junior instructor.

And here we come to an unfortunate conclusion: the martial arts, as practiced in America, are monkey see monkey do prescriptions for damaged bodies.

Honestly, unless your instructor studied for ten years BEFORE he ever became an instructor, chances are he doesn’t kow what he is doing. He may be a fount of deadly techniques, but what good are those techniques if the student dies of a medical problem brought on by those same deadly techniques?

The author, Al Case, has studied martial arts since 1967. You can find his book on resurrecting your health by clicking on Yogata. If you are a martial artist who wishes to discover the correct body physics, the unique ‘second set’ of physics beyond the Newtonian simplicities taught in school, go to The Master instructor Course.


2 thoughts on “Martial Arts Health Problems

    1. aganzul Post author

      Yes, he dropped dead while on a walk. Diabetes complications. A real shame, he gave so much. Have a great work out! Al


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